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word 1
pin magnet
picks up pins
Keyboarding exercises are available online and are helpful in improving your typing skills. T/F
Some advertising targets drinking and getting high as ways to reduce stress. T/F
Measuring stick
A measuring stick-yardstick or meterstick-is useful for measuring a patern or fabric on a flat surface
Most colleges require students to take either the ACT or the SAT in order to gain admission T/F
baking sheets
rectangular and you bake with it
Fabric Marker
This special pen marks fabrics temporarily. Some fabric pens can be removed with water. Others fade in a short period of time.Test faric markers on a scrap of fabric before using them
Which of the following is the most important part of planning for your future?
for baking dishes, come in a variety of shapes
seam ripper
the seam ripper has a hook-like point. it's handy for cutting and removing stiches.
Which of the following is involved when adapting to change?
changing your perspective
kitchen shears
surdy for cutting food like meat and poultry
tape measure
this is a narrow strip of durable plastic often marked with both inches and centimeters
hand sewing needles
for sewing manually 2-types sharp and small eye. not easy to thread crewel large eye easy to thread.
press cloth
Use a press cloth for dark fabrics. Place it between the fabric and iron to keep dark fabrics from developing a shine. you can but a ready-made press cloth or use a clean, lightwear cloth or hankercheif.
Thread Guides
These guide the needle thread as it travels from the spool to around the needle.
A budget is
A tool to help you manage your money
saucepans and stockpots
deeper than skillets but come in a veriaty of
What is lifelong learning?
continuing to learn for the rest of your life
An easy way to copy information from one document to another and still leave the original document in tact would be to ___________________________________.
Copy and paste the information
Which of the following is an example of a well defined goal?
I will be a medical doctor.
word 2
shear sharpener
sharpens your shears
First impressions are unimportant because you can always change people’s minds about you. T/F
Putting yourself in other people’s shoes is a good communication myth. T/F
pin magnet `
it picks up pins
Meeting new people
opens up opportunities for relationships
have dull, narrow metal blades. used for leveling dry ingredients
Shears are for cutting fabric. Shears have long blades with one handle for the thumb and on handle for two or more fingers. Bent-handled shears improve your accuracy because the fabric is hardly lifted from the table as you cut.
to stop from sticking by putting on pan or pot
If you were working on a research paper and you saved it to the C drive, would you have to use the same computer to work on your paper again, or could you work on a different computer?
Use a pincusion to keep needles and pins handy while you work.
Which of the following is a suggested way to deal with stress?
breathe deeply
rotary beaters
used also for blending and beating but with a turner
a thimble can be used to push the needle through fabric while hand sewing. a thimble should fit snugly on the third finger of the hand that holds the needle.
tracing wheel
This is used with a special waxed paper to transform pattern markings to the wrong side of fabric
Sewing gauge
This small ruler has a slide marker theat can be set to gauge spacific measurments such as the width of a seam allowance or hem.
Which of the following is the biggest factor to deal with when transitioning from school to work?
increase in responsibility
Sewing Machine Needles
Only use in machines. Eye is at bottom. We use #11 through #20 for thicker fabric.
Presser Foot Lifter
A lever that lowers and raises the presser foot.
Which of the following is NOT a good way to deal with peer pressure?
Avoid social situations
Which of the following are signs that someone is using drugs?
Depression and anxiety, mood swings
Which of the following is the best way to make yourself indispensable?
be productive, optimistic, and dedicated
Good communication involves paying attention to your own body language. T/F
to combine two or ore ingridients
they sink and dry ingredients togetheras they pass through a mesh screen
A portfolio should always include
your philosophy statement
All banks have different policies and fees that will have on your finances. T/F
fits into the bobin case,m helps to create a stich.
use a pincusion to keep needles and pins handy while you work. many pincushions come with an attached emery bag. push rusty or sticky needles and pins into the ba a few times and it will clean them.
One difference in the SAT and the ACT tests is the ACT test is free to take. T/F
A bobbin fits in the bobbin case helps to create a stitch.
this is a special pen that marks fabrics temporarily
Bobbin Case
This holds the bobbin and is found beneath the throat plate.
You should choose a career based on
your skills and interests
machine needles
only used in machines eye is at the bottom. use number 11-20 thos eare for thicker fabrics.
What is collateral?
what the bank can take away if you don’t pay your loans
Stitch Length Control
This is used to adjust the length of stitches from to short or to long.
The routing number on your check is found
in the lower left hand corner
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