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breast tissue
Terms Definitions
accessory nipples
cat 2
pectus carinatum
protruding sternum
FDA inspects every
enlarged lymph nodes
a fatty encapsulated tumor
adequately exposed fibroglandular tissue should have optical densitites of
cat 0
needs additional imaging
encapsulated overgrowth of mature breast tissue
milk is produced in the
obesity risk of BC
indications for ductography
discharge, bloody discharge
lobular carcinoma in situ

-not treated as cancer 8x more likely to get cancer
hormone therapy
pills stopping hormone production
phantom should be compressed to approximately DN
radial scar
complex sclerosing lesion not associated with past trauma
ACR is checked every years
review work station
where rad reads images
the minimum compression for a compression pressure test is lb
contrast injected into ducts under fluoro
cat 3
probably benign-short interval fu suggested
someone with atypical hyperplasia is at a fold increase risk for BC
densitometer's strip should be within of calibration strip
absence of breast tissue with nipple present
where are the montgomery glands found
the areola
what is another name for interpectoral lymph nodes
hormone replacement therapy risk of BC
MQSA says patient glandular dose must be under mrad
mri indications
staging, implants, eval of scarring, chemo, tumor eval, implant rupture
ACR recommends mammo viewboxes must be at least nit in brightness
what is the CNR
contrast to noise ratio
Invasive Ductal Carcinoma-4 types
tubular-low grade, good prognosis
medullary-many lymphocytes, ok prognosis
mucinous-pools of mucin, few cells, look like cyst
papillary-intracystic origin, invades out of cyst
what 1 QC chore is done monthly
visual checklist
what is used to clean screen
antistatic wet cleaner
exposes the film measures the density
sensitometer, densitometer
forms the primary drainage for the breast
axillary chain
what are the 3 target materials?
molybdenum, tungsten, rhodium
the filter must exceed mm aluminum equivilant
what is the window made of?
.8-1mm of Beryllium
how many major ducts are in the breast
what position best shows the lateral breast
Mediolateral ML
ACR recommends repeat rate should not exceed but can go up to with physician's ok
2, 5
2 types of invasive carcinoma
ductal-90 spiculated, well circumsized

in women will develop breast cancer
1 in 8
what are the 2 types of filters?
molybdenum and rhodium
MLO 6 clinical image analysis
pectoral muscle, anterior tissue, superior tissue, inferior tissue, posterior tissue, compression
what is the site of origin of nearly all breast pathology
MQSA requires techs to have CEUs in mammo every months
15, 36
menarche before age 12 risk of BC
slightly increases
BC is the leading cause of cancer death in women
acquisition workstation
where the mammo tech looks at her images imediately hooked up to mammo tube
latissimus dorsi
takes muscle from back to make a breast
given iv or oral to stop cancer from spreading
what view is required by MQSA for implant patients
ID implant displaced
criteria for optimal craniocaudal view
all medial tissue visualized, nipple centered, retroglandular fat visualized, pectoral muscle visualized 30-40
CC 5 clinical image analysis factors
-medial tissue, anterior tissue, posterior tissue, lateral tissue, adequate compression
what is the SIO view
direction of beam travels from superolateral to inferomedial oblique view
what two bodies govern mammo
FDAMQSA Food and drug administration, ACR american College of Radiology
BC is times more common in women than men
Repeat analysis is done at least for at least consecutive patietns
quarterly, 250
phantom is equivilant to a cm breast with glandular and adipose
4.2, 50, 50
what is the outside terminal range for processor QC strip
or - .15 O.D.
what is the purpose of the LMO
improves visualization of medial breast smaller object to film distance

useful for patienst with pectus excavatum, pectus carinatum, post surgery and pacemaker
what is the purpose of a rolled view
separate superimposed breast tissue
disadvantages to fine needle aspiration
very smalls amples, may be in complete, requires experienced cytopathologist
film screen contact uses a on top of the film
mesh wire
BC before 30 years old only accounts for
.3 of BC patients
what is the purpose of the FB?
improves visualization of lesions in uppermost breast

provides a shorter rout for needle loc
accordin to ACR you must see at least fibers, speck groups and masses
4, 3, 3
what is the purpose of the tangential view
define palpable lesions tha tare obscured by surrounding glandular tissue

