Latin American Revolution Vocab Flashcards

Terms Definitions
indep. from dutch
Benito Juarez
created La Reforma
Rebel group in Brazil
spanish and native american descent
original nation states
france, england, spain
wealthy creole planters opposed independene, after patriots won moved to Cuba/Puerto Rico
Spanish-born, came to Latin America; ruled, highest social class
Economic policy; Colonies exist for the benefit of mother country
persons of Spanish or Portugese descent who were born in the Americas.
serfdom holding nation back, became obvious after crimean war. alex the II reforms russia, freed serfs (but still had to pay), alex the III tightens czarist control still encour. industrialization
Social Mobility
ability to change social classes
Tenant Farmers
Indians/mix races, castas (HIspanics), Mestizo (mix of native/white;rent land with hopes of eventually buying land but pay so much taxes and left with barely enough to survive
In what colony was the first successful revolt against France?
simon bolivar
Venezuelan statesman who led the revolt of South American colonies against Spanish rule
Tupac Amauru
independent leader led a revolt against Spain and Peru.
people of mixed Spanish and African heritage
charles the 10th wanted return to absolute monarchy. louis phillipe (lib) overturned, republic (bloodshed), moderate constitution (parliament and pres), louis bonaparte (emperor, more employ, rail, indus)
a revolt of tenant farmers and "Indians" against the privileged land owning class
Why did people rebel in Mexico?
Enlightenment ideals
Touissant L'Ouverture
freed slave who led revolution in Haiti;Independence 1804 imprisoned by French, died there
first non slave nation in the western hemisphere that won independence from France.
What did people call someone of mixed european and indian?
nation state
nation with its own independent gov, defends nations territory way of life and represents the nation to the rest of the world.
Father Miguel Hidalgo
poor priest; began Mexican Revolution on September 16, 1810
Prince Joao
in Brazil, opened Brazil's ports to friendly trade, made Brazil = to Port, approved new const after revol in Port, returned to Port, told son become ruler
Miguel Hidalgo
Became known as the Father of Mexican Independence.
Jose de San Martin
For Spain against Napolean; helped liberate Argentina, Chile, Peru
Latin America
includes all land and islands from the northern tip of Mexico to the southern tip of South America.
guiuseppe garibaldi
leader of the red shirts who united the southern part of italy with the kingdom of piedmont sardinia
Emiliano Zapata
leader of the mestizos and Indians in the south of Mexico; carried out the first phase of the Mexican Revolution of 1910
Jose de San Martin and Bernardo O'Higgins
liberated Chile in 1817
How did brazil achieve indep?
The kings had ruled portugal from brazil, and when they decided to change it a petition came and it won its indep.
Why did people rebel in Bazil?
The creoles wanted independence from Portugal
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