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Terms Definitions
Monte Alban
posse comitatus.
from what place?:
Pyramid of the Sun
According to the archaeologist interviewed in the video, The Hearth, for the Romans of Pompei the concept of "the family" referred as much to the slaves attached to a household, as to the people related to the head of the household.
additional forms of social organization that crosscut kinship groups and bind members together at a more inclusive level
Temple of the Feathered Serpent
manual schools
off-reservation boarding schools (Haskell), learned school stuff part day and a trade the other part
directed change to achieve improved human welfare
According to Edgar (2010), chemical evidence of what drink was found in fragments of jars like these, which were recovered from the site of Pueblo Bonito in Chaco Canyon, NM?
common third-gender role among native americans; fulfill roles of both genders
Objective knowlegde
undistorted, and thus universaly valid, knowledge about the world
- Emphasis on human labor
- Horticulturalists, extensive agriculture, intensive agriculture, mechanized agriculture
- Increase of people in this profession leads to increase in population
Pliocene climate
5-2 mya
Cooling from Miocene continues
Retreating forests & increasing grasslands create a mosaic environment
Changes animals' access to resources
We think a lot took place here for our ancestors
what ethnicity ruled the basketball courts in the 1930s?
inadequate training, short crewing, undercrewing, no federal regulations on line speed
short crewing
to overspread with moisture, color, etc.; suffuse.
conversation analysis
interested in how speakers accomplish the fluent exchange of utterances with instantaneous timing
General Reciprocity
The giving of goods without expectation of a return of equal value at any definite future time
The careful observation and study of the waste products produced by a population of people.
study of cultural behaviors in the past; relies heavily on examination of artifacts
This culture is associated with modern Homo sapiens, distinctive end scrapers for working hides, and the first representational art
maintenance of normal limits of body function
Faith in something that can't be proved beyond a reasonable doubt
Energy efficiency
Ability to cover greater distances with less energy
Not only necessary in grasslands, but in helpful forests where resources are dispersed
Relative dating
Is the science determining the relative order of past events without nesseccarily determining their absolute age.
An identity of shared interests, practices, and values across international borders, uniting people worldwide
\"Jante Law\", thou shalt not believe thou art something, you are not better than the next person, from \"The Fugitive Crosses His Tracks\" by Aksel Sandemose
the entire feathery covering of a bird.
blood sport
a form of competition that explicitly seeks to bring about a flow of blood, or even death, of human-human contestants, human-animal contestants, or animal-animal contestants
strepshirhine (Strepsirhini)
suborder of the order primates that includes the prosimians, excluding the tarsier
marriage to a person belonging to a moiety other than your own as required by custom (Guugu Yimidhirr)
only one parent and often produces clones
asexual reproduction
Linguistic Anthropology
branch concrned with the study of human languages
Polygenetic inheritance
two or more genes contribute to expression of a trait
9. Participant observer-
- in ethnography, the technique of learning a person’s culture through social participation and person observation within the community. Also includes interviews and discussions with individual members of the group over an extended period of time.
A genetic disorder, a recessive autosomal gene is responsible for the disorder.
__________ explored the southeast and passed through many Mississippian towns.
Hernando de Soto
anglo conformity
assumes the desirability to keep the English language and customs; Aryan superiority (extreme manifestation), favors immigration from Northern Europe (intermediate manifestation), immigration is fine as long as you learn English and conform to mainstream customs (more relaxed, left-most manifestation)
a person who oversees or directs some work, enterprise, establishment, organization, district, etc.; supervisor.
the study of the order of rock layers and the sequence of events they reflect
Diversity Day (The Office)
Michael Scott places Post-It's on everybody's forehead and tries to bring out stereotypes
how we got to be where we are today
Marriage Ceremonies
The act of marriage (a rite of passage).
-Different in different cultures
For placebos and ritual to work,...
the patient must believe.
_______ and ________ left a priceless record of earthworks in the eastern woodland.
Squier and Davis
fairness in USA
everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, and those who have more earned it
Requirement of institutions to inventory and repatriate human remains and associated grave goods to culturally affiliated Native American groups.
The Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act (1990) states the:
Over half of Bangladeshis....
...Live on less that 1USD a day
at the time of Western contact, the Tasmanian population lived in
family related bands
3 types of evolutionary changes
o Genetic = change in allele frequencies over time

o Phenotypic = change in external features (appearance) over

o Behavioral = change in behavior over time (aka cultural evolution)
Basic morphological similarities between archaic H. and H. erectus
○ Large brow ridges
○ Low frontal bone
○ Relatively broad cranial base
○ Thick cranial bones
○ Relatively large jaws with large teeth
What did the aztecs call themselves? Where did they come from?
Mexica, farming communities northwest of the basin of mexico
Compared to US cities is there more or less violence among the !Kung?
- Shostak pp. 259-308
The Archaic was originally conceived by archaeologists as the long period:A) between Beringia and Mesoamerica.B) between Pre-Clovis and Folsom.C) following the Younger Dryas.D) between Paleoindian and the advent of agriculture and pottery
D) between Paleoindian and the advent of agriculture and pottery production.
The environment was very hilly and rocky.
Why were domesticated grains such as wheat grown less frequently in the Aegean region?
During its later phases, the residents of Chavin de Huantar received the majority of their meat resources through trade of freezed-dried meat left on the bone.
To what process do George Miller and Richard Burger attribute the "superabundance" of camelid leg bones in the later assemblages at Chavin de Huantar?
Why is there little mention of Great Basin petroglyphs in Numic oral traditions?A) Julian Steward encouraged the Numic not to share their interpretations of the petroglyphs with non-Numic peoples.B) All Numic people were killed by Shoshone invader
C) The petroglyphs were made by the Fremont, who were more or less replaced in the Great Basin by Numic speaking peoples.
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