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braggart soldier
Palazzo Medici-Ricardi
emporer supported..
catholic cause
printing press
johannes guttenberg
Robert Boyle
modern chemistry
Palazzo della Signoria, Florence
commissioned by the Opera del Duomo
I Fideli
The Faithful
greatest acheivements of art
painter, birth of venice
Varangian viking ruler, Kingdom=Rus=RUSSIA!
Assumption of the Virgin
Parma Cathedral
Paolo Veronese
Triumph of Venice
commissioned by the Venetian Government for the ceiling of the Great Council Hall, Doge's Palace, Venice
oil on canvas
c. 1579-82
Northern Italian cities; sworn associations of free men wanting political/economic independence from nobles
Purpose of Renaissance
done for god
Decorum (acting appropriately by status, age, gender, etc.); tragedies became more decorous but were still violent; verisimilitude; Renaissance had a revival of interest in classical dramatic traditions - dissemination of writings of Aristotle and Horace; "Ars Poetica" in 18 BCE
Michelangelo Dome of St. Peter's
Pushed realism, naturalism and perspective. Was a religious painter and a humanist (nude paintings)
1472- 1475 Verrocchio
clothed dressed with joust outfit, no hat enclosure is different not as open more engaged with space. goliath's head is more fully depicted
Italian Renaissance Style
pardons from punishments of sins
Benvenuto Cellini
Perseus with the Head of Medusa
commissioned by Cosimo
Loggia della Signoria, Florence
Il Tempietto
San Pietro in Montorio, Rome
commissioned by Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain
ulrich swingli
protestantt movement in switzerland, not able to agree on last supper, remainded indpeendent of lutheran church
servants who were sometimes sly, sometimes foolish; Arlecchino (male, slapstick, hungry and focused on food and getting more food)/ Harlequin = most popular of the comic servants; Columbina (female, clever servant, ranges from sweet to surly/sassy depending on the actor)
Lorenzo de Medici
greatest ruler of florence
Michelangelo Buonarroti
(1475-1564) Sculptor, painter; Noted for Sistine Chapel ceiling 1508-1512; Noted for sculptures of David 1501-1502 and Pieta 1498-1499; noted for design of dome of ST. Perter's (1546)
large chest with back and arms
the rebirth--renewed interest in Greek and Roman learning
vikings from Scandinavia, invited to come rule of the kingdom Kiev
Equestrian Statue
1450, Donatello Padua, Italy
bronze, face is a dead mask not since Marcus Aurelius the Roman statue had this been remade. crowned with laurel comemorative. Raised leg of horse balanced on canon ball.
Italian Renaissance Style
freestanding bell tower on church property
laws of motion and universal gravitation
for his burial site at the Altar of the Holy Cross, Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, Venice
completed by Palma Giovane
oil on canvas
c. 1576
architect, dome atop cathedral in Florence, combine new and old ideas, challenged Gothic architecture and combined it with classical structures, geometry (planes & spheres), perspective
Francesco Petrarch
1304 - 1374; Poet & humanist;
not secular , study greek, hebrew texts of bible
alexander vi
put son in charge of army
Jacopo Peri
scholar/aristocrat who wanted to put on an authentic Greek play; creator of opera
Dante wrote in his native language which was Italian
human improvement-
the ideal person, participants in politics, sprts, art, literature and music
Stonework that employs blocks that are cut on four faces to fit together easily with the front and back faces left in their natural state or textured in some way.
San Lorenzo Old Sacristy for Medici; square with dome, circular windows, dome ribs, pilasters
Rule of despots, or one man rule
The Depiction of David
Donatello, 1430
freestanding bronze statue, cannon of proportion is 1:6 lifesize statue. naked statue, tuscan hat closes the space.
Italian Renaissance style
an intellectual movement at the heart of the Renaissance that focused on education and the classics
a sovereign state consisting of an autonomous city with its dependencies.
I Gelosi
(The Zealous) and most acclaimed troupe in Europe
Sandro Botticelli
1444 - 1510; Florentine painter known for vivid colors; painted both mythological works ("The Birth of Venus" & "Primavera") & religious works ("The Adoration of the Magi")
A republic ran by despots of the Sforza family
tetzel's teachin annoyed luther
suggested man saved by works
~ a political guide ooh on how to be a political leader
~famous quote "the end justifies the means"
table a l'Italienne
Italian Mannerist refectory table with an ornamental stretcher connectiong the slab ends. French.
vanishing point
in perspective, the point on the horizon line at which receding parallel lines meet and seem to disappear
Martin Luther
Catholic monk whose 95 Theses helped launch the Reformation
author of The Book of the Courtier which offered "how-to" advice to a member of the court of the Renaissance
What is another common subject of Renaissance painting and sculpture?
Biblical David
(1304-1374) A Tuscan poet known as the "father of humanism" because he inspired other humanists with his love of classical texts and criticism of the intellect of the times he lived in
Baptism of Christ
1472 Verrocchio
1st painting Leonardo contributed to.. one of the angels capturing of light and dark, natural world pebbles and landscape depicted,
Italian Renaissance Style
2 points exaggerated by the Ren.
individuality and secularism
Filippo Brunelleschi
1377 - 1446; 1st major architect of the It. Ren. most famed for the octagonal dome of the Florence cathedral
Priesthood of all believers
endangered church hierachy , had credence - bible made it possible to read to oneself
Julius II
one that was a patron of michelangelo and Raphel, he was also more intrested in war.
 Liberetto
text for the opera, defined by the composer not liberetist
atmospheric/aerial perspective
the effect of distance in a painting created by using increasingly pale and less intense colors for faraway elements, representing them as they appear in nature owing to conditions of distance, air, and light
Vladimir the Baptizer
sent ppl to hunt for religion, Constantinope ppl "i thought we were in heaven!" ordered his ppl be baptized into christian faith
"The Prince"
An explanation of how an ideal leader should act; dedicated to the Medicis and written by Machiavelli
Groove system
wing and shutters placed in grooves on the stage and during scene changes were pulled off by crew
economic and social change
n. ren increased commerce, rise of capitalism
a type of back stool- a seat of some hieractic importance generally made of walnut consists of a thin plank or panelled back and an octogonal seat supported on shaped plank supports
Petrarch is one of the first people to use what term?
"Dark Ages"
Pope Alexander VI
1492 - 1503 Trued ti create a domain for his family & support his son's (Cesare Borgia) army
What is Della Robbia work?
ornamental plaque or panel designed to be built into a wall surface, either exterior or interior. The most famous were produced by members of the della Robbia family. Typical subject matter was religiuos- Modonna & child. usually circular forms ringed with simple frames of leaves, flowers, and citrus fruit.
charles v led catholic sates in war
against heretics, lutheran states on defense,
With multiple troubles in the Middle Ages, what did Europeans want to do in the early Renaissance?
celebrate life and the human spirit
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