Inferno of Dante Vocab Flashcards

Francesca da Rimini
Terms Definitions
Insistent repetition.
facing upward
furiously angry
Against Lord
without respect
extremely bad reputation
be amazed at
violence and ambition
extreme mental distress
Going against the church
excessive pride in appearence
writer, narrator, and character
Circle 5
Wrathful and Sullen
greedily searching for prey
To torment or trouble
who in canto 24
Vanni Fucci
River of Acheron
River in Hell
division of a long poem
creatures half woman half serpent
tercets are 3 lines stanzas
contemptuously rude or impertient behavior or speech
How are thieves punished?
harried by serpents
A lack of foresight or discernment
circle four
avaricious misers and spendthrifts, sinners push huge rocks
Canto XI
Location 6th Circle. Names: Aristotles
a visible symbol representing an abstract idea
irritating or unpleasant to one's feelings or hearing
Stealing something that does not belong to you.
(theology) in Roman Catholicism, the place of unbaptized but innocent or righteous souls (such as infants and virtuous individuals)
regret for one's wrongdoings or sinning
Violence against Neighbors
Punishment: river of boiling blood
How is the eight circle divided?
ten ditches
A narrow opening or crack of considerable length.
circle 9; the coldest place in hell
Canto XXIV
Location: 8th Circle, 6th Pouch. Sinner: Fraud, Thieves Punishment: Hands ties around behing back with a serpant. Tied up, burst into flames when bitten by the serpant, to ash, come back like a mythical phoenix. Names: Vanni Fucci, Black and White party.
Seventh Circle
-Second Ring-
For those violent against themselves
they are turned into trees and are immobile. They are tortured and pecked at by Harpies. They will never be returned to their bodies because they didnt properly appreciate them in the first place.
Chief Sinner: Pier della Vigna, who felt so ashamed by the lies of shcemers, took his own life.
Sent by beatrice. Dante's vision of human reason. His guide.
river where wrathful and sullen are punished in
creatures that are half woman, half bird. feed on the trees and peck at them
Canto XXV
Location: 8th Circle, 7th Pouch. Sinner: Thieves. Punishment: Snakes continuously crawling all over bodies. Names: Ciafina, Florence, Pistoia, Cacus, Fucci. Fits: Stole objects from other people so in hell they can't say that their bodies are there own.
The Violent against Nature. They must continually run around on the fiery ground. Circle Seven (Round Three) Canto (XV)
a belief that rejects the orthodox tenets of a religion
transports dante and vergil across the styx river in his boat, he set fire to the temple of Apollo because the god raped his daughter, takes them to dis
giant who takes sinners from 8th to the 9th by putting them in his hand and placing them down on the ice
What is the sin of the ninth circle?
canto 29
bolgia 9 continued, bolgia 10 a: forgers of metal
Canto XIV
Punishment: Anguish by fiery flakes of rain.
Sixth Circle
For the Heretics
They are locked in Burning Tombs. Fitting because Fire (a symbol of gods love) consumes them in toruture, for in life they went against god, so now they cannot escape his love. They also can only see distant events, not the present
Chief Sinner: Farinat who predicts Dante will be exiled from Florence.
3 women who Dante admired
Mary, St. Lucy, Beatrice
Against Political Entitles
Antolena (2nd part of 9th circle)
8th Circle: bolgia 10
falsifiers or impersonators, souls huddled together with scabs
A central idea, concern, or purpose in a literary workk. In an essay the theme might be directly stated in what is known as a thesis statement. In a serious literary work, the theme is usually expressed indirectly strictly for entertainment, may not have a theme.
third circle of hell; those who abuse their bodies with what they put inside of themselves
Francesca and Paolo
2nd circle, punished for adultery, giancotto was francesca's husband who killed them both, story causes dante to faint
to take in and incorporate as one's own; absorb:
What kind of Fraud is punished in the sixth ditch of Malebolge?
people in canto 13
Pier della Vigna-dante breaks his branch, held influence over king frederick and suicided to avoid shame, harpies feed on plants
Forced to lie on the ground while the filthy rain falls on them.
Who is the flame who tells Virgil and Dante of his travels?
What is located above the entrance of Inferno?
An inscrpition
Heretics' Punishment
Hundreds of sinners put in biers on fire. The more they preached the hotter the fire.
giant found in the 9th circle; one of the builders of Babylon; can never be understood
gates of hell
before river of Acheron, cowards and fencesitters, endlessly chase empty banner
What kind of Fraud is punished in the eight ditch of Malebolge?
evil counsellors
Wrathful and Sullen
push weights along in anger and pain in a circle
Where is Dante when he awakes from his swoon?
Across Acheron
Opportunists' Sins
Never took a stand in life - only concerned with themselves.
Old man of crete
recalls ovision of Daniel of decline of humanity, society suffers from too powerful pope, tears that flow from golden head statue are source of all rivers in hell
What characters are encountered in the river Phlegethon?
Alexander, Dionysius, Attila the Hun
What is the name of the soul in the mud who causes Dante to show anger?
Filippo Argentini
What was Phlegyas's duty?
He is the boatman who ferry's people across the river Styx.
punishment in 3rd bolgia
only the feet of the sinners can be seen and they are on fire
What is Antaeus's duty?
He carries people from the 8th to the 9th circles of hell.
What is the symbolism of the reign of fire?
Centered in sterility and wrath
Barrators - grafters - swindlers in public office
submerged in ditch of tar; demons pierce them with forks if they get out
Caina - traitors to their family
all but head & neck are frozen in lake
What was the purpose of the sicilian bull?
It was to be used for as an instrument of torture
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