data entry
Terms Definitions
biological feeling
kate chopin
from louisiana 
LT receptor antagonist
Systems development life cycle
thrombin inhibitor, renal elimination
philosophy for understanding all relevant costs of doing business with a particular supplier for a good or service
51) Responsible computer use includes:
A) thinking about the social consequences of your programs.
B) appropriating other people's intellectual output.
C) interfering with other persons' computer work.
D) None of the above.
Stable operations:
ensuring consistent, predictable processes to improve what the customer sees and feels
governmental attempts to control internet traffic, thus preventing some material from being viewed by a country's citizens.
Maintains information about various types of objects (inventory), events (transactions), people (employees), and places (warehouses).
digestive problemtoo much acid production Helicobacter phylori is the culprit
5 lipooxygenase inhibitor, reduce formation of LTS, heterogenity in pt response, ADR: Increased LFT's in about 5% pts, off market now but Zyflo CR now marketed
fast but expensive; small light expensive items
75) Departments can speed up development of systems by having ________ perform the required development tasks.
A) consultants
B) programmers
C) managers
D) end-users
15) Support activities include infrastructure, human resources, ________ and procurement.
A) operations and management
B) marketing and sales
C) customer service
D) technology development
D 364
order winnner
criterion that differentiates the products or services of one firm from those of another
implicit services
psychological benefits that the customer may sense only vaguely or the extrinsic features of the service
Effort variability
Shoppers not putting up carts
What addresses the timeframes when systems can be accessed by employees, customers, and partners? 
B. Availability
The probablility that something can happen.
ALSO RISK= the Likelihook of vulnerability occurence times value (or impact) - % risk
System requirements collection techniques:
interviews, questionnaires, observations, document analysis
A logical collection of information—gathered from many different operational databases—that supports business analysis activities and decision-making tasks.
Data warehouse
inorganic/ no carbon16 or more essential mineralsnot destroyed by cooking
potent PDE3 inhibitor, also inhibits the maturation of megakaryocytes, indicated for people with thrombocytoTHEMIA
via choline through CAT, metablolized by cholinesterases, involved in memory (alzhiemers disease)
peptide, complete with fibrinogen for receptor, GP2b/GP3a receptor antagonist
regression analysis
best suited for medium/long term strategic forecasts that lead to heavy financial commitments
8) The book describes populations in terms of those people who know how to use a computer and those who do not. The people who do not know how to use a computer are described as the:
A) information haves.
B) information have-nots.
C) information don
70) The single most important factor of an ongoing outsourcing alliance is:
A) ongoing management.
B) costs.
C) personal relationships.
D) organizational culture.
44) The ECPA offers stronger support for the privacy of ________ communications than for the privacy of electronic mail communications.
A) paper mail
B) voice mail
C) facsimile
D) None of the above.
84) One of the recommendations related to enterprise system implementations includes taking a ________ approach to implementations.
A) organizational 
B) multidisciplinary
C) internally-focused
D) thorough
53) Unauthorized access means that the person who has gained entry to a computer system has ________ to use such computer access.
A) authority
B) permission
C) rights
D) no authority
strategic analysis
involves looking out and forecasting how business conditions that impact the firm's strategy are going to change in the future
X-bar charts are used for charting population values for continuous measurement. X-bar charts operate effectively with smaller sample sizes than P-charts, but it is more involved to analyze the sample for an X-bar chart since a measurement must be taken.
six sigma
failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA) and design of experiments (DOE) tools are used in what
web based technologies can also be leverage to support proprietary, internal communications within an organization through the implementation of an intranet to support business to employee electronic commerce. like extranet, consists of private network using web technologies, but it is used to facilitate the secured transmission of proprietary info within an organization. take advantage of standard internet protocols to communicate info to and from authorized employees. 
use of passwords, which are effective only if chosen carefully and changed frequently. also ID combo, a security code sequence, or personal data. 
Which website was inundated with more than 91 million page views on September 11, 2001? 

A. Content filtering, encryption, firewalls
A. Content filtering, encryption, firewalls
the largest part of the system development effort occurs at what stage
enhancing the system to increase processing performance or interface usability or adding desired but not required features
perfective maintenance
Special type of group meeting that reduces time for requirements collection
Compiles customer information from a variety of sources and segment the information for different marketing campaigns.
List generator
enzymes that detoxify and break down substances such as alcohol
Clinical reasoning
the "thinking, tacit or explicit, that directs and guides occupational therapy practice" (Fleming, 1991). Complex, passes logical thought.
additive benifit with ASA in stroke (dipyridamole)
paralysis of the body before a narcoleptic pts falls asleep, 75%, usualy via excitation
dependent demand, independent demand
2 basic sources of demand
s curve
typical of a product growth and maturity cycle
Five forces model
Model, proposed by Michael Porter, that assesses industry characterists and profitability by means of five competitive forces-bargaining power of suppliers, threat of substitution, bargaining power of customers, rivalry among firms, and threat of new entrants.
35) ________ is a special type of technology that collects information about a person in order to customize Web browser banner advertisements.
A) Spyware
B) Adware
C) Cookies
D) Spam
a strategy that is designed to meet current needs without compromising the ability of future generatiosn to meet their needs
Variable (Continuous)Usually measure the actual weight, volume, number of inches or other “variable” measurements.