verify if calcs are in the skin
what is the posterior nipple line?
from the nipple to the posterior edge of film straight line
what is the purpose of the processor QC?
assure hte processeor is fuctioning properly and capable of processing mammograms
African Americans are at a risk for BC
decreased as compared to white
what are the 8 layers of the breast starting with the chest wall
ribs muscle retromammary fat, deep facia, mammary layer or zone glandular tissue, superficial fascia, subcutaneous fat, skin
what are 2 other names for the tail of the breast
tail of Spence or Axillary tail
cat 1
pectus excavatum
depressed sternum
region of interest
having an accessory breast
when was MQSA established
milk distending a ductlobule
physicist must check systems
what is the XCCL
exaggerated craniocaudal
heterogenous interductal growth with fibrovascular stalk
several TDLUs form one
breast lobe
proliferative changes or unusual hyperplasia slightly risk of BC
of breast cancer is inherited
cat 4
suspicious abnormality, consider biopsy
absence of one or more breast
TDLU are typically mm or less
ductal carcinoma in situ

-linear and branching calcs
-pleomorphic calcs
-low grade: solid, cribriform, papillary
-high grade:comedo
what is SNR
signal to noise ratio
MQSA requires the repeatreject rate does not change by more than
patients must receive written report of their exam within days
Morgagnis tubercle
the opening of the Montgomery gland
where the acini is dialated from fluid
males account for of BC population
nulliparity preg after 30 slightly risk of BC
very rare tumors of the connective tissue
angiosarcoma, fibrosarcoma, leiomyosaracoma
having a first degree relative with BC your risk of BC
what does MQSA stand for?
Mammography Quality Standards Act
how many steps are given from the sensitometer
what view shows the greatest amount of breast tissue in a single view
each terminal duct contains how many acini
about 30
of body's lymph nodes make up axillary chain in breast
what is a FB view
from below. Reverse CC
FDA requires techs to have hrs of digital training
of patients have 0 family history of BC
which view best shows the medial breast
LM lateral medial
criteria for optimal MLO
pectoral muscle well visualized and extends to or below the nipple line, pectoral muscle convex, pectoral muscle wide at top-narrows toward bottom
which view visualizes deep lesions in the postero-medial aspect of breast
CV cleavage view
what produces oil to keep nipple from cracking
Montgomery gland
what the is the true reverse oblique?
LMO lateromedial oblique
inframammary fold
where teh bottom of the breast meets the chest wall
BC is mostly seen in
patients over 50 years old-77
simple mastectomy
removal of the breast but no other tissue or nodes
advantages of fine needle aspiration
fastest and easiest, least invasive
fine needle aspiration uses a gauge needle to sample
18-25, cells
removal of part of the breast that contains only cancerous tumors
what 2 QC chores are done quarterly
repeat analysis, fixer retention
what 2 QC chores are done daily
darkroom cleanliness, processesor QC
what is a good view for male breasts, kyphotic patietns, or pacemaker patients
From Below
a personal history of BC increases your risk of BC by
3 to 4 fold
mammo techs must complete exams in months
200, 24
the filmscreen contact test is to look at
detail and resolution
what are the 2 types of tissue in the mammary layer
epithelial, stromal
BC is the cause of cancer death in women
2nd leading
describe the clock pattern in breasts
both breasts: top-12 patients left-3 bottom-6 patients right-9
the IMF should be in MLO views
open and well visualized
sentinal node mapping
uses nuc med to decide if there is mets into the lymph nodes
dye is injected into cancer site then gama reads dye
what is the smpte pattern
pattern used to check quality of computer monitors
society of motion picture tv; engineers
what is the warnging range for opitcal density on the processor QC strip?
or - .10 to .15
what is the purpose of spot compression
to displace overlying tissue and improve compression, to better look at a lesion
FDA says qc strips must be held for days, phantoms for days and darkroom fog and filmscreen tests for days
30, 90, 360
if lesion appears no significant shift from MLO to ML
the lesion is central aspect of breast
core biopsy uses needle to sample
8 or 14 gauge, specimens usually containing calcs
what is the purpose of the XCCL?
to visualize deep lesions in the outer aspect of the breast that were not seen in the CC
what is the purpose of the phantom imaging?
to assure mammo system is taking adequate imaging
films must be stored for patients for at least years
10 if mammos are consistantly done there, otherwise 5 years
it the lesion is lower on the ML than the MLO then
the lesion is in the lateral breast
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