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non-acetylated salicylate
william faulkner
from mississippi
holding/carrying costssetup/production change costsordering costsshortage costs
inv costs
A completed entity-relationship diagram representing the overall, logical plan of a database.
4-methyl gaba
reuptake inhibitor -anticonvulsant
What is MIS?
Management Information Systems
Development and use of information systems that help buisnesses acheive goals and objectives
50) Responsible computer use includes:
A) not using a computer to harm others.
B) not snooping in other persons' files.
C) not using a computer to steal.
D) All of the above.
quality characteristics that are actually measured, such as the weight of an item
define, measure, analyze, improve, control (relative to quality improvement processes)
information modification 
someone accesses electronic information and then changes the info in some way, such as when employees give themselves electronic raises and bonuses or when crackers hack into gov web sites and change info
Encompasses all organizational information and its primary purpose is to support the performing of managerial analysis tasks.
Analytical information
Keeping promises and contracts, faithfulness. Maintain trust.
factor Xa inhibitor, pentasaccaride based on heparins structure, less thrombocytopenia and bleeding
the difference between the forecast value and what actually occurred
20) An upstream information flow consists of information that:
A) is produced by a company and sent along to another organization.
B) is received from another organization.
C) is produced by one department and sent along to other departments.
D) i
52) Most organizations ________ report their incidents of computer crimes.
A) under
B) over
C) do not
D) accurately
52) ________ maintenance is making changes to an information system to reduce the chance of future system failure.
A) Corrective
B) Adaptive
C) Perfective
D) Preventative
this operations and supply chain process requires scheduling processes for workers and coordiantion of material and other critical resources used to produce/provide the service
Appraisal costPrevention costInternal failure costExternal failure cost
Cost of quality
iso 14000
primary concerned with environmental management
 Which architecture supports managing user access and using up-to-date antivirus software and patches? 
B. Information architecture
katherine anne porter
from texas!! whoop whooop
Designed to copy and send itself
Increasing the value of a sale.
Epithelial tissues
tissue that excretes and absorbs
salicylate intoxication
central excitation, hyperplexia, death via respiratory failure (acute and chronic)
cutting the neuron, this will significanly diminish or completely abolisn NT's from this site
maintain independence of operations, to meet variation in product demand, to allow flexibility n scheduling, safeguard for variation in raw material delivery time, take advantage of economic purchase order size
purposes of inventory
20) One of the fastest growing "information" crimes in recent years has been:
A) information theft.
B) identity theft.
C) computer theft.
D) information resource theft.
2) During the Third Wave, ________ became the common currency.
A) food
B) money
C) the Internet
D) information
29) ________ is any software that covertly gathers information about a user though an Internet connection without the user's knowledge.
A) A viruses
B) A worms
C) Spyware
D) Adware
run charts
plot the median of a process
any component that does not fall within the customer's specification limits
variable sampling
develop control charts to determine the acceptability or rejection of a process based on measurement
assignable variation
variation that can be clearly identified and possibly manged
cutting out the "middleman" and reach customers more directly and efficiently. allows producers to offer products at lower prices, but also have to take up activities previously done by middleman, like airlines disintermediated travel agents, so travel agents now charge booking fees.
semistructured decisions
with managerial level. some procedures to follow for a given situation can be specified in advance but not to extent where a specific recommendation can be made. 
What is the legal protection afforded an expression of an idea, such as a song, video game, and some types of proprietary documents? 
C. Copyright
What enables organizations to optimize computing and data resources, pool them for large capacity workloads, share them across networks, and enable collaboration? 
D. Grid Computing
parts of the new system are implemented over time
Ensuring of the authenticity and fidelity of information
information accuracy
components of SCE
information flow, financial flow, product flow
Having the potential to contain more than one value for an attribute at any given time.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
the communication network of the bodysmooth ER: fat synthesis rough ER: protein synthesis
Distributive justice
ex: Healthcare allocation, is it allocated fairly?
NE orginates where in the CNS
locus cerolus
platelet aggregation
fibrinogen binds to adjacent platelets causing crosslinking
bias errors
occur when a consistent mistake is made
vendor managed inventory
when the supplier takes full responsibility to manage an item or group of items for the customer
74) To help protect your valuable computer files, make backups of your files in case you receive a(n) ________ that erases files from your hard drive.
