Inorganic Test 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Gerade (even)
inert element
Hydrated aluminum oxide
Quantum n
Principal (1,2,3)
chloride -> chloro
UV spectra cell material
BX₃ + X⁻ ➝
have same electronic structure
Cp2Be and Cp2Mg are monomeric/polymeric?
Metal character of B
Acidic oxides
Quadruple bond is called?
Delta bond
very acidic
0 on ph scale
y-axis of an IR spectrum
% Transmittance
High pressure/temp form
Extremely hard, crystalline structure
Comparable to diamond
to change equilibrium constant
change the temperature
electron affinity trend
Increases RIGHT and UP
atoms in a ligand which directly interact with a metal center
Chelate effect
The unusual stability of a coordination compound involving a chelating, multidentate ligand compared to equivalent compounds with monodentate ligands
Geometry of ML5 compounds
Interconverts between trigonal bipyramidal and square pyramidal by Berry Mechanism
Very weak bond
Used instead of BF₃ gas
Arrhenius acid/base
acids produce H+; bases produce OH-
Organic Chemistry
study of chemistry that involves carbon compounds.
ionic bond
results when atoms transfer electrons, not share
Trinuclear Pt complexes
4⁺ overall charge enhances DNA affinity
Possibility of long range inter/intra-strand cross-liking
Potent toxicity against cisplatin-resistant tumors
molecular point group
group of all possible symmetry operations that can be performed on a molecule
Lewis base
donates electron pair to form covalent bond
Crystal field theory
Model describing electron structure of coord compounds where strong-field ligands cause higher Δo splitting of t2g and eg levels, referred to as low-spin because the electrons fully populate the t2g level first. Does not describe bonding.
hydrogen bonds
type of bond responsible for surface tension
The reduction of organometal(III) dihalides (RMCl2) produces....
The reduction of organometal(III) dihalides (RMCl2) produces cyclo-(RM)n species.
Assigning priority for ligands
Higher atomic number means higher priority
Carbon Dioxide
Two oxygens bound to carbon with a double covalent bond. Waste products of metabolism.
Ways cancers can develop resistance to cisplatin
Reduced cellular uptake
Increased repair of cisplatin/DNA lesions
Increased tolerance of cisplatin/DNA lesions
Deactivation by thiol-containing proteins
Alkene (olefin) insertion
An alkene coordinates to a metal, then undergoes a square intermediate, resulting in a coordinated alkane
Alternative procedure for determining number of d electrons
Element's group number - number of electrons corresponding to oxidation state
Resolution of a charged racemic mixture
Add optically active resolving agent of opposite charge
Forms 2 diastereomers with different chemical properties
Lithium alkyls and aryls differ from the heavier Group 1 derivatives by being:
-More stable thermally
-Soluble in hydrocarbons and other non-polar organic solvents
- They are liquid or low-melting point solids.
Order of radiation, from low energy to high energy
Radio waves, microwaves, infrared, visible, ultra-violet, x-rays, gamma rays
The reaction between Mg and C5H6 yields ____.
The reaction between Mg and C5H6 yields Cp2Mg.
Group III and IV chemical Properties
1st 2 elements in each group easily form cmpds w/ O and F
Reason for Δ trend for differing TM ion charge
The more positively charged a TM ion is, the closer it will hold ligands; therefore, the electrostatic repulsion will be higher
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