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When did Orwell die?
Who does Mr.Jones represent?
Nicholas II
What is the windmill called?
Napoleon Mill
brief humorous stories in which animals speak and act like humans; purpose to expose human failing
takes both cows and gives you milk
What does Napoleon decide to sow in the pasture?
What note did Pilkington send Napoleon?
"Serves you right."
What brought the revolution?
autocracy and the economic suffering
takes both cows and sells you the milk
What is "Beast of England"
The song of revolution
What is communism?
Everyone gets an equal amount of things no matter how much they work.
Who was the most influential leader during the revolution?
Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
What caused Napoleon to think he was dying?
he was hungover
How long had the animals worked on the windmill?
2 years
What is Squealers job?
To use propaganda to persuade the animals. Uses scare tactics like : " You don't want Mr. Jones to come back."
Why doesn't communism work?
someone will always be power hungry and change "the system".
What was George Orwell's two great political satires?
Animal Farm and 1984
How has Snowball prepared?
he comes up with a multi-level (3 pronged) defense
Which commandment is changed and how?
the fourth commandment that says animals will not sleep in beds is changed to animals will not sleep in beds with sheets
How did Stalin eliminate all opposition?
the purge trials of the 1930s
List three of the 7 commandments.
(1) No animal shall wear clothes.
(2) No animal shall sleep in a bed.
(3) No animal shall drink alcohol.
What is the pigeon slogan?
It changes from "Death to Humanity" to "Death to Frederick" to finally "Death to Pilkington"
What is ironic about the pigs' being able to read and write?
that is what humans do
What is ironic about the pigs studying books, forming committees, and writing?
this is what humans do
What propaganda do Frederick and Pilkington spread concerning Manor Farm?
that the animals are starving and going crazy and eating eachother
What is strange about the appearance of the men and pigs?
You couldn't tell the difference between the men and pigs
What does it really mean when Squealer says that they are "readjusting" the portions?
They are lowering their rations
What is Major's criticism of men?
They are the only creature that consumes without producing yet they are the lord of all animals.
What did he do about his social status?
renounced his upper class background?
According to Napoleon, in what does true happiness lie?
happiness lies in working hard and living frugally
What are the new 7 commandments?
1. 4 legs= good
2. 2 legs= better
3. no animal shall sleep in a bed without sheets
4. no animal shall drink alcohol to excess
5. no animal shall kill another animal without cause
6. all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.
7. no animal shall wear clothes
What other dictators does this novel condemn?
Hitler in Germany and Mussolini in Italy
When was the book published? Was it a success?
1945 and an instant success
How did Orwell support himself from 1927-1933?
Orwell supported himself by working as a dishwasher and kitchen porter
Napoleon and Snowball are never in agreement. Why do you think this is?
they both wanted to rule on their own
How did Squealer use fear to convince the other animals that building the windmill was the right thing to do?
threatening that Mr. Jones would come back, the scary and growling dogs, Napoleon was never opposed to the windmill and that Snowball had stolen his plans
What are some of the luxuries that the pigs get?
more food, alcohol, education, power, trade, the house, a bed, freedom, no work
How does the windmill contribute to the downfall?
It takes lots of physical work, they have to rebuild it several times, its takes away from time for the harvest and food.
What was the Battle of Cowshed & what does it represent?
Battle between the animals and humans, they ran Jones off the farm. It represents the Russian Revolution.
When the windmill is finished, for what is it used?
for milling corn, it brought in a lot of money
What is Benjamin's response when asked if he is happier with Jones gone?
"Donkeys live a long time. None of you have ever seen a dead donkey" (means that nothing ever changes)
What is the essence of Old Major's dream?
a utopian world where the animals rule themselves without humans
What is the point of old Major's speech?
There will be a rebellion soon and that he dreams of an animal utopia and to get rid of the humans.
What was the sheep's original slogan & what was it changed to?
"Four legs good, two legs bad." It was eventually changed to "four legs good, two legs better!"
What do you think is the real reason Napoleon stopped the Sunday meetings?
so the pigs can make all the decisions, so the animals wouldn't have any power/input
Why are the pigs able to get away with all that they did on the farm?
The other animals are to stupid to realize and believe everything that squealer tells them.
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