Terms Definitions
Araby writer
household cleaner
Mr. Chiu's job
The Bluest Eye
Astronomer's Wife
Kay Boyle
(Herman) Melville
Bartleby the Scrivener
Mr. Kurtz
Heart Of Darkness
Miss forrester
The Bluest Eye
Miss Marie
The Bluest Eye
represent in bodily form
Tessie Hutchinson
who won the lottery?
(Edgar Allan) Poe
The Tell-Tale Heart
Elderado Exploring Expedition
Heart Of Darkness
Guests of The Nation
Frank O'connor
migration or displacement of large groups of people due to current circumstances or difficulty
characterized by propriety and dignity and good taste in manners and conduct
literal, 'dictionary' meaning of a word
Novels of Regression
Re-establish national identity, tradition, culture, pre-colonialism
the emerging genre of experimental texts that openly broke with the tradition of literary realism
Initiation Story
(coming-of-age story) A narrative where a typically young characters undergoes an experience which prepares him/her for adulthood.
a brief, often humorous narrative told to illustrate a moral
the conclusion of both the conflict and the story
an expert able to appreciate a field
Ornate Style
consists of learned references, odd sentence structures and/or parallelism
person (or animal or natural force represented as a person) in a work of literature
Season of Migration to the North, parallel to the narrator, they had similar journeys but made different choices, prodigy, sociopathic, drove 2 women to commit suicide and murdered his wife, he is what has failed in the postcolonial world, calls himself a lie, infects women with the myth of the exotic, hypersexualized Arab idea, he is what women want him to be.
Brussles (City of "Whited Sepulcher")
Heart Of Darkness
Point in the narrative when the crucial action must take place.
exploitation by a stronger country of weaker one
Editorial omniscience
P.o.v. employed when an omniscient narrator goes beyond reporting the thoughts of the characters and makes critical comments that expose the narrator's opinion
Static character
does not change throughout the a work
a short moral story (often with animal characters)
Elements of Fiction
Plot, setting, conflict, symbol, point of view, theme, character. Use these as tools to create artistic affect in fiction.
"The Surrender"
Terms of surrender of the Confederate States Army
The central struggle b/w two or more forces in the story.
A person place or thing that suggests more than literal meaning. Don't stand for one thing or for anything definite, they HINT. Can represent more than one thing in same story. Not usually abstract but usually physical object, or name, etc. (FORTUNADO) Can also be an action (BARN BURNING) Or a not fully drawn character like Miss Emily or Superman.RULE OF 3.
-How to find a symbol: it's repeated, it's in the title, begins or ends the story, must be EMPHASIZED.
tall tale
a variety of fold story that recounts the deeds of a superhero
Verbal Irony
occurs when a character says one thing and means something else
An Incident in the Ghobashi Household author info
Alifa Rifaat, Egyptian
The lesson to be drawn from a story, especially from a fable or fro ma heavily didactic story.
Point of view
the view or vantage point that a reader has of the events in a story
Moral in dramatic structure
Principles of being right rather than wrong, something learned.
A House Not Her Own author info
Emily Nasrallah, Lebanese
Her house was shelled
Living in friends house
Still has a key to old house
Feels like she doesn't belong
Plays with the ideas of the gothic with pictures talking to her
She has parts of her life and identity, but it is only a fragment and the house isn't really Lebanese, it is the fragments of the family who are in the house.
"I looked at its strong, straight trunk...a being with a background, with roots, with a purpose."
Season of Migration to the North
Narrator, nostalgic, has not felt assurance.
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