A) virus
B) worm
C) cricket
D) macrophage
Common Sense
31) A(n) ________ is a message passed to a Web browser on a user's computer by a Web server, that is then stored in a text file by the browser; that message is sent back to the server each time the user's browser requests a page from that server.
A) ide
24) ________ is a special type of group meeting in which all or most of the users meet with the analyst at the same time.
A) Systems analysis
B) Interviews
project direct costs
Costs associated with sustaining the project
z score
the standard deviation either to the right or to the left of zero in a probability distributions
Capability variability
A patient being unable to explain symptoms to doctor
Common variation:
variation that is inherent in the production process
extranet system architecture
extranet uses same software, hardware, and networking technologies to communicate info. however, extranet uses internet infrastructure to connect 2 or more business partners, so requires firewalls. secures proprietary info 
e government
the use of information systems to provide citizens, organizations, and other governmental agencies with information about public services and to allow for interaction with the government.
What is a framework for dividing the resources of a computer into multiple execution environments? 
C. Virtualization
What protocal handels TCP traffic on a proxy server?
types of test conducted before system completion
alpha, beta
Software through which users and application programs interact with a database.
Database management system
A relationship between two entities, in which an instance of entity A can be related to zero, one, or more instances of entity B and entity B can be related to only one instance of entity A.
One-to-many relationship (1:M)
Buttons allow customers to click on a button and talk with a CSR via the Internet.
small intestine
about 10 feet longgrabs and absorbs food with villi (finger-like projections)
Cox-2 Inhibitors
Designed to only inhibit cox in inflamed tissue, however 5 fold incrase in MI/stroke, though there are alot less GI irritations occuring and does not effect platelets
clenching of the teeth, why people on E use passifiers
tactical forecasts
forecasts needed for day to day basis; goal is to estimate demand i the relative short term (few weeks/months)
How do information systems support business processes?
Automation of business activitiescommunicateproductionprocesses
75) ________ broadly refers to the use of a computer to communicate obscene, vulgar, or threatening content that causes a reasonable person to endure distress.
A) Cyberbattles
B) Cyberterrorism
C) Social engineering
D) Cyber harassment
Common Sense
Work breakdown structure WBS:
defines the hierarchy of project tasks, subtasks, and work packages
arrival, request, capability, effort, subjective preference
five basic types of variability
design quality
refers to the inherent value of the product in the marketplace and is a strategic decision for the firm
c chart
what chart to use to monitor the number of defects per unit
failure mode and effect analysis
structured approach to identify, estimate, prioritize, and evaluate risk of possible failures at each stage of a process
intranet system architecture
looks and acts just like publicly accessible web sit and uses same software, hardware, and networking technologies to communicate info. users access intranet using web browser. all intranet pages are behind the company's firewall, intranet needs to be accessible from anywhere bc employee's mobility.
potential threats to IS facilities
seismic activity, floods, power outages, etc
 What are the primary differences between types of backup/recovery media such as DVDs and redundant storage servers? 
B. Speed and associated costs
What is interoperability? 
B. The capability of two or more computer systems to share data and resources, even though they are made by different manufacturers
What floods a website with so many requests for service that it slows down or crashes the site? 
C. Denial-of-service attack
Lattice Table
Is a row of attributes associated with a particular subject in the Lattic-Based Access Control Structure
components of operational/Front Office CRM
sales force automation, Customer service support (with CIC), and enterprise marketing managment (EMM)
A specialized DSS that supports senior level executives within the organization.
Executive information system (EIS)
The rules that enforce basic and fundamental information-based constraints.
Operational integrity constraint
Why is research good?
Get more evidence, proof.
Get evidence straight.
Heparin induced thrombocytopenia (HIT)
5-10 days after first exposure, binding to platelet factor 4, antibodies develop, pletelet number can be reduced by half, paradoxil thrombus may occur, significant mortality
acquisition costsownership costspost ownership costs
3 types in total cost of ownerships
quality assurance and control initiatives, process redesign, planning and control systems, and technology investments
examples of strategies associated with oeprational efectiveness
defects per million opportunities (DPMO)
metric used to describe the performance of a process in terms of its variability and to compare different processes
government to citizen (G2C) e commerce
allows for interactions between federal, state and local governments and their constituents. ie, IRS tax filing.
What is the recommended way to implement information security lines of defense? 
A. People first, technology second
Involves managing all aspects of a customer's relationship with an organization to increase customer loyalty and retention and an organization's profitability.
