Management 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Bluish discoloration
Normal ETCO2
To blow into
Narrowing or constriction
remifentanyl intubation dose
Temporary stop in breathing
Temporary stop in breathing
Normal ETCO2 is ____-____.
...attempts = failed airway
Oxygen saturation percentage the saturation of arterial blood with oxygen as mesured by pulse oximetry.
unit of measurement approximately equal to one-third millimeter
Cheyne-Stokes Respirations
Progressively deeper,faster breathing alternating with shallow,slower breathing indicating brainstem injury
Oropharyngeal airway sizes
#0 to #6
Forceful exhalation against a partially closed glottis--provides positive end expiratory pressure (PEEP) to keep collapsing alveoli open.
child tt size
4 + age/4
3 paired cartilages
cuniferom, arytenoid, cuniform
sound on percussion with medium-intensity pitch and duration heard over areas of "mixed" solid and lung tissue, such as over top area of liver, partially consolidated lung tissue (pneumonia) or fluid-filled pleural space.
a musical, squesking, or whistling sound heard in inspiration and/or expiration, associated with bronchiolar constriction
What device measures SpO2?
a Pulse oximeter
A forceful expiration that occurs against a partially closed epiglottis
Endotracheal Tube lengths range from 12 to 33 CM and end that you ventilate on 15mm inside diameter/22mm outside diameterInternal sizes from 2.5 to 4.5 (uncuffed) to 5.0 to 9.0 (cuffed)
Is the primary neurotransmitter, and blocking it results in relaxation of skeletal muscle.
Depolarizinig Agents
Substitute themselves into the neuromuscular junctions in place of acetylcholine
Innervation of the diaphragm comes from the ______________ nerve.
To correctly perform the Sellick maneuver, gentle pressure must be applied in the posterior direction over the anterior aspect of the ___________ cartilage.
resistance to airflow depends primarily on
tube diameter
the trachea in adults measures
15 cm
the..muscles abduct the vocal cords
posterior cricoarytenoid
sense of overwhelming tiredness not completely relieved by sleep or rest
sound on percussion with drumlike, loud, empty quality heard over gas-filled stomach or intestine, or pneumothorax
ET Intubation Indicators
Respiratory or cardiac arrest, unconsciousness or obtusion without gag reflex, risk of aspiration, obstruction due to trauma, burns, or ananphylaxis, Pneumothorax, hemopneumpthorax with respiratory difficulty
Dimished or absent breath sounds are an ominous finding and indicate a serious problem with the airway, breathing or both
Oropharyngeal airway
semicircular device that follows the palate's curvature
opening in the anterior neck that connects the trachea with ambient air
to remove with a vacuum type device
Central neurogenic hyperventilation
deep, rapid respirations indicating increased intercrainial pressure
The stiffness or flexibility of the lung tissue
Needle Cricothyrotomy
Surgical airway technique that inserts a 14-gauge needle into the trachea at the cricothyroid membrane.
Contraindication for nasotracheal intubation
*Suspected nasal fracture*Significant deviated nasal septum*Cardiac or respiratory arrest*Unresponsive patient (b/c they have to exhale for you to be able to pass the tube)
Represents the partial pressure CO2 in the arterial blood
Is a visual representation of the expired CO2 waveform
Magill Forceps
Are scissor-style clamps with circular tips.
Normal pulse oximetry readings are considered anything at or above ______%.
95% SpO2
Normally our brain receives the stimulis to increase respiratory rate and depth when our _____ level ____________.
CO2 increases
The average adult respiratory rate is _____-_____ per minute.
there are...cartilages shared between the trachea and esophagus
17 to 18
..nerve innervates the roof of the pharynx tonsils and undersurface of the soft palate
the ..nerve provides sensation to the anterior two thirds and posterior third of the tongue
two major cuff types
high and low pressure
tube should be at
21 to 23 cm
Abnormality of upper airway indicated by haorseness, stridor (whistling during inspiration), muffling, or barking cough; can be in fombination with vocal cord dysfunction or GERD
voice change
What is the normal value for inspiratory capacity?
For SvO2 (in pulmonary artery catheter), notify physician of ____% change from baseline of if results is below ____%.
+/- 10%

Sound on percussion that is soft, high-pitched, of short duration heard over very dense tissue where air is not present, such as posterior chest below level of diaphragm
Bag Valve Mask
ventilation device consisting of a self inflating bag with two one-way valves and a transparent face mask
kussmaul respirations
deep, slow or rapid, gasping breathing commonly found in diabetic ketoacidosis
A valve that indicates the flow of oxygen in liters per minute?
Max amount of time to attempt Endotracheal Intubation at a time
30 seconds
Nasopharyngeal Airway
Uncuffed tube that follows the natural curvature of the nasppharynx, passing through the noise and extending from the nostril to the posterior pharynx
Oxygen tank sizes
(D) steel tank with 400-liters
(E) 660-liter
(M) 3,450-liter
pyriform fossa
On either side of the laryngeal orifice is a recess, (also piriform recess, pyriform sinus, or piriform fossa). The fossae are involved in speech. It is significant as a common place for foreign body entrapment and for "packing" of drugs. It is also a potential space for misplacement of an endotracheal tube.
Pulse oximetry levels equal or less than ______% indicate severe hypoxi and the need for intervention.
85% SpO2
Gas exchange in the alveoli occurs due to differences in partial pressures causing _____________ of gases across the semi-permeable membrane.
Moderate hypoxemia is indicated with a pulse oximetry reading of ____-____%.
86-90% SpO2
the ..nerve innervates the larynx below the level of the vocal cords and the trachea
recurrent laryngeal nerve
superior lma intubating conditions are provided with
propofol and opiods
thyromental distance should be atleast
3 fingerbreadths 6 cm
laryngospasm is a possible cause of airway compromise after
tracheal extubation
Collect blood into ____ syringe for ABGs and place sample in _____
heparinized; ice
What is the normal value for vital capacity?
Hematocrit measures:
ratio of red blood cells to plasma.
Rapid Sequence Intubation (RSI)
giving medication to sedate and temporarily paralyze a patient and then performing orotracheal intubation
What are the typical sizes for adult nasopharyngeal airway?
34,32,30,28 French
How many liters of oxygen to H cylinders hold?
6,900 liters
High pressure regulator
Regulator used to transfer oxygen at high pressures from tank to tank
Stand for the drugs that you can put down an ETT: Lidocaine, Epinephrine, Atropine, Naloxone
The average adult male tidal volume is _______ mL per breath.
500 mL
the superior laryngeal branch of the vagus divides into an external....nerve and an internal ...nerve that provide sensory supply to the larynx between the epiglottis and the vocal cords
external motor
internal sensory
earliest manifestation of bronchial intubation is
increase in peak insp pressure
The volume of air inhaled and exhated with each breath; only a small proportion of total capacity of lungs
tidal volume(VT)

may or may not be heard by patient, and may be described as chest tightness
What does egophony indicate?

(spoken "e" similar to "a")
altered transmission of voice sounds

indicates pneumonia, pleural effusion
what is decreased tactile fremitus indicitave of?
decreased in pleural effusion
what is unequal chest movement indicative of?
atelectasis, pneumothorax, pleural effusion, splinting
What are the 2 types of ETT tubes
Endotrol and Oratrachea
What happens when you have a very low ETCO2 reading in a patient
Cardiac arrest
To ensure an open airway to the level of the lungs, it is sometimes necessary to insert an?
Endotracheal tube
Flail Chest
defect in the chest wall that allows a segment to move freely, causing paradoxical chest wall movement
White, tight and bright?
Test to make sure that your laryngoscope is ready to use
Oxygen Saturation Percentage (SpO2)
The saturation of arterial blood with oxygen as measured by pulse oximetry, expressed as a percentage. Normal 98% to 100%
To choose the proper size nasopharyngeal airway, you must chose one that is slighter ___________than the diameter of the nares, and measure the length from the nares to the ______________ of the ear.
smaller, tragus of the ear
greatest predictor of a difficult intubation is
history of previous difficult intubations
deep beathing as rapidly as possible for specified period; fairly nonspecific test that gives info about exercise capacity. Used in conjunction with exercise stress test.
Maximal voluntary ventilation

(normal for age<50: >/= 70% predicted)
What do rhonchi indicate?
(rumbling, snoring sound)
Obstruction of large airways with secretion.

Indicates COPD, cystic fibrosis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis
Additional air that can be forcefully exhaled after normal exhalation is complete
expiratory reserve volume (ERV)(1.0L)
What is abdominal paradox indicative of? (inward movement of abdomen on inspiration. Inefficient and ineffective breathing pattern. )
Nonspecific indicator of severe respiratory distress
Flow rates for Nonrebreather
12-15 L/min and can deliver 85% to 95%
Flow-restricted, oxygen powered ventilation devices should not be used in which subset of patients?
Pediatrics less than 16 years of age, and patients with chest trauma.
damage to the recurrent laryngeal nerve results in
paralysis of the ipsilateral vocal cord
the trachea ends at the ...thoracic vertebrate or otherwise called the
carina or the fifth thoracic
the lma partially protects from but not from
secretions but not from aspiration
When having a bronchoscopy or a lung biopsy, thhe patient must be NPO for ____hours prior. Keep NPO post procedure until ______ returns. Monitor for _______.
6-12 hours

gag reflex

laryngeal edema
When should you suction ETT or trach tubes?
only when secretions present
What is positron emision tomography (PET) scan for?
to distinguish benign and malignant lung nodules. Involves IV injection of a radioisotope with a short half-life
What is the Glasgow Coma Scale
it is an Assessment toolEye Opening 1-4Best Verbal Response 1-5Best Motor Response 1-6"8" we intubateDead Person gets a 3 total.
Esophageal Gastric Tube Airway and Esophageal Obturator Airway
Esophageal Gastric Tube Airway= is a hollow tube with a cuff to the proximal to the distal open port blocks air the esophagus.
Esophageal Obturator Airway=is a hollow tube with a closed end and a distal cuff intended to block air from the esophagus.
...and..places the pt in the sniffing position
extension of the atlantoccipital joint and lift 5-7 cm
why are airway problems less frequent in chronic bilateral recurrent larygneal nerve loss
because of the development of compensatory mechanisms..atrophy of larygneal musculature
How often should you provide thrach care?
q shift (q8h)

or according to institutional P&P
Volume of air remaining in lungs at end of normal exhalation
functional residual capacity (FRC) (2.5L)
What does a mediastinoscopy test for?
for inspection and biopsy of lymph nodes in mediastinal area
What is a pulmonary angiogram used for?
to visualize pulmonary vasculature and locate obstruction of pathologic conditions such as pulmonary embolus.

*contrast injected through catheter into pulmonary artery.
On auscultation, what do fine crackles indicate? (sounds like rubbing strands of hair together= heard just before the end of inspiration)
Rapid equalization of gas pressure when collapsed alveoli or terminal bronchioles suddenly snap open.

Pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial edema, alveolar filling (pneumonia), loss of lung volume (atelectasis), early phase of heart failure,
What must be done before a NRB is placed on a patients face?
The reservoir bag must inflate
How to figure out depth of pediatric ETT placement
(3 x ETT diameter) - 1
injection into the base of....blocks sensation to the posterior 2/3 of the tongue
2 ml