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I'm full.
Wow! Admirable!
Excuse me.
쭉 가세요
go straight
It's your turn
excuse me (order)
Did you eat? (Honorific)
별로 하지 않아
nothing special
제 거예요
it is mine
How much is this?
I lost my appetite.
입맛이 없어요.
미국 알아요?
do you know america?
We're in really big trouble!
사람보다 달라요
It's different for every person.
래몬자 있어요?
do you have lemon tea?
얼마나 걸려요?
How long does it take?
금방 다녀올게요
I'll be back in a minute.
몇 명 있어요?
how many people are there?
뒤로 다빠져도 코가 깨진다
to be extremely unlucky
계좌를 개설할 수 있어요?
Can I open an account?
실레지만, 누구세요?
Excuse me, but who is callin, please?
더위를 타요.
I'm very sensitive to hot, humid weather.
한국어 사전 있어요
do you have a korean language dictionary
손꼽아 기다리다
to count one's fingers and wait, used when looking forward to something
호주로 송금할 수 있어요?
Can I send(송금하다) some money to Australia?
발디딜틈이 없다
to be very crowded (there is no space to put your feet)
입이 열이라도 할 말이 없다
words cannot express how sorry I am
한국에 대해서 (내가) 좋아하는 것중에 하나는 쇼핑입니다
One of the things I like about Korea is the shopping
젊어 고생은 돈 주고도 못 산다.
You must undergo hardships when you're young. (learning experience)
미운 놈 떡 하나 더 준다
(lit.) Give one more rice cake to a person you don't like.

If treated well, a miscreant will shape up.
I'm hungry
I'm stuffed.
배불러 죽겠어요
그것 말고
besides that
커피 주세요
coffee please
전화기를 붙들다
on the phone
잘 지내요
I'm doing well
이게 뭐여요?
what is this?
누구 거예요?
Whose is this?
Please eat a lot.
많이 드세요
우산 없어요
we have no umbrellas
입맛이 없다.
I have no appetite.
물론 그렇긴 해요. 하지만
Of course, but..
만나서 반갑습니다
nice to meet you (f)
killing two birds with one stone
아이들 몇 명 있어요
There are several kids
몇 개 있어요?
how many things are there?
주객이 전도되다
putting the cart before the horse
이건 종이로 만들어졌어요
This is made out of paper
시간 있어요?
Are you free? Do you have time?
(lit.) I ate water!

Means to lose out on an opportunity
네 시에 약속이 있어요
i have an appointment at 4
까마귀 고기 먹었나?
(lit.) Did you eat crow meat?

Can't you remember anything?
이번 학기에 다섯 과목을 들어요
i'm taking five classes this semester
죽 쒀서 개준다
(lit.) You made porridge but ended up giving it to the dog.

A waste of time and energy.
I don't feel like eating now.
나 지금 먹고 싶은 생각 없어
둘이 먹다가 하나 죽어도 모른다
(lit.) You wouldn't notice even if your friend at the same table dies.

Praise for a good meal.
A하고 B동생은 사이가 참 좋아요
A and A's sibling have a good relationship
이 돈을 잔돈으로 바꿀 수 있어요?
Can I change this into pocket money?( Can I break this money?)
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