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aristocratic music limited audience involvement (Korea)
multiple melodies/voices

are traditional, female Japanese entertainers whose skills include performing various Japanese arts such as classical music and dance.
Known for playing SHAMISEN
 the traditional flute of the Andes. Usually made of bamboo, it has 6 finger holes and one thumb hole and is open on both ends. To produce sound, the player closes the top end of the pipe with the flesh between his chin and lower lip, and blows a stream of air downward, along the axis of the pipe, over an elliptical notch cut into the end. Quena is mostly used in traditional Andean music

The bonang is a musical instrument used in theJavanese gamelan
 It is a collection of small gongs (sometimes called "kettles" or "pots") placed horizontally onto strings in a wooden frame (rancak), either one or two rows wide.
They are typically hit with padded sticks (tabuh).
a state that self-identifies as deriving its political legitimacy from serving as a sovereign entity for a country as a sovereign territorial unit.[1] The state is a political andgeopolitical entity; the nation is a cultural and/or ethnic entity. The term "nation-state" implies that the two geographically coincide, and this distinguishes the nation state from the other types of state, which historically preceded it.
Mass for the dead
what is ternary form
 is the science of musical instruments and their classification [1]. It embraces study of instruments' history, instruments used in different cultures, technical aspects of how instruments produce sound, and musical instrument classification.
is a recurring musical theme, associated with a particular person, place, or idea. In particular such a theme should be 'clearly identified so as to retain its identity if modified on subsequent appearances' whether such modification be in terms of rhythm,harmony, orchestration or accompaniment. It may also be 'combined with other leitmotifs to suggest a new dramatic condition' or development
unified. 2 main typesseria-tragic about gods and herosbuffa- fun and frilly
Relation of Meldoy to Harmony
this temperamental and egotistical composer, who was described as the musical equivalent of the Michelangelo, was so talented that he could demand twice the salary of his gifted peers

Korean Drum and Gong group
Pungmul is rooted in the dure (collective labor) farmingculture
tradition that includesdrumming,dancing, andsinging. Most performances are outside, with tens of players, all in constant motion.
Reccuring melodic fragment or chord bearing dramatic or emotional significance, introduced by Wagner in dramas.
Johan Sebastian Bach
Late Baroque, functionalist. Chapelmaster in leipzig. Cantatas (based on chorales)Oratorios. NO OPERA, counterpoint, perpetuum mobile.
Whose art is in Musee Marmottan?
a musical texture consisting of multiple lines of equal importance
define "a cappella"
performance by voices alone
is a long necked plucked lute, a stringed instrument found in different versions in different places. The tanpura in its bodily shape somewhat resembles the sitar, but it has no frets, as only the open strings are played as a harmonic accompaniment to the other musicians. It has four or five (rarely, six) wire strings, which are plucked one after another in a regular pattern to create a harmonic resonance on the basic note (bourdon or drone function).
20th century
pop becomes popular, chromatic music and harmonies that skip
the study of cultural and social aspects of music and dance in local and global contexts
When was the first opera written?
What was it called?
Who wrote it?
Jacopo Peri
this composer's music was so widely admired that later composers, including Bach and mozart, incorporated elements of his style into some of their sacred works
in music this was a self-contained section of a larger piece

a long thin plate that is fixed only at one end) is any of a family of musical instruments.
A large number of lamellophones originate in Africa, where they are known under different names includingmbira, sanza, kisanji, likembe, kalimba, andkongoma.
George Frideric Handel
Oratorio, Opera, Opera Seria. First true classical composer, but in baroque.
How many keys is Ives' Symphony #3 in?
the volume of sound, determined by the size (amplitude) of each sound wave
what is the purpose of the cantata
church services
Figured Bass
a system of notating the continuo chords in Baroque music, by means of figures
What instruments are in an art song?
Piano and voice
Mass Sonority
-When you have a huge amount of instruments where each instrument plays their own particular line
program music
an instrumental work that is in some way associated with a story, event, or idea
name the three major sections of sonata allegro form
exposition, development, recapitulation
What was the standard texture of Baroque Music
polyphony or contrapuntal
Blues Scale
At its most basic, a single version of this "blues scale" is commonly used over all changes (or chords) in a twelve bar blues progression.[6] Likewise, in contemporary jazz theory, its use is commonly based upon the key rather than the individual chord.[2]
What is aleatoric music?
Chance music, not really music, like 4'33"
What is Ritornello form?
ABACABA. The tutti repeats the A section in between solos.
this is the way the piece of music is put together, or contructed. it refers to the internal structures of the piece
What is a Camerata?
A small group of nobles, poets, and composers who met in Florence around 1575
Florentine Camerata
Italian for "fellowship" or "society"
the baroque sonata is defined as
instrumental music recognized for its dance like character
What kind of works did Igor Stravinsky write in his early compositional period?
Ballet scores for large orchestras.
What kind of music was Ives influenced by?
Band music, hymns, ragtime, patriotic songs
How many instruments are in a trio sonata?
Four (2 high lines and basso continuo)
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