Customer relationship management (CRM)
What is a reduced, active form of folate?
tetrahydrofolate polyglutamate molecules (protected by Vit C)
Typical OT roles (5)
1. Clinical role: direct service to clients
2. Management role: admin duties
3. Consultant role: indirect service to clients, agencies, groups
4. Educator role: train new OTs, fieldwork supervisor, guest lecturer, etc
5. Researcher role: generate new knowledge in the field
59) At the heart of the ________ is the CIC.
A) operational CRM
B) analytical CRM
C) collaborative CRM
D) executional CRM
A 382 ?
blacfail safe or poka yoke procedures
simple practices that prevent errors or provide feedback in time for the worker to correct errors
consumer to consumer EC (C2C)
forms of EC that don't include business firms, like online auction site such as ebay
 What is a policy that a user must agree to follow in order to be provided access to a network or to the Internet? 
B. Acceptable use policy
The relation is in first normal form and all nonkey attributes are functionally dependent on the entire primary key.
Second normal form (2NF)
Ethical theories: Teleological (Utilitarianism)
Right action is determined by its ends and consequences; greatest good for the greatest number.
social aspect of the triple bottom line
fair and beneficial business practices toward labor, the community, and the region in which a firm conducts its business
implementing public key encryption on a large scale like busy web site requires more complex solution, certificate authority
acts as a trusted middleman between computers and verifies that a website is a trusted site
Vit B12 is found in what fermented food?
tempeh which is fermented soybean
high and low degree of customer contact
the physical presence of the customer in the system and the percentage of time the customer must be in the system relative to the total time it takes to perform the service
• The science of food• The nutrients and the substances in food• Their action, interaction, and balance in relation to health and disease • The process by which the organisms ingests, absorbs, transports, utilizes, and excretes food substances
Which of the following does not apply to SOA? 
A. A concrete tool or framework that can be purchased
thrombin inhibitor
Vit C deficiency
folic acid deficiency
megaloblastic anemia
clopidrogrel (plavix)
p2y12 receptor antagonist
55) The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 makes it a crime to ________ any electronic communications service, including telephone services.
A) copy
B) view
C) break into
D) record
metaphorically defined as quality divided by price
quality characteristics that are classified as either conforming or not conforming to specification
 Managing ___________ access to information is a critical piece of the information architecture. 

Selling additional products or services to a customer.
most NT;s are CA+ mediated
fibrinolytic agent, not antigenic, bleeding intracrania hemmorage,
bullwhip effect
the phenomenon of variability magnification from the customer to the producer in the supply chain
82) The implementations of enterprise systems are often ________ originally envisioned.
A) more costly and more time consuming than
B) as costly and time consuming as
C) not as effective as
D) less expensive than
31) Analysts must identify the following key elements before they develop designs for an information system:
A) data flows, data, and processing logic.
B) data, data flows, and ERDs.
C) data flows, data, ERDs, and processing logic.
D) data, data f
3) Organizations should hire systems analyst who:
A) have technical expertise.
B) have management expertise.
C) have technical and management expertise.
D) have financial expertise.
series of related jobs usually directed toward some major output and requiring a significant period of time to perform
standard tool for service process design
intranet applications
training, personalized intranet pages, application integration, online entry of info, real time access to info, collaboration
t/f:  SOA provides the technology underpinnings for working with services that are not just software or hardware, but rather business tasks. 

Text file storing Web browsing activity
Characteristics or properties of an entity class.
Computerized advisory programs that imitate the reasoning processes of experts in solving difficult problems.
Expert system
nourishing substances that come from food and provide energy• Helpful in growth and development
fibrinolytic agent, older drug, use usualy limited to once due to formaton of anti streptococcal antibodies, binds to and activated plasminogenADR: fever, allergic reactions, hypotension (via kinins), bleeding and hemmorraging
approved for narcolepsy through one pharmacy, works on gaba-b receptor, induces sleep schedule 1 and 3 drug, also works on ghb receptor but effect not know,
cross docking
an approach used in consolidation warehouse where, instead of larger shipments, large shipments are broken down into small shipments for local delivery in an area
functional products
products that satisfy basic needs, with stable predictable demand and long life cycles
17) ________ is concerned with what information an individual should have to reveal to others in the workplace or through other transactions, such as online shopping.
A) Information privacy
B) Information accuracy
C) Information property
D) All of the
6) ________ is an attribute possessed by someone who knows how to use a computer.
