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sloped stage
orchestra (greek)
acting area
Ground Plan
first plan
audience is acknowledged continously
selection process for performers
smaller-scale for-profit theater in NYC, 100-499 seats, used to be experimental but are now part of the establishment
greatest English writer Elizabethan Era
farthest away from the audience
Transformed the urban landscape around Times Square; Used to be a haven of live nude shows and sex shops, but not anymore, cause Disney wants it to be safe for parents and kids to come to the musical; They like to adapt things that have already been proven to work; See also: Xanadu, The Producers, Legally Blonde, The Color Purple, Hairspray, Young Frankenstein, etc.
light plot
an architectural blueprint used specifically by theatrical lighting designers to illustrate and communicate the lighting design to the director, other designers and finally the Master Electrician and electrics crew. The light plot specifies how each lighting instrument should be hung, focused, colored, and connected
Realistic acting; an attempt to present people and events that closely resembles what people could identify with and verify from their own experience. The picture above is very much the opposite of realism but if you've ever stood next to a person in a panda costume before, then you know how it feels.
words/actions at which actor is expected to deliver a line or preform a task
movement and positioning of actors onstage
Pulling costumes
taking costumes from the store
the overall narrative; might not be shown on stage, but is implied
Royal Shakes Co.
nationally funded British theater company; well-funded and full of talented specialists; job is to produce Shakespeare plays, but they also serve as a training facility; tickets are cheaper because of government subsidization
Timberlake Wertenbaker
British writer of "Our Country's Good"
dark comedy
Macabre, ominous ideas; Plays on tropes of horror films; Turns comedy into seriousness; Takes social instutions and turns them on their heads
George C. Wolfe
director/writer of "Jelly's Last Jam"
grand drapes
the draperies covering the proscenium opening (picture frame), separating the audience from the stage
the more fundamental mode of drama. it's what makes drama "dramatic" as opposed to simply "theatrical".
sense memory
an experience conjured or remmebered by useing senses ex: smelling flowers reminds of garden at old house
the person who gives instructions to the actors and other people working on a film or play
getting what i want from the actors
a short sentence that expresses an idea in a clever or amusing way
a person who makes choreographies and usually works with dancers, actors, and singers
Stage Left
from the actors' perspective, their left
misuses of words; mistaking a word for another word; ex. "What is this, the Spanish Exposition?" a comedic device
practical light
any light source controlled by a performer on stage; includes candles, flashlights, lamps, etc.
One of the elements of pantomime in which the actor makes larger than normal movements and facial expressions.
the section of the theatre where the audience sits; also called "out front"
magic if
A part of method acting, Stanislavski believed that if the actor says for example, "What if I were wealthy?" "What if I were in the Caribbean?," to themselves and imgaines what it would be like, the actor can make imaginary circumstances more believable because the actor believes them.
the aspects of the story that the audience may hear about fault but will not witness in actual scenes.
a comedic drama in which there is lots of physical comedy; lots of timing of entrances and exists (lots of doors onstage); many misunderstandings, often sexual in nature
the process of taking a show that was successful in the past and bringing it back; play is brought back either because #1. the director has a new idea for it, or #2. cause it's guaranteed to make money; ex. "Oklahoma!", "Bye Bye Birdie"; done
"Importance of specifics"-Stanislavski system
A technique on expressing specific details of a character's emotions. (It's the little details that count.) ex. Lady Macbeth tries to get rid of blood on her hands which is also a way of expressing that she feels guilty and wants to get rid of the guilt in her life.
a speech in a play in which a character, usually alone on the stage, talks to himself or herself so that the audience knows their thoughts
Stage Manager
someone who is in charge of the technical parts of organizing a performance of a play, such as the lighting, scenery, etc.
modern tragedy
a type of tragedy that usually has a happy ending, a serious ending, but a happy one; tends to be more of a serious drama than a tragedy; focuses more on middle class, domestic characters
Three Challenges of Acting
1. To acquire the many skills-both physical and vocal-that stage performers demand; in other words, to master the craft of acting.
2. To make characters believable.
3. To integrate these two, that is, to combine skills with credibility.
"Relaxation" in the Stanislavski system
Unwanted tension has to be eliminated and the performer must at all times attain a state of physical and vocal relaxation. Many actors do this to let the behavior of the characters they are playing to come through effortlessly.
What is the "heart of the theatre experience?"
the "live relationship" between the performer and the audience.
Ancient Greece- antigoneAncient Rome- NummachiaMiddle Ages- EverymanEnglish Renaissance- HamletFrench Renaissance- MoliereRealism- Ibsen and CheckovAmerican Realism- Neil Simon
The relationshipof the character to the play as a whole and to the individual scene must be easily understandable. Also, the character's social station, occupation, nationality, and historical period may be among those items that have to be identified- th
the "purging" or "cleansing" of terror and pity, which the audience develops during the climax of a tragedy.
The first outstanding English actor who performed with the comapny that first produced William Shakes plays. He was the first to play king leare, hamlet, and Othello.
Richard Burbage.
Group of actors matched with the characters in the play. Conferences w/ the director and designer argumentative
Inciting Incident
introduces the major conflict of the play - the suspense plot
Neil Simon Plays
1961-come blow your horn1965-the odd couple1969-the last of the red hot lovers1983-brighten beach memoirs1985-biloxi blues1986-Broadway bound1988-rumors1991-lost in Yonkers2003-rose's dilemma
Cofounder of the Moscow Art Theatre. Formed in 1898. Placed more emphasis upon the inner reality of the actor's performance. Actor training and rehearsal that resulted from his efforts came to be known as "The method"
Constantin Stanislavsky
known to be america's single geatest actor. most sucessful role was hamlet.
Edwin Booth
Hamlet by Shakespeare (Engl Renaissance)
Hamlet- prince of DenmarkClaudius- King of Denmark, Hamlet's UncleGertrude- Queen of Denmark, Hamlet's momPolonius- Lord Chamberlain of Claudius, father of Laertes and OpheliaHoratio- Hamlet's best friendOphelia- Loves Hamlet, spies on him for her fatherLaertes- In France but duel's Hamlet at endFortinbras- Price of Norway, wants to attack cuz Hamlets' father killed hisRosencrantz and Guildenstern- former friends of Hamlet, tries to find out why hamlet is behaving weird
Known for his "natural acting" and his versatility and range.
David Garrick
Los Venditos by Luis Valdez (1967)
Honest Sancho- sells-manMiss Jimenez- Secretary who is looking to buyFarm Worker- denied b/c only speaks spanishJohnyy Pachuco- 1950's gangmember, violent, profane, drug-abusingRevolucionario- glorified bandit in California history, denied because he's full mexicanEric Garcia- public speaker, well educated, bilingual, polite
Allows an actor to wave a hand and magically transform the space
Intelligent Stages
What occurs at Tech Rehearsals?
Add lights, sound, moving scenery, and props
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