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two houses
disintrest in elections/politics
US Bill Of Rights
Pigeon holed
a bill is ignored
preparation, formulation, adoption, execution and audit
Budget Cycle
is the transferring of responsibility for responsibility for government programs from the federal level to the state governments.
Four Years
Length of one senator's terms
a city with its own government
financing local government:ii. Property is going to be taxed at different rates depending on the type of property that it is. Usually you will have property that is classified as residential. That might be broken down into Single Family Home,
sources of revenue:property tax
alternative models of local government:multiple cities consolidate and have a regional government like school districts. The trend is mayors taking over school districts.
intergovernmenal cooperation:consolidation
minority leader
leader of minority party, developes constructive opposition against controlling party
Oldest form of local government in Wisconsin.
a unit of local government that maintains local roads and rural schools within counties
a decision making approach in the budgetary process in which last years appropriations are used as a base for this years budget figures
city hall
contains offices for many municipal workers
public employees:Hours and wages are subject to collective bargaining. Managerial prerogatives is not subject to collective bargaining. Some jurisdictions have developed tests to determine if it is managerial or wages, hours, terms and condit
collective bargaining
What form of government does Henrico County have?
County manager.
citizen legislatures
spend a few months in the capital
Russ Decker
Person who represents the 29th Senate District of WI
a local government body that has both legislative and executive powers
a legislator who functions as either a delegate or a trustee as circumstances dictate
board of commissioners
who is responsible for county government?
financing local government:Different from general bonds. Not based on full faith and credit and the city’s guarantee that they are going to tax the citizens. They are based on a specific source of revenue, like a lease from a city county pr
municipal and local government finance:revenue bonds
financing local government:are created and the property owners that are assessed get some special benefit. The whole notion is that you are being assessed for some benefit that you receiving.
special assessment and special benefit taxatoin:special assessment
local government structure:I. Hunter v. City of Pittsburgh Pg. 41a. The court says that even to the extent that you have a contract, those rights are granted by the state and the state can take them away. Cities exist at the power of th
local government structure case law
Special district
3rd level - level of government with responsibility for a single function such as administering schools, handling sewage, power to tax.
Contribution Limits
how much a single contributor can give to the candidate in election/period of time
a person who knows the law very well and works for people who need help with the law
Financing local government:a. Special Assessmentb. Borrowingc. Advolorum Taxation: Taxed based on the value of the property. Most common model of the property tax. Primarily dealing with this in local taxation.d. Sales Tax:
where local government funds come from?
public employees:less frequently utilized, this is used to prohibit something. You might utilize this when certain government action does not occur.
citizen control of government action: Ways citizens control: filing law suits: two major writsProhibition
what is a town?
a unit of local government usually larger than a village and smaller than a city.
Secretary of State
The head of the Department of State and traditionally a key adviser to the president on foreign policy
publice employeesarises when it benefits your own interest. Even though you don’t have your own interest but if it is a parent or spouse that owns the business.
integrity in government offices and employees: conflicts of interest: Self Dealing
where did towns first develop?
in New England as colonists built homes and churches.
local government power and state preemption:a. Home rule jurisdictions do not need a grant of authority, the grant of home rule gives them general police power over their jurisdiction. On home rule need a general grant of authority.
local government power: authority of municipality:home rule: big difference between home rule and non home rule
national vs MA government the executive branch
MA's executive branchis headed by the governor who carriesoutand enforces the laws made by general assenbly
president: Barack Obsma V.P: Joe Biden
Governor: Duval Patrick L.T governor: tim Murry
voters choose executives who share their views on important government aspects, but few voters really know much about the agencies or candidates.
What are benefits and drawbacks from having a Council of State independent of the Governor's office?
what are the two types of townships? how are they different?
colonial: smaller, New England; civil: larger, midwestern US.
what are the examples of how we use local government to our benefit?
electricity, water, roads in good repair, trash collection, street cleaning, sewage systems, police and fire protection, and public transportation.
What is the most important function of county government
It helps the state fulfill its duties such as collect taxes, handle elections, and issue licenses
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