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English-language films
Terms Definitions
urgent; desperate:
food supplies; provisions.
extremely severe or extensive:
Who is Omri's Best friend?
full of scorn; derisive; contemptuous:
Did Little Bear find the key?
Where did Omri go afterschool?
To Yapp's
desolate or dreary; unhappy or miserable, as in feeling, condition, or appearance.
Was Little Bear sorry for shooting Boone?
Did Little Bear like the girl indian?
any device for arresting bleeding by forcibly compressing a blood vessel, as a bandage tightened by twisting.
a sudden fear or distressing suspense caused by an awareness of danger; apprehension; fright.
Who saw Omri give Patrick his cowboy and Indian?/
What did Mr. Johnson tell the boys?
To leave
to climb, using both feet and hands; climb with effort or difficulty.
Omri wanted to make the indian a tepee but what did the indian want instead?
A longhouse
What did Omri tell Little Bear the reason he could not bring indian woman to life?
Magic gone
Where did Miss Hilton send the boys for distrubing the class?
The Headmaster's office
How much did Mr. Yapp charge for the lady indian?
Ten pence
What did Little Bear want to do after the feast?
Go back
What kind of meat did Omri find in his mother's cupboard?
Corned Beef
Instead of skateboarding, What did Patrick want to do afterschool?
He wanted to play indian
What was the name of the saloon that Boone drew?
Golden Dollar Saloon
What did the Indian drink out of?
An Action Man plastic mug
Where did Patrick go to feed the Cowboy and Indian?
In the music room
Who was Omri going to find to make Boone better?
Red Cross man.
What was Omri afraid about the cowboy?
He had a real gun
How did Little Bear and Boone become Blood brothers?
They nicked their wrists together.
What did Omri do right aftershool for Little Bear?
He promised him a wife
What did Omri hear the next day when he woke up?
A pattering, tapping, scrabbling noise and a tiny voice
What else about Little Bear became real?
his clothes, his feather and his knife
What key did Omri Pick?
a small one with a red satin ribbon through the loop hole.
Who happened to Omri in the headmaster's office?
Little Bear stuck him with the knife
What were Little Bear and Boone doing?
They were trembling and hiding their faces.
At lunchtime Omri promised Patrick what?
That he could have Boone and Little Bear together
What kind of horse was it?
It was snow white with a long mane
What happened to Mr. Johnson after the fight?
He wanted to go home, after Patrick showed him Little Bear and Boone
What did Omri do while everyone was sleeping?
Put the Indian girl into the cupboard.
What did Little Bear and the Indian girl do?
They talked and then held hands together.
What was the Indian girl supposed to do?
Give medicine and take care of Boone.
What did Patrick buy at Yapp's for Omri?
A cowboy on a horse with a pistol
What reason did Omri consider taking him to school?
So he could take him to Yapp's to look for a wife
What was the first thing Omri fed the Indian?
a good teaspoon of corn, crusty corner of bread, coke
What happened to Omri while he was sitting listening to Mr. Johnson?
Little Bear was tired of being in his pocket he started to jab him with sharp pricks
How did Omri feel about sharing both Little Bear and Boone?
He was angry and sad and lost his appetite for lunch
What did Omri tell Little Bear and Boone about breakfast?
they would have to get along if they wanted to eat
What did Omri say he would get for Little Bear?
A bow and arrow, (Plastic ones) and a horse
What did Omri tell his dad he would do about the seed tray?
He said he would go the hardware and buy a new one
What kind of lady indian did Little Bear pick?
she had a red dress on and a pigtail and headband and a single feather like the others
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