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red blood cells
Terms Definitions
universal recipient
fir, hemlock, pine
Eukarya alveolata dinozoa
eukarya alveolata ciliophora
animalia mollusca gastropoda
What cells produce melanin?
Order: Diptera; Superfamily: Muscoidea; stout flies
animalia chordata vertebrata crocodilia
animalia chordata vertebrata actinopterygii
has chondrocytes and collagenous fibers but it differs from hyaline cartilage in that it has more colliganous fibers. It is found in intervertebral discs and the menisci of the knee
composed of epithelial, connective, muscular, nervous tissue typesintegumentary system: hair, nails, sweat and sebaceous glandsfunction: protection, temperature regulation, vitamin D synthesis, touch, pain, pressure...
a membrane for gas exchange
allen's rule
longer limbs mean hotter weather
A decrease in temperature ___ pH
frog left atrium
collects blood from lungs
lies beneath villi composed of connective tissue and blood vesselsnutrients pass from lumen to mucosa and submucosa, then larger blood vesselsnutrient rich blood flows to the liver for processing before circulation
Accessory Sex Glands
*Physiological Significance? *Contain fructose-important energy source for spermatazoa *Other roles??
certain taxa are diagnostic of certain time periods
During exercise, the oxygen content of venous blood ____
What are eosinophils?
-acidophils-take up red stain-scarce except in chronic disease and allergies-acidopenia vs acidophilia
A parasitic disease that involves high fevers, shaking chills, flu-like symptoms, and anemia. Symptoms: Anemia; Chills; Coma; Convulsion; Fever; Headache; Jaundice; Muscle pain; Nause. The parasites multiply inside the red blood cells, which then rupture within 48 to 72 hours, infecting more red blood cells.
produce eggs and female sex hormones progesterone and estrogencapped by flared ends of oviducts (fallopian tubes)
Ischiocavernosus Muscles
*Physiological role : contract during ejaculation to propel semen through the urethra to the environment
sac fungi, spores in ascus. Live as haploid mycelium.
How do female volumes differ from male inhalation/exhalation?
-20-25% less
What is serum?
-liquid left after clotting factores have been removed
composed of one or more cell types that provide a common function such asto cover, line, support, enable movement, regulate body functions
Seminal Plasma
*Semen consists of sperm from the epididymis and seminal plasma poroduced by: Epididymis and the secondary sex glands or accessory glands
Equation for Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
Diastolic pressure+((systolic-diastolic)/3)
The _____ allows the stomach to churn and move the chyme in many directions.
muscularis externa
What are the parts of the lung?
-base-apex-convex lateral surface
dense connective tissue
found in tendons and ligaments, found in deep layers skin and in white of the eye. Dense has 2 types of connective tissue: regular and irregular.
Describe the female reproductive anatomy from beginning to end.
Posterior vagina, anterior vagina, cervix, (fornix vagina), uterine body, uterine horns, tubouterine junction, isthmus, ampulla, fibreated infundibulum, ovary
____ cluster around the ___ near the base of the gastric gland.
chief cells
parietal cells 
What are distal tubules?
-no brush border so they are distinguished from proximal tubules by the fact that they have a smoother apical surface
transfer pipets
made of plastic and have a built in bulb
Process of "Remembering Infections"
APCs present Ag to T cells
Activated T cells provide help to B cells and kill abnormal and infected cells
B cells produce antibody specific for antigen
What are the different types of crystals?
-oxalate (squares with x)-triple phosphate (coffins)-cystine (hexagonal)
3 glands that add to sperm
seminal vesicles: fructose as energy sourceprostate gland: prostaglandins, hormones that stimulate muscular contractions in femalebulbourethral gland: lubricating fluid
the test involving 5 deep breaths and holding for as long as possible.  normal values for men are ___ and women ___.
Heymer test of respiratory reserve
50-70 seconds
50-60 seconds 
Four basic components of a spectrophotometer
light source (lamp that can generate wavelengths)
monochrometer (consists of a filter which permits the user to select one specific wavelength of light)
photocell (registers amount of light absorbed by cell)
galvanometer (registers signal from photocell and displays as visible readout)
Where does urine formation occur in the nephron?
-different regions which is why urine formed in beginning of nephron is quite unlike the urine that enters the calyces of the kidney
What are calyces and where do these lead?
-short tubes that receive urine from the renal papillae-they empty into the renal pelvis
What happens to an image as it is transmitted through an lens?
The image is magnified and goes upside down and inverts right to left
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