Ch. 10 "Scene Size Up" Flashcards

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List the steps of scene size up.
BSI, Scene Safety, MOI/NOI, # of patients, do i need help? C-spine?
1. At the scene of a vehicle collision in which there are no apparent hazards, which of the following guidelines should be followed for establishing a danger zone?
50ft in all directions
Which of the following is true concerning the potential for violence at the scene of an EMS call?
An unusual lack of activity at the scene may signal impending violence against the EMT
3. Your patient, a 29yr old female, was the front seat passenger in a vehicle that was struck in the passenger’s side door by another vehicle that ran a red light. Which of the following is most likely to have occurred?
Patient’s body was pushed forcefully out from under her head, causing injury to the cervical spine
What situation requires action by the EMT during scene size-up?
a vehicle collision involving a tractor-trailor that has a placard indicating it is carrying a corrosive substance, the sound of a barking/growling dog, a bystander smoking a cig at a car accident
At what point should you begin your scene size up?
as you approach the scene in the ambulance
6. You have just arrived on the scene of a motor vehicle collision in which a compact car was struck from behind by a delivery truck. The driver of the truck is standing outside his vehicle talking to police when you arrive, but the driver of the car is still seated in the driver’s seat. You have noted moderate damage to the rear of the car. For which of the following injuries should you have the highest level of suspicion?
neck injury
What is true concerning scene size-up?
the need for additional resources must be determined on both medical and trauma calls
You should have a keen awareness that there may be injuries based on your scene size-ups. This is known as what?
index of suspicion
When considering the potential for injury from a fall, what should you not be concerned with?
the patients weight
10. You are dispatched to a local bar for the report of an unresponsive female patient found in the bathroom. As you approach the scene, you notice a large crowd outside the front door holding beer bottles. The group has pulled the patient outside. As you approach the scene, people from the group start yelling, “Do something! She’s not breathing.” What concerns you the most about this scene?
the large crowd that has been drinking and is now yelling at you
What describes blunt force trauma best?
an object strikes the body, but does not penetrate the tissue
Where should the EMT assess for injury when caring for a patient who had a two-story fall and landed square on his feet?
patient's lower back, ankles, and femurs
13. You are on the scene of a tanker truck versus passenger vehicle collision on a rural highway. The vehicles are just beyond a curve in the roadway and there is a distinct odor of diesel fuel. It is dark and there is little traffic. Which of the following should be used to alert oncoming traffic of the situation?
reflective triangles
An injury caused by an object that passes through the skin or other body tissue is known as?
penetrating trauma
While approaching an emergency scene, the EMT should use which of the following to detect hazards at or near the scene?
look, listen, smell
16. You and your partner are en route to a motor vehicle crash involving a tanker truck on a rural road. Dispatch informs you that fluid is leaking from the truck and that there are several bystanders passed out on the ground near the cab of the truck. You should:
consult the emergency response guidebook
17. You are on the scene of an explosion at a suspected meth manufacturing operation. You and your partner are the first to arrive and note two middle-aged men and a woman on the front lawn with burns and cuts on their faces and arms. The fire dept. is en route. Which of the following resources should be the LEAST important to be requested by the EMT during the scene size-up?
hazardous material clean up crew
What type of situations will NOT require additional resources at the scene?
a patient with emphysema who is on oxygen therapy at home
In what situation should the EMT consult the NAER Guide Book?
Chlorine gas leak at a public swimming pool
20. As you arrive at the scene of a house fire, a very upset man screams at you to help his young son, who is trapped under a piece of burning wood on the ground. Which of the following should you do first?
size up the scene first before acting
A fall is considered severe anytime the patient has fallen from a height more than _____ times their height.
While transporting a patient to the hospital you should:
continue assessing your surroundings for danger
23. As you approach the scene of a motorcycle accident, you see an EMR trying to stop the bleeding on the patient’s left arm. You notice the EMR has blood covering the front of his shirt and running down his arms. What STANDARD PRECAUTIONS are needed?
gloves, gown, face mask with eye shield
Which law of physics explains why a patient's liver can be injured from the impact of his car with a tree?
the law of inertia
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