A) Computer literacy
B) Computer competency
C) Computer ability
D) Computer comprehension
23) You can maintain your privacy while shopping online by:
A) choosing monitored Web sites.
B) removing cookies from your computer.
C) visiting sites anonymously.
D) All of the above.
81) ________ RFID tags are small and relatively inexpensive, and typically have a range up to a few feet.
A) Active
B) Passive
C) Simple
D) Basic 
74) ________ are designed to automate the business processes that occur before, during, and after sales have been transacted between a supplier and multiple customers
A) Resource portals
B) Procurement portals
C) Distribution portals
D) Enterprise
56) Using this type of development methodology the people building the system and the users of the system keep cycling between user design and construction until the system is complete.
A) Prototyping
D) Object-oriented analysis and
47) After an information system is installed it is in the:
A) analysis phase.
B) development phase.
C) testing phase.
D) maintenance phase.
major changes that create entirely new markets
Z =
Number of standard deviations which is usually = 3 sigma for 99% confidence
(p-chart application)
Measurement by attributes means taking samples and using a single decision – the item is good or it is bad ie. a yes/no decision -what type of chart application?
lean six sigma
combines the implementation and quality control tools of six sigma with materials management concepts of lean manufacturing
drive-by hacking
the attacker accesses the network, intercepts data from it, and even uses network services or sends attack instructions to it without entering the office or organization that owns the network
business intelligence and organizational decision-making levels
operational level, managerial/tactical level, executive/strategic level
What includes the hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment that, when combined, provide the underlying foundation to support the organization's goals?
D. Infrastructure architecture
What is spam? 
C. A form of unsolicited email
Developed by the government to monitor all cyber communication
The conducting of business on the Internet, not only buying and selling, but also serving customers and collaborating with business partners.
The ability to look at information from different perspectives.
Plasma membrane
lipid bilayer that covers the cell
Reason for interactive reasoning
Therapists employ interactive reasoning: to engage the person in treatment session, to know the person as a person, to understand disability from person's POV, communicate a sense of trust, use humor to relieve tension, construct a shared language of actions and meanings, to determine if the treatment session is going well.
allopurinal drug interactions
warfarin, azathioprine and 6 mercaptopurine (these 2 metabolized by xanthine oxidase) also immunosuppressants so very important
Uric acid
made via purine metabolism (xanthine oxidase), filterd by the glomerulus and reabsorbed via the proximal tubule
what kind of processes should be used for functional products
As part of the 5 component framework, one of the five fundamental components of an info system; includes those who operate and service the compters, those who maintain the data, those who support the networks, and those who use the system.
64) A(n) ________ is a report which tells your vendors what your requirements are and to invite them to provide information about how they might be able to meet your requirements.
A) proposition
C) performa
D) purchase order
36) Interfaces that enable the user to select pictures, icons, and menus to send instructions to the computer are referred to as:
A) database systems.
B) GUIs.
C) information system software.
D) files.
23) In determining the CSFs of an organization, the analyst must determine:
A) management's CSFs.
B) organizational and individual CSFs.
C) organizational, departmental and individual CSFs.
D) organizational, managerial and departmental CSFs.
tracking gantt chart
superimposes the current schedule onto a baseline plan so deviations are easily notices
Critical to quality:
attributes most important to the customer
PDCA cycle
also called "Deming cycle or wheel"; refers to the plan do check act cycle of continuous improvement
Used in a systematic project-oriented fashion through define, measure, analyze, improve, and control (DMAIC) cycleMore detailed version of Deming PDCA cycleContinuous improvement: seeks continual improvement in all aspects of operationsAlso uses scientifi
describe Six-Sigma Methodology
argues that tolerance is not a yes/no decision, but a continuous function
affiliate marketing
allows individual web site owners to post companies' ads on their pages; the web site owner can earn money from referrals or ensuing sales
destructive code that can erase a hard drive, sieze control of a computer, or otherwise do damage. 
What is the identification of a user based on a physical characteristic, such as a fingerprint, iris, face, voice, or handwriting? 
C. Biometrics
Which policy typically contains a nonrepudiation clause? 
D. Acceptable use policy
Screened Subnet
Is the dominate architecture used to secure network access today in large org's
Evaluation Criteria for Systems Projects
strategic alignment, potential benefits, potential costs and resource availability, project size and duration, technical difficulty and risks
Used by a network installation tool to allocate and track network resources.
Network database
Having only a single value of each attribute of an entity at any given time.
