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800-509 BC
to rob
Pax Romana
"Roman Peace"
Priest, supervised church
make the laws
Savior sent by God
the science of government
first settlers of Italy
an assembly or council
the Mediterranean's largest island, colonized from the eighth century BC by Greeks and Carthaginians who frequently warred with each other or the island's native people.
ruler that has absolute power
Male dominance in the family
A follower of a religion
Called Christianity a deadly superstition
A group of 6 cohorts.
The ruler of an empire
Appian Way
A famous ancient Roman road
2nd period of expansion
264 BCE-146 BCE
founder of Christianity; believed by Chrisitans to be the Messiah
City founded by Romulus and Remus
elected officials who were primarily responsible for the administration of justice
Murdered his half-brother, his mother, and wife
form of government with elected officials
Dominate period begins with him; reforms enabled byzantine empire to last; controlled borders, econ, govt, and armies. created maximum price edict, made occupations hereditary, and began great persecution by trying to unify empire with traditional roman pantheon of gods
Palatine Hill
where Rome's richest people lived
where rich people went to get away
Twelve Tables
The earliest written collection of Roman laws, drawn up by patricians about 450 B.C., that became the foundation of Roman law.
an ordinary citizen in the ancient Roman republic
Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero were all part of the...
Julio-Claudio Family
an economic situation in where there is more money of less value
These were large estates that were controlled by the Patricians and were worked by slaves.
group of 3 people who co ruled
Roman general who defeated Hannible in the Battle of Zama outside Carthage, North Africa, in 202 bc.
Slaves forced to fight in an Arena
The introducer of Christianity to the Roman empire and uses it as something to unify the people. He claims it came to him in a dream.
the wealthier members of the plebian class who were involoved in business or tax collecting.
a bridgelike structure built to carry water from a distant source
In ancient Rome, an official elected by the plebeians to protect their rights.
a vulgar party-giver in Satyricon, a novel written by the Roman Gaius Petronius in the first century A.D.
a native or inhabitant of ancient Etruria
The hot-bath section of a Roman bathing establishment.
julius caesar
roman general who became the republic's dictator
an ancient region and Roman province that included most of present-day France
An ancient region and Roman province that included ,ost of prestant day France.
Second Punic Wars
218 B.C- General Hannibal Barca-Attacked by land in north-crossed the Alps with elephants-surprised Romans but couldn't batter down the city walls of Rome-Roamed the countryside for 15 years-raided & burned towns and destroyed crops.
The earliest written collection of Roman laws.
Twelve Tables
Client- Patron
The patron helps their Plebians become a Patrician in exchange for some type of service. Clients depended on their patrons for everything.
Checks & Balances
a system that balances the distribution of power in a government.
Two reasons for Rome's serious economic problems were?
unemployment and inflation
an official count of people living in a place
first triumvirate
crassus who was wealthy, pompey who was a skilled general and julius caesar who was a military hero
Eastern Orthodox Christianity
A branch of Christianity that developed in the Byzantine Empire and that did not recognize the pope as its supreme leader.
in Christianity, the four books of the Bible known as the New Testament
two consuls for a year. romes military leaders and highest judges were elected by and assembly to be a consul. usually one consul gains more power than the other
Marcus Aurelius
Last of the "Good Emperors", Wrote "Meditations" personal reflections of his beliefs, End of the Pax Romana
representative democracy
vote for people to vote for you
invade Rome over Alps was defeated in Zama (II Punic War)
During the time of Augustus was Rome considered mono or polytheistic?
In the christian bible, the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, which are the first four books of the New Testemant.
ended civil wars in Rome, became the 1st empeor of Rome, Pax Romana started during his rule
January: 49 BC
julius approaches rubicon river (and against the advisement of the senate, brings his troops); julius becomes sole-consul and dictator
Roman religion
Worshipped the gods as a public religion and as private religion worshipped ancestors. They carried statues around to pray to
roman senate
The Roman Senate was a political institution in ancient Rome. It was one of the most enduring institutions in Roman history, being founded in the first days of the city (traditionally founded in 753 BC).
a person who chooses to die for a cause he or she believes in
Punic Wars
series of 3 wars between Rome & Carthage resulting in the Roman rise to power
Reason for The Punic Wars?
Everyone wanted to control Mediterranean Sea.
Caligula, Nero, and Domitian
Bad emperors of the pax romana
Justinian Code
the body of Roman civil law collected and organized by order of the Byzantine emperor Justinian around 534 A.D.
published list of names; a man on the list was declared a public outlaw and could be hunted down and killed for a reward. His sons lost their citizenship. Many of the proscribed were guilty of nothing more than being rich.
I was one of the "good emperors" and ruled from 98-117 A.D. I was the first non-Italian emperor and brought Rome to its largest size. In addition I made many roads and built bridges.also was the adopted son of nerva
A city market place in the center of Ancient Rome
by Virgil (took him 10 years). an epic about the legendary Aeneas. modeled after Greek epics of Homer.
"Checks and Balances"
first developed by the government of Rome - each branch of government has ways to check on each other
battle of cannae
Worst Roman defeat in Punic wars-- 2nd Punic War; 216; Hannibal kills them all; As a result, Rome loses lotsa allies and NOBODY wants to fight Hannibal for 10 years
what happened in 313 AD
Rome gave full recognition to christianity
have to work hard for a living and are aloud to vote
New Testament
part of the Bible that tells about the life and teachings of Jesus and his followers
roman republic vs. U.S government
roman: had the senate, tributes which is part of the citizen assembly ,and the magistrates and the consuls
U.S: has ledislativewhich has the congress and house of representatives and the senate which is like the citizen assembly, executives which has the president and vp which is like the senate, and judicial which has the supreme court which is like the consuls
Decline in the work force
death rate in Rome decreased number of slaves, empire had fewer workers.
Life of Rich and Poor
The rich of Rome lived in elegant town houses on the seven hills of Rome. They lived a life of luxury. The poor, however were living in the slums of Rome. These dark dirty areas frequently caught on fire due to that they were wooden tenements.
To create works that would bring out patriotic feelings among the Romans and to ccreate an epic to glorify Rome.
What did Augustus ask writers and artists to do?
Who lived North of Rome and how did they influence the city
Greece lived in the north and had a lot of inventions that the Romans stole and made better.
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