Longitude and Latitude Flashcards

prime meridian
Terms Definitions
longitude lines
latitude and Longitude
0 degrees latitude
A general Place/ Direction
Prime Meridian
0 degrees longitude
Do latitude lines intersect?
Is half of the Earth
23 27' S
Tropic of Capricorn
another name for line of longitude
What are latitude lines also called?
Another name for "lines of latitude".
used to measure distances and show locations on Earth's surface
Up-Warped Mountian
The preasure pushes up the mountian.
Number where a line of longitude and latitude intersect
latitude lines
Imaginary lines that run east and west; series of imaginary lines also called parallels, that circle the Earth parallel to the Equator, used to measure a distance north or south of the Equator in degrees
Tropic of Capricorn
An important Line of Lat. Northern
refers to distances in degrees east or west of the PRIME MERIDIAN
Tropic of Cancer
Located 23.5 degrees north of the equator
show how far north or south of the equator a place is
The Tropics
the area between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn
North hemisphere
North half of the earth, north of the equator
North is
piko o Wākea
lines of longitude
90 degrees South
South Pole
highest possible degrees for longitude
North Pole
90 degrees North latitude
Longitude & Latitude Quiz
Dec. 2nd
lines of longitude and latitude intersecting , help to locate places on a map
->example: 45' north Lat. And 130' East Long.
= 45' north Lat. (of equator) and 130' east Long. of (Prime Meridian)
Which lines run East to West?
a high flat landform that rises steeply from the land aroud it
north and south hemisphere
the equator divides what?
lines of meridian
another name for longitude lines
physical maps
maps that show natural features such as landforms, mountains,valleys,plains and bodys of water
Prime Meridien
The meridian of 0 degrees longitude running through Greenwich, England that marks where the eastern and western hemispheres divide.
Latitude lines measure
North and South of the Equator
international date line
location where highest degrees is in longitude
the study of the people and places of Earth
International Dateline
a invisible line, when you cross it, the time zone is different.
coordinate system
A system of intersecting lines used to determine locations on earth's surface
specialty map
a map that shows just one kind of information, such as rainfall or elevation
West is
Wēlau Hema
South Pole
lines of latitude
Is too break apart
90 degrees North
North Pole
Range of latitude
0 to 90
60 minutes are in 1 degree
When measuring ____, we measure angular distance East or West of the Prime Meridian.
a bowl-shaped landform that is lower than the surrounding land
Longitude lines measure
East-West of the Prime Meridian
global grid
the grid formed by crisscrossing lines of latitude and longitude on a map
Conic Projection
made by projecting points and lines from a globe onto a cone
Longitude is a factor in location and
time zones
What are the 7 continents?
Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia, North America, South America, Europe
inner core
The solid, inner most layer of the Earth, composed of iron and nickel under extremely high pressure and temperature
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