Biochemical assessment
Ways to measure nutritional states in a person--> lab tests
normal blood vessels have a what preventing platelets from adhearing
endothelial layer
direct GI irritant, may cause iron deficiency anemia, not to be used in children under 16 due to reyes syndrome, salicylism, salicyate intoxication
highway/trucks, water/ships, air, rail, pipelines, hand delivery
six widely recognized modes of transportation
strategic control
the degree of loss that would be incurred if the relationship with the partner were severed
What is collaboration
Collaboration is between two or more people working together toward a common goal result or product
48) ________ is defined as the act of using a computer to commit an illegal act.
A) Computer bad will
B) Computer crime
C) Computer misuse
D) Computer abuse
lean manufacturing/JIT/TQC; manufacturing strategy paradigm; service quality and productivity; total quality managment (TQM) and quality certification; business process reengineering (BPR); six sigma quality; supply chain management; elctronic commerce; s
eras of development of Operations and supply chain management
appraisal, preventative , internal failure, external failure
costs of quality four types
black belts
coach or actually lead a six sigma improvement team
business to employee (B2E)
EC occurring between businesses and their employees
methods in which technology is employed to safeguard information systems
physical access restrictions, firewalls, encryption, virus monitoring and prevention, audit control software, dedicated facitilities
76. Which of the following describes information technology monitoring? 
D. All of the above
What is a detailed process for recovering information or an IT system in the event of a catastrophic disaster such as a fire or flood? 
D. Disaster recovery plan
Dynamic Filtering
Allows the firewall to react to an emergent evernt and update or create rules to deal with the event.
Variations of Trojan horse that do not disrupt computer function until triggering event/operation
logic/time bomb
The rules that enforce business rules vital to an organization's success and often require more insight and knowledge than operational integrity constraints.
Business-critical integrity constraint
controlling homocysteine may lower risk for what?
1. CVD2. Alzheimer's disease3. Hypertension4. Stroke5. Diabetes complications (retinopathy, neuropathy)
Purpose of procedural reasoning
To treat the disability, includes problem definition and treatment selection. Remediation, compensation, or both.
fixed time period
when the item is ordered at certain intervals of time
required coordination
how difficult it is to ensure that the activity will integrate well with the overall process
• Operations and supply chain strategy
concerned with setting broad policies and plans for using the resources of a firm and must be integrated with corporate strategy
prevents the worker from making an error that leads to a defect before staring a process, or gives rapid feedback of abnormalities in the process to the worker in time to correct them
characteristics of poka yoke
RPN risk priority number
calculated for each failure mode; an index used to measure the rank importance of the items listed in the FMEA chart
two categories of safeguards for reducing risk
technological and human based approaches
Who works at the request of the system owners to find system vulnerabilities and plug the holes? 
A. White-hat hackers
Measure the impact IT has on business processes and activities including customer satisfaction, conversion rates, sell-through increases, etc.
Effectiveness IT metric
Professional self-talk for culturally sensitive care
The professional thoughts that we communicate to ourselves about our experience which in turn influence the way we feel and act.
Drugs afect hemostasis and thrombosis by affecting
platelet function, blood coagulation, and fibrin degredation
Operations and supply chain management (OSCM):
the design, operation, and improvement of the systems that create and deliver the firm’s primary products and services
Determine how to maintain improvementsPut tools in place to track key variables
steps in the control process of DMAIC
primary threats to the security of information systems 
accidents and natural disasters, employees and consultants, links to outside business contacts, outsiders
What is the ability to present the resources of a single computer as if it is a collection of separate computers, each with its own virtual CPUs, network interfaces, storage, and operating system? 
D. All of the above
what drugs can decrease B12 absorption
1. antacids2. hydrogen blockers, like pepcid AC (OTC)3. proton pump blockers, like Nexium and Protonix (prescription)
cost of goods sold/avg aggregate inv value; supply chain efficiency
inventory turnover formula; what does it measure
x bar chart
a plot of the means of the sample s that were taken from a process
Which of the following is a type of backup/recovery media? 
D. All of the above
how to make glycine!
thr or SER via STHM makes glycine past the BBB
two major categories of e transactions
e tailing: online sales of goods and services
online banking: financial transactions
during first 6 months of chronic gout therapy
coadminister with nsaids or colchine (increased incident of attacks)
 Which of the following is not a part of the email privacy policy stipulations? 
D. It informs people that the organization has full control over email once it is transmitted outside the organization
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