Industrialization Immigration QUIZ Flashcards

Terms Definitions
ford parts
Andrew Carnegie
Steel industry
Johnson's plan
10% plan redefined
someone who leaves a country
favored hight tariffs; firsth president with electricity in White House
invented the cotton gin
Eli Whitney
Journalists who attempted to find corruption or wrongdoing in industries and expose it to the public
Alexander Graham Bell
inventor of the telephone
Standard oil received from railroad companies
invented the locomotive (train) lubricator
Elijah McCoy
Samuel Gompers
formed the American Federation of Labor (AFL)
an economic system in which the government owns the basic means of production, distributes the products and wages, and provides social services such as health care and welfare
Homestead strike
Violent strike at Andrew Carnegie Homestead Pennsylvania steel mills in 1892
John D. Rockefeller
established the standard oil company
J.P. Morgan
A super-obscenely rich banker and tycoon, J.P. Morgan created many trusts and interlocking directorates to eliminate competition.
Assembly Line
Method of production in which workers add parts to a product that moves along on a belt; introduced by Henry Ford in 1913
to a certian number of how many immigrants can enter our country in a given year is called what?
"new" immigrant
Term applies to southern and eastern European immigrants that came to American cities in the 1890's.
Interstate Commerce Act 1887
government regulates interstate trade; enforced by Roosevelt
John Chivington
commander who attacked the Cheyenne at Sand Creek
A company that has control of an entire industry.
Northwestern Europe
What region of Europe did most of these immigrants of the first wave come from?
Melting Pot
the sharing of many cultures has given America this nickname
A person put in place as an owner of property to be held or used to the benefit of someone else
Old immigrants or the nativists
What was the immigrants from 1800-1880 called?
What GIFT did FRANCE give the U.S. that welcomes immigrants to New York City?
What were 5 results of Industrialization?
1. Goods cheaper for consumers 2. Consumers could buy goods from all over country 3. Children worked in factories 4. Laborers worked long hours - low pay, 5. urbanization
They moved from rural areas to the cities where the Industrial Revolution was in motion
How did where Americans lived change as a result of the Industrial Revolution?
Cornelius Vanderbilt
John Pierpont Morgan
corrupt bargain
adams became president
to prejudge someone (negatively) without even knowing them is called what?
William "Big Bill" Haywood
led wobblies
invented the sewing machine
Elias Howe
what was Teddy Roosevelt's favorite word?
the ability to read and write
Where was the Steel Industry?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
migration into a place (especially migration to a country of which you are not a native in order to settle there)
left because of persecution (put in prison, had property stolen, killed)
live entertainment on stage was known as what?
American Federation of Labor. A union of skilled workers from one or more trades which focused on collective bargaining (negotiation between labor and management) to reach written agreements on wages hours and working conditions. The AFL used strikes as a major tactic to win higher wages and shorter work weeks.
Hartford convention
in Connecticut; goal: secede from union
James Garfield
20th President of the United States
The most significant factor in the rapid industrialization of America
worker refuse to work until they get what they want
what banker was Teddy Roosevelt mad at?
J.P. Morgan
Person who believes in a society that has no government at all
farmer's only way to get products to market
robber berons
steal from public and taking advantige of others
Person who buys or uses goods and services.
Sherman Anti-Trust Act
1890- Act prohibiting trusts or other businesses are owned by private citizens, not by the governement
Why did cities develop?
o Specialized Industries o Immigration from other countries o Movement of Americans from rural to urban areas for job opportunities
Steel industry and oil industry
The second Industrial Revolution made a rise in which two industries?
What challenges faced cities during urbanization?
Tenements and ghettos Political corruption (bought positions in the government)
What were the effects of the transcontinental railroad
people moved west
economy improved and industry expanded West
easier transportation of goods
redistributed population
buffalo killed almost to extinction
time zones
What was Abraham Lincoln's campaign promise?
to have the 1st transcontinental railroad
What is a settlement house?
A settlement house was a place for immigrants to help get them settled in the United States.
Explain Little Big Horn and Wounded Knee
LBH- Custer led 225 Ams. against the Sioux who had 2000, did not have a battle plan and just charged, sioux= war tribe, Custer died allong with many soldiers
WK- Lakota fled after Sitting Bull was killed, woke up surrounded by army, surrenderd, shot fired= 300 lakota and 25 soldiers killed. broke indians will to fight
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