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feline leukemia virus
Terms Definitions
Young cattle
a thing
Prevention of panleukopenia
Parturition of horse
of high quality
Px of panleukopenia
50-90% mortality
DE stands for
Digestible Energy
Species name for pig
Name of young caprine
to perform an action
Transmission of canine corona virus
In ____ vaccines, pathogenic organisms are inactivated by chemicals
Ideal humidity of x-ray film
_________ neutralize any developing solution that has gotten into the fixer
Difficult birth is called ____.
The normal wavelike muscular contractions that propel ingesta through the digestive tract are ____.
__________ refers to the first-generation progeny following the parental or P1 generation.
to perceive with the eyes
Canine distemper is AKA
Hard Pad Disease
Transmission of feline infectious peritonitis
Fecal-oral route
________ are suspensions of killed, living or attenuated cultures of micro-organisms that are used as antigens to produce immunity.
The main advantage of today's rare-earth-coated intensifying screens is:a. its emission of light is in the blue region of the UV spectrumb. its ability to convert a latent image into a visible imagec. they are easy and inexpensive to se
The potential difference between the anode and cathode is measure in:a. kilovoltsb. calipersc. milliamperesd. centimeters
______ film requires less exposure, but produces a grainier image that lacks definition
Partially digested feed that moves from the stomach to the small intestine is called ____.
The recommended stocking rate for breeding turkeys is ____.
Modern-day cattle are believed to have descended from ______ that roamed the forests of central Europe.
The ______ prohibits the showing, sale, auction, exhibition, or transport of sored horses.
Binomial nomenclature uses two names, a ______ and a ______, in classifying all life forms.
Jina langu ni Anna
My name is Anna
____ is the contagious enteric disease that most dog owners fear.
Canine parvovirus
Etiology of infectious canine hepatitis
Canine Adenovirus 1
_______ is a parasitic bacterium that typically lives inside ticks and can be transmitted to humans, causing Rocky Mountain spotted fever, forms of typhus, and other diseases.
Cat's resistence to FeLV is _____ related
Higher kVp settings allow for lower ______ settings.
A very _____ film is very dark.
_________ is a subject that absorbs x-ray and therefore produces a less dense radiograph.
_________ are composed of chemical compounds such as hydroquinone or phenidone, that can convert exposed grains of silver halide to black metallic silver.
Developing agents
_________ is manufactured with silver crystals that are sensitive to fluorescent light emitted from intensifying screens and less sensitive to ionizing radiation.
Screen film
_______ stabilize the acidity of the fix
The most effective types of darkroom doors include:a. doors that don't lockb. revolving door systemc. double door systemd. both b and c are correct
____ is the main male sex hormone.
The drake-hen ratio should be ____ for breeding.
____ is an accurate method of pregnancy diagnosis in dogs used only during the last trimester.
____ is a metabolic disorder caused by Ca or P deficiency in young growing animals.
A word meaning two-sugar molecule is ____.
Animal tissues and bones from animal slaughterhouses and rendering plants that are cooked, dried, and ground and then used as an animal protein supplement are called ____.
To cut apart for purposes of scientific examination.
Cows are considered the most sacred of all animals in the ______ religion.
Cell division of somatic cells is called ___________.
Hybrid vigor is caused by the _________ mating system.
An animal's ability to maintain its own body temperature is called ______.
Most Europeans spend from ______ to ______% of their personal disposable income on food.
second person singular form of the verb be
2 vaccines for birds
1. Psittacine Pox vaccine2. Pacheco’s virus
Tx for feline infectious anemia
DoxycyclineBlood transfusions when PCV is below 15%Corticosteroids
The higher the kilovoltage, the faster the __________
electrons are accelerated
________ is a method of estimating kVp
Santes' Rule
List the common phosphor types used in diagnostic intensifying screens
Calcium tungstateRaer-earth
The last part of the large intestine in mammals (before the anus) is the ____.
The first milk given by a female after delivery of her young is called ____.
The average lengths of the estrous cycle in a cow is ____.
21 days
____ is the external opening of the lower end of the digestive system in poultry.
A beef heifer should reach puberty by ____ pounds and ____ months.
Sperm is evaluated on the basis of ____.
____, ____, and ____ are three accessory sex glands in the male.
Cowper'sseminal vesiclesprostate
___ was the year the Animal Welfare Act first became law in the United States
______ is the study of behavior of animals.
______ is the country where the Jump of the Goat Fiesta takes place.
Symptoms of pre- and peri-natal infection of panleukopenia
- Cerebellar hypoplasia- Ataxia
____, caused by a bacteria is not a problem in CA. Though a part of DHLPP, clinics in CA often don’t give vaccination against this dz. Bacterin lasts only 3 months and bacterin causes more reaction to vaccinate.
