Instruments 8 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Tracheostomy Spreader
Mayo Scissors
debakey forceps
Dizzy Gillespie
el clarinete
La Violon
le catch
posuane, trombone, trombone
Piano Quartet
disposable myringtomy set
#7 knife handle
Violoncello; Violoncell; Violoncelle
aerophone from tibet
le base-ball
base ball
bratsche, alto, viola (viole)
Crile clamp curved
full surations
aerophone from north india
lister bandage scissors
remove bandages
Mayo Scissors straight (suture scissors)
keyes dermal punch
obtain dermal biopsy
What are the performance instruments?
AOA Indicator
Turn and Bank Indicator
Tonsil Clamp (Schnidt) Occluding, Tie on passer
sensors -
input transducers that detect non-electrical physical quantities.
Hartman Mosquito Hemostat
Function=Used for Ophthalmic surgery
*Can hold heart in the palm of your hand, about palm size, serrations run entire length of jaw, smallest hemostat
operation autoclave
check water level
plug in
turn on
load properly
-15 minutes to reach optimal temperature
-9-15 minutes for total sterilization
-15 minutes for evaporation
-total 40-45 minutes
-exposure time can be decreased by increasing pressure
Flight Information Handbook is a small booklet, published every 32 weeks thats designed for in flight use.
Clamps are used for tissue retraction or suturing
Must a pilot check GPS/WAAS notams prior to IFR operations?
Topical Anesthetic
numbs surface tissue prior to injection
SMS 12/13
used to listen to heart, lungs
and abdomen
What is your level-off lead point?
10% of VSI
Hollenback Carvers
●To contour and carve occlusal and interproximal anatomy in amalgam restorations.
●To contour and carve occlusal and interproximal anatomy in other restorative and temporary filling materials.
What is reflected in the remote sensing?
visible light
strain gauge -
a transducer whose resistance varies as a function of strain.
Mouth Prop
To hold patient's mouth open during dental procedure.
The _____ maneuver is a continuous series of rate climbs and descents flown on a constant heading.
Vertical "S" A
#7 Scalpel Handle
Cutting (blades #10, #11, #12, and #15
Size 1 X-ray
pedo & adult anterior size xray film
isreal rake retractor
retracts large amounts of tissue that usually does not involve bone
post horn
a straight or coiled copper or brass horn with no valves or slide, originally used to announce mail coaches.
IFR supplement is divided into five sections:
special notices
general info
airport facility directory
theater flight data and procedures
position reports
Class B airspace vertical parameters?
Generally surface to 10,000 feet MSL
Panoramic X-ray
xray of every tooth in mouth from apex of root to occlusal surface of crown
How long is the standby attitude indicator reliable if loss of electrical power?
9 minutes for +/- 6*
What is rime ice?
A rough milky, opaque ice formed by the instantaneous or very rapid freezing of super cooled droplets as they strike the aircraft.
How is a constant airspeed climb or descent accomplished?
maintaining a constant power indication and varying the pitch to maintain a constant airspeed
How to figure lead point in radials?
Lead point in radials=1% groundspeed X (60/arc DME)
The pitch attitude is more difficult to control in a steep turn due to _____.
A loss of vertical lift with the increased bank angle
Airport symbology on the high chart is the same as the low except for two differences:
all airports shown have a minimum of one hard surfaced runway of at least 5000 ft long
blue airports symbol on the high alt chart means the field has an approach published in the FLIP Terminal High Alt approach book
If you are vectored off a SID, can you assume the SID is cancelled? What if your are assigned an altitude that differs from the SID restrictions? If the above situation develops, should you fly the routing of the SID?
If it is necessary for the controller to assign a crossing altitude that differs from the SID altitude, the controller should repeat the changed altitude for emphasis. If you are radar vectored or cleared off an assigned SID, you may consider the SID canceled unless the controller adds "Expect to resume SID." If ATC reinstates the SID and wishes any restrictions associated with the SID to still apply, the controller will state: "Comply with restrictions." CAUTION: When pilots and controllers discuss changes to SIDs, the potential for miscommunication is high. If there is any question about your clearance, query the controller.
Weitlaner Retractor
Iris Scissors
Adson Tissue forceps
Cushing Bayonet Forceps
Micro Kerrison Rongeurs
Poole Suction Tube
Ballantine Hysterectomy Forceps
an instrument to cut
retract thyroid
green thyroid retractor
laryngeal mirror
examine mouth and throat
superficial wound exposure
ragnell-davis double ended
abdominal wound exposure
mayo abdominal retractor
cut various sutures
notched suture scissors
provide visiual of the rectum
rectal speculum
approximate subcantoneous tissue
medium pickups w/o teeth
flashlight used to observe size and reaction of the patient's pupils
disecting fine and delecate tissue plastics and hand
stevenstentomoy scissors
atraumatic, used to close minor surgeries
brown-adison pickups
abdominal retraction like spatula with a hold in handle
glassman retractor
exposure to superficial wounds
weitlaner self retaining retractor
hold the lung tissue, thorasic surgery
duval clamp
grasp renal calculi or polyps
randall stone forcep
maluable retractor to retract viseria during abdominal surgery protect soft tissue during disection
ribbon retractor
retract veins and vessles for plastics
vein retractor
help aide in vaginal delivery
simpson obsteric forceps
suturing tramautic, grasp superficial tissue facilitate disection
adison pickups w teeth
grasp tissue for applying traction, never used to secure drapes
backhaus towel clip
fine micro disection of veins and arterys
castroviejo scissors
grasp tissue during neuro and ENT procedures
bayonet forceps
used to retract the abdominal wall
wide deaver retractor
clamp bleeding tissue or vessels, big
papa pean clamp
hold suture and needle during procedures in which angled tip is needed. vaginal histerectomoy
heaney needle holder
superficial wound exposure double hooked
freer deleciate double hook
hold tissue or organs tramatic, no hole, teeth
allis clamp
holding and apply hemoclips to achieve hemostasis
hemoclip applier
retracts nerves and artery and veins
dandy nerve hook
scissors cut and dissect thick tissue, bread and butter
curved mayo scissors
small suture for laceration stitch, or plastics, superficial tissue, minor closure
webster needle holder
grasp fine tissue during cardio & vascular surgery
debakey vascular pickups
extend artery or vein incisions
45 degree potts smith scissors
close thick tissue muscle or fascia during orthopedic procedures
ferris smith bonnie forceps
retraction of skin during plastic procedures doubled tooth rake
volkman double tooth skin hook
secure hemostasis of delecate tissue, plastics, and ent, and hand
halsted curved and straight masquito hemostat
to clamp aortic aneurysms, looks like the curve of your spine
grant abdominal aorta aneurysm clamp
cut and extend vein or artery incisions,
90 degree potts smith scissors
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