Illinois Constitution Study Guide Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Pat Quinn
Northern Cardinal
State Bird
Sheila Simon
Lieutenant Governor
Mark Kirk
The other Illinois Senator
Executive branch
Approves and enforces laws
How many Representatives from each Legislative District?
Judicial Branch
Enforces and interprets the law
Other Recipts (25%)
Second Highest Revenue Catagory
What does the Legislative Branch do?
Makes laws
What is the North geographic boundary of Illinois?
Michael J. Madigan
The Speaker of the House
Number of Senators in the Illinois General Assembly
The majority vote required of the house to pass a bill vetoed by the governor
How many Senators are there from each Legislative District?
What is the length of an Illinois Senator's term?
What does the Judicial Branch do?
Interprets the laws.
Federal Aid (26.1%)
Highest Revenue Catagory (as of 2009)
Number of Illinois reps. in the U.S. House of Reps.
Checks and balances
Different branches of the government cross-examine and approve each others' work
What are the East geographic boundaries of Illinois?
Indiana and Lake Michigan
How many Legislative Districts are in Illinois?
59 Legislative Districts
How many Judicial Districts are in Illinois?
5 Judicial Districts
What is the length of a term of a member of the Illinois House?
How soon must a bill passed in both Houses be sent to the Governor?
30 days
What is the main duty of the Executive Branch?
Enforces laws
The second Wensday in January
When the Illinois General Assembly Convenes
What is the name of the main body in the Legislative Branch?
General Assembly
Sets educational policies and guidlines for pub. and priv. schools Preschool-12th Grade, provides Vocational Ed., makes sure schools pass program standards, and disburses more the $ 7.5 billion
Functions of the Illinois State Board of Education
What are the duties of the General Assembly?
1. Passes Laws
2. Submits Constitutional ammendments to the people
3. Conducts investigations
What are teh three levels of the Illinois Court System? Ranked from highest to lowest
1. Supreme Court
2. Appellet Court
3. Circuit Court
How many judges are there on the Illinois Supreme Court?
Seven with a ten year term
What are the qualifications for Governor?
A. 25 years old or older
B. U.S. Citizen
C. Live in Illinois for 3 years before election
"Except in cases of treason, felony, or breach of peace, a member of the General Assembly shall be privailaged from arrest going into, during, and returning from sessions of the General Assembly. A member shall not be held to question for any other tribun
The circumstances under which a member of the General Assembly is immune from arrest
What are thh qualifications for a member of the legislature?
A. 21 years old or older.
B. U.S. Citizen
C. Live in district that you represent for two years before election.
What are the duties of the Appellate Court?
Hear cases on appeal from lower courts
Must be approved by 3/5 vote, must be published, must be read in both of the General Assembly houses in full, no more than three amendments at one election
Requierments for amending the states's constitution
One can not be jailed for not paying their bills
The circumstances under which one can be jailed for not paying their bills
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