X-bar and R chart applications
green belts
employees who have received enough six sigma training to participate in a team or work individually on small scale projects directly related to their own job
business to consumer (B2C)
transactions between businesses and consumers
processing activities of a TPS(transaction processing system)
recording, summarizing, sorting, updating, and merging transaction information w/ organizational databases
Which of the following represents a person grounded in technology, fluent in business, and provides the important bridge between IT and the business? 
C. Enterprise architect
Management of classified data includes its storage and (3 answers)
Destruction, Distribution, Portability
The way in which data are transformed
processing logic
extranet A private network that uses the Internet and the In the relational database model is a collection of similar entities.
Entity class
A constraint on a relation that states that no part of a primary key can be null.
Entity integrity
Dietary assessment
Ways to measure nutritional states in a person--> food consumption
Four-component model of moral reasoning
Moral sensitivity
Moral judgment
Moral motivation
Having perseverance, ego strength, and implementation skills to do what is morally right.
NMDA receptor
glycine B receptor is an allosteric modulator of this receptor, glutamate works a ton better with it
NSAID: 25-50% of pts will have severe frontal headaches, used IV to close ductus arteriousis with premature babies
simulation models
allow the forecaster to run through a range of assumptions about the condition of the forecast
Computer-based information system
An information system that uses a computer
33) ________ is a small text file on your computer that stores information about your Web-browsing activity at a particular site.
A) A cookie
B) Spyware
C) Spam
D) Spim
A true understanding of cost performance and schedule performance relies first on measuring technical performance objectively
– (c-chart application)
Attributes when the product or service can have more than one defect. Example: knot holes in lumber
customer contact
refers tot he physical presence of the customer in they system
x and R Charts
for Process Control with Variable Measurements, use what charts?
common variation
deviation in the output of a process that is random and inherent in the process itself
brick and mortar business strategy
companies following this strategy choose to operate solely in the traditional physical markets. no EC.
recovery point objectives
specify how current the backup data should be
What is a small file deposited on a hard drive by a website containing information about customers and their Web activities? 
C. Cookie
What is a separate facility that does not have any computer equipment, but is a place where employees can move after the disaster. 
D. Cold site
Issue-Specific Security Policy
IS a planning document that outlines the process of implementing security in the ORG.
components of SCM architecture
supply chain planning, supply chain execution
Helps create and maintain the data dictionary and the structure of the database.
Data definition component
How are you using your power as an OT?
Drug eluting stents
taxol and sirlimus, stents are coated in anti cancer drugs to prevent restenosis
functional products
include staples that ppl buy in a wide range of retail outlets (grocery stores)
program evaluation and review technique (pert)
when activities are scheduled with probablistic task times
Determine how to measure the processIdentify key internal processes
steps in the measure process
Malcolm baldrige national quality award
helps companies review and structure their quality programs
the most important ingredient for EC is?
a firm's revenue model
What is a device that is around the same size as a credit card, containing embedded technologies that can store information and small amounts of software to perform some limited processing? 
C. Smart card
legal purchase of one copy of a software followed by the illegal copying and distribution of that same software
software piracy
What are the two causes of megaloblastic anemia for B12?
primary deficiency-poor intake, secondary deficiency-poor absorption
Six steps of ethical decision making
1. Identify relevant information
2. Identify the type of ethical problem
3. Determine the ethics approach to be used.
4. Identify possible courses of action and alternatives
5. Select a plan and implement it
6. Reflection on action
What is an information System?
Group of componets that interact to produce information
cost of quality *COQ
all of the costs attributable to the production of quality that is not 100 percent perfection; those costs that are the difference between what can be expected from excellent performance and the current costs that exist
intranet real time access to information
can disseminate corporate news using multimedia files distributed over company's intranet. inexpensive, up to date, employees confident and self reliant and spend less time with employment related issues.
A unified enterprise architecture will perform all of the following, except? 
B. Provide looser links to the business strategy allowing the organization additional flexibility
Something that must go well to ensure success
CSF (Critical Success Factor)
Core values and attitudes of Occupation Therapy practice (AOTA 1993)
Altruism (unselfish concern for the welfare of others), equality, freedom, justice, dignity (valuing the inherent worth and uniqueness of each person), truth prudence (use of reason, discretion.
Service Science Management and Engineering (SSME)
Aims to apply the latest concepts in information technology to continue to improve service productivity of technology based organizations
customer verification value (CVV2)
3 digit code on back of credit card. combats fraud, have to physically have credit card. 
To lower homocysteine levels what amounts of folic acid, B6, and B12 have been recommended?
1. Folic acid-at least 1000mcg-up to 2500mcg (UL-1000mcg)2. B6-at least 10mg up to 25mg (UL-100mg)3. B12-at least 400mcg up to 1000mcg (UL-none)
That there is a relationship between activity completion time and the cost of a project
Basic assumption in minimum cost scheduling / “crashing”
What are some deficiency signs of Vit B12?
glossitis (loss of tongue papillae), GI tract damage, hypersegmented polymorphonuclear leucocytes (segmented chromatin-definitive for B12/folate), macroovalocytes (elliptical RBC)
information can be entered into a TPS in one of three ways:
-manual data entry(info is entered by hand)
-semiautomated data entry(information is entered using some type of data capture device)
-fully automated data entry(information is entered without human intervention)
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