Nursing care & Tx protocols for feline leukemia virus
Supportive and symptomatic
___________ (___) is an acute, highly contagious respiratory infection. The disorder affects the larynx, trachea, bronchi, and sometimes spreads to the nasal mucosa, lower airways, and lungs.
Infectious tracheobronchitis (ITB)
Common symptoms of canine distemper
- Mild non-specific infection- Respiratory- GI- CNS- Hypoplasia
Fatal _____ has been reported in 1 out of 10,000 birds. _______ at injection sites have also been commonly reported.
anaphylaxis Granulomas
Film labeling system that utilizes a lead blocker placed on the outside of the cassette, an identification card, and a photoimprinter.
Photoimprinting label system
Increased screen speed has led to a radiographic artifact known as ______.
quantum mottle
Rare earth screens have greater _________ and greater _____, which lead to greater ________
x-ray absorption efficiencylight conversiondensity at lower settings
____ live sperm cells are placed into one unit of semen prior to freezing.
30 million
____ is a feed category that is high in fiber and low in digestible energy.
Too much salt in poultry rations can cause the undesirable management of ____ manure.
very wet
_____ is an experiment done within a whole living organism.
in vivo
Prevention of feline immunodeficiency virus
1. Vaccine available (but NOT endorsed by AAFP)2. Limit exposure of susceptible cats
FUO and AUO stands for:
Fever of unknown OriginAnemia of Unknown Origin
At 70-80 kVp, if mAs is halved, ______.
add 10 kVp
At 70-80 kVp, if mAs is doubled, ______.
subtract 10 kVp
Inverse Square Law says:
the intensity of the beam is inversely proportional to the square of the distance.
The lengths of estrus in a cow is ____.
18-19 hours
The lengths of estrus in a doe is ____.
32-40 hours
2 commonly used sources for researchers to obtain information on appropriate methods of animal care and use, alternatives to the use of live animals in research, and unnecessary duplication of research would include the following:
1. National Agricultural Libray2. National Library of Medicine
DHLP vaccine schedules
1. Begin at 6-8 wks old2. Boost every 3-4 wk until 16 wk or older3. Then yearly or every 3 years
Available diagnostic tests for infectious canine hepatitis
1. Blood work: CBC, Coag prof.2. Urinalysis: bilirubinuria, proteinuria3. Necropsy
List and describe the six developer components
1. Developing agents2. Accelerators3. Preservatives4. Restrainers5. Hardeners6. Solvent
The increase in pH of developer causes the __________, allowing the developing agent to work more effectively.
emulsion to swell and soften
4 gasses x-ray film is sensitive to
1. H2S2. ammonia3. formalin4. peroxide
GE - (fecal energy + gaseous energy + urinary energy) = ____
Metabolizable energy (ME)
American breeds of swine come from two wild stocks: ______ and ______.
East Indian pigEuropean wild boar
What are the objectives of most animal welfare organizations? What are the differences with animal rights organizations?
Most animal welfare organizations recognize the necessity to use animals in some research to find prevention and treatments for various diseases. Their main concern is that excess animals should not be used, that animals should not be cut apart for repetitious work that could be demonstrated with other non-live animal means, and that anesthesia and analgesics should be used when appropriate so that animals do not suffer needlessly.
In feline leukemia virus, infected saliva is transmitted to oral, ocular and nasal membranes - to ________
lymphocytes in nodes of head & neck
What is acceptable to use in cleaning the screen?
Commercial screen cleanersMild soap and water solution
What is flushing and what animals practice it?
Nutrition procedure used to increase the ovulation rate by increasing the weight gain just prior to breeding. Involves increasing the amount of grain or quality of forage 2 weeks prior to and 1 week following breeding.sheep, pigs
Cite recent accomplishments of animal rights groups. In which areas have these groups not been successful?
1. Bills introduced in several state legislatures that ban the use of animals in biomedical research2. Bills introduced in several state legislatures that establish the fact that animals have rights3. In 1987, more than 85 separate bills were introduced in state legislatures. Today, there are close to 100 separate bills introduced every year across the country.
The purpose of the reflective layer is to _________
reflect all light emission from teh phosphor layer toward the x-ray film.
The _______ was prepared specifically toward farm animal research activities with special consideration given to current practices and issues in commercial agriculture
Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Agricultural Research and Teaching (Agri Guide)
The most common causes of physical damage to cassettes are: (list 2)
1. dropping the cassette on a hard surface2. leakage of fluid such as blood or urine into the cassette
Humane methods of animal maintenance and experimentation would include the following:
1. The basic needs of each species of animal2. Proper handling and care for the various species of animals used by the facility3. Proper pre- and post-procedural care of animals4. Aseptic surgical methods and procedures
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