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enemy of protagonist
Athenians held festivals for...
who is antigone's sister?
Teiresias acccuses Creon of being...
city in northern Greece
Sophocles' hometown
comparing two unlike things directly (this IS that)
Which brother rebelled against Thebes and built up his own army?
main character/hero- enemy is the antagonist
what is opposite of absolute monarchy?
Who is the protagonist in this play?
Antigone and Ismene
What were Oedipus' daughters' names?
Scene 4
Antigone led to death (Ode: Antigone=Danae; Creon=Dryas' son; nothing can overcome destiny)
Who/what does the Chorus say conquers all and is capable of anything
Who does the Chorus compare Antigone to who was also locked away
Creon wants to kill himself because he's a...
very popular
The triology (Oedipus the King, Oedipus at Colonus, Antigone) was...(how it was received by public)
where actors changed; like a dressing room
supplement to the main action- sang and dance
pathways used to enter and exit theater (used by audience and actors)
chorus exits singing a song about thoughtful words or the moral of the story
Scene 5
Teiresias comes to reason with Creon; get angry with each other; decides he is frightened of gods and will free Antigone and bury Polyneices himself
was bribed
Creon is angry because he thinks Teiresias...
a curse
What did the faimly believed haunted them that caused their dad to fulfill his own prophecy and condem his songs to kill each other?
no one will kill him
Creon doesn't die because...
1 of the 3 greatest dramatists of Ancient Greece; introduced 3rd actor; wrote The Three Theban Plays
Who are the two brothers of Ismene/Antig?
Eteocles, Polynices
she is family
Creon won't show mercy for Antigone just because she is...
kill himself
What does Haimon threaten to do if Creon kills Antigone?
hanged herself
What did Antigone do in the stone vault?
Scene 3
Haimon tries to reason with Creon; Get mad at each other; Creon decides not to kill Ismene (Ode: Aphrodite/Love conquer all)
kills herself
What does Eurydices do after she finds out the news?
Ismene (wishy-washy)
Who does Creon believe never had a mind?
control of Thebes
Why did Polyneices and Eteocles kill each other?
He thinks they were bribed
What does Creon think happened?
what expositional purpose does parados, or entrance of chorus serve in play?
introduces scene, characters, plot. Narrates story. reminds audience of events in battle-background
How is creon related to ismene/antigone?
their uncle, jocasta's brother
He thinks they are stupid
What does Creon think of women?
someone has buried Polyneices
What does the Sentry come tell Creon?
a servant
Who was supposed to leave the baby on a mountaintop to die?
how does Chorus receive Creon's edict?
they are on Creon's side
She killed herself
What did Iocaste do when she found out Oedipus was her son?
He blinded himself
What did Oedipus do when he found out Iocaste was his mother?
what noble qualities does Antigone have?
courage, family loyalty, respect for dead&religious laws
What major theme does Sophocles introduce in opening scene of play?
moral dilemma: moral/religious law VS. civil/gv't law
A ship and a storm
What does Creon compare the city of Thebes and the war that just ended to? (metaphor)
What character flaws does Creon reveal when talks to Sentry?How does scene in which Creon delivers edict serve as intro to him as tragic hero?
anger, suspicion, obsessed with being abade
Creon is cocky for going against Zeus
What is the Chorus talking about: "What mortal arrogance transcends the wrath of Zeus?"
Teiresias (he is convicing Creon to bury Polyneices and not kill Antigone)
Who says, "Think: all men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil."
free Antigone and build a tomb for Polyneices
What does Choragos urge Creon to do?
describe Ismene's character. How does she respond to Antig's request for help?
not as much as leader, tried to take blame when she didn't help at all
Antigone (Telling Creon ppl agree with her but fear him)
"No, they are with me. But they keep their tongues in leash."
Creon is afraid to look womanly (lose respect)
What is Creon afraid of now that a GIRL has gone against him?
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