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Mamluk 16
Minaret, Samarra
Bab al-Nasr
Fatimid 11
al-Aqmar Mosque
Fatimid 12
Qala'un complex
Mamluk 13
Tomb of saminids
Very important soldier
Fortress at Ukhaydir
Abbasid 8
Zoomorphic incense burner
Saljuk 11
Madrasa-mosque-mausoleum complex of sultan hasan. Cairo. Mamluk. 1354-1361 AD.
place of bowing down
Reception of the Ambassadors
Mamluk 15
Baptistery of St Louis
Mamluk 14
Islamic art/geometric patterns that are repeated over and over
Sinan, Mosque of Selim II
interiorThe mosaic is byzantine,style foliage combined in a new style with lewel like sassanainan persian insignia.
Luster bowl with Coptic priest
Fatimid 11
the raised pulpit in the mosque
Mosque Lamp with blazon. Cairo. Mamluk. 1285 AD. Enameled, stained, and gilded glass.
Sinan: mosque of Selim II
Turkey 1568-1575
the Muslims who lived in Spain
any carpet greater than 6X4 (huge)
Crude, childish painting style, fat figures (painting style 1)
a semicircular niche set into the qibla wall of a mosque
Dome of Rock. Jerusalem. 687-692 AD. Rise of Islam.
Taj Mahal. Agra, India. The Mughals. 1631-1647 AD.
Unknown, Dome of the Rock (exterior), Jerusalem, 687-692 CE
-Diff btwn Christianity- decorated on outside in glazed tiles in abstract decorations
-doesn't distinguish between interior and exterior decoration
Sinan, Mosque of Selim II (dome), Turkey, 1568-1575 CE
-Central dome with punctured windows, double tiered, dual toned arches, openness adds to verticality
the Alhambra
Islamic palace in Spain; an outstanding example of Moorish architecture and decorative arts, built in 1248
Hypostyle hall
prayer hall, building with columns with shorter sides and a higher middle.
Taj Mahal
Agra, India. 1632-1647 AD. built by the Mogul emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. One of the side buildings is a mosque and the other was built to make the proportions equal.
Muslim name for the one and only God
Great Mosque at Cordoba. begun 784 AD. Rise of Islam.
founder of Islam, he preached a faith centered on one God
Dome of the Rock, view, plan, interior
685 691
Darbur of the Gods
Mortals meeting in the dessert
qibla wall
the wall of a mosque that faces Mecca; the wall Muslims face when praying
dome of the rock
is an Islamic shrine and a major landmark located on the Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem. It was completed in 691, making it the oldest extant Islamic building in the world
Malwiya Minoret of the Great Mosque
Samarra, Iraq. 848-852 AD. 165 feet tall, solid structure. Not actually used as a Minoret, but more of a symbol that Islam has arrived.
Bihzad, Seduction of Yusuf, 1488, Ink and color on paper
Artist Name Date Medium or Location
memorial tomb
an angular arabic script
done in precious metal
decorative or beautiful handwriting
windows that frame specifically intentioned views
rich vocabulary of non figural ornament
Islamic Ornament
-ablaq masonry
-cut tile
-wooden strapwork
-chini khana
Granada, Spain
Where is the Alhambra located?
a distinctive feature of mosque architecture, a tower from which the faithful are called to worship
Cordoba, Spain
location of the great mosque
holy land
all 3 religions, judaism, christianity, and islam, believe in a place called _ _
mamluk ruler
defeated the mongols who captured baghdad
Today, there are more than ____ million followers of Islam
Abbasid Dynasty
750-1258 CE. Defeated the Umayyad caliph Marwan in 750. The capital shifted to Baghdad.
the Islamic sacred text, dictated to the Prophet Muhammad by the angel Gabriel
religion and countries where Islam is practiced: literally means "followers of God's will"
_____ was considered evil, the work of Satan; therefore, it is virtually nonexistent in Islamic art
Qubbat al-Sulabiyah
Oldest monumental tomb built in 862 CE.
12th Abbasid Caliph al-Muntasir.
His mother was Byzantine Christian and wanted a mausoleum for her son.
It is an octagonal building reminiscent of the dome of the rock. It had a cupola and no doors. It was built with artificial stone
Mecca, Medina
Islamic holy cities; Mecca is the birthplace of Muhammad and the city of all Muslims turn to prayer; Medina is where Muhammad was first accepted as Prophet
page of qur'an (kufic script)
-9th century
-black ink, gold, vellum
-large kufic letters
-three lines per page
-gold and knoblike projection are chapter breaks
-caligraphers had highest status
-princes and women
-20 cursive scripts in use
At the height of the Mooric power in Spain, _____ was the center
There is a ____ in the wall indicating the direction to pray
Great Mosque at Damascus
Built by al-Walid from 705-715.
Stands on the foundation of the Temple of Jupiter (530' x 320').
The Temple was a Roman Tenemos 1247'x1017'
Theodosius erected a Church dedicated to St. John
The mosque has 4 Mihrabs.
It also has a treasury to house the treasures of the Mosque.
Mosaics that possibly depict heaven, lots of plant life and streams. Mosaicists sent from Byzantine Empire.
human figures
the muslim religion did not permit the use of _ _ because they thought it would lead to idolatry
mihrab (dome in front of it)
-great mosque, cordoba
-umayyad rule
-maqsura-enclosing in front of the mihrab
-crisscrossing arches
554' x 574' and built in 778 by Ibn Musa the governor of Kufa.
2 enclosures: the outher one is 574' x 554' and the inner palace is 367' x 269'
The wall is 62' high by 8.5 ft thick and encloses 7 acres
of the 4 gates only the main entrance led to the palace.
There is a court of honor with a throne room, 4 independent beyts (possibly for 4 wives) and a mosque that is 80' by 50' to the right of the entrance.
Ibn Tulun Mosque
Erected in Cairo in 879 CE by Ibn Tulun.
He started the Fatimid dynasty and founded the city of Al-Qahirah or the conquest which became Cairo.
There was a need for a large number of pillars so a Coptic Christian used brick and mortar to make the pillars.
There is a foundation inscription that discusses the Glory of God. In addition there are wooden friezes in Kufic script, they are 12" x 4'9" x 8".
It is a hypostyle mosque with 5 parallel aisles on the mihrab side, and 2 aisles along the ivan side. there is 1 fountain in the middle, a minaret outside and ziyadah extensions. There are 160 free standing and 14 engaged piers.
The ziyadah is 62' feet wide
Mosque walls are 4'6" thick and 26'9" tall. The minaret is 133' tall and 3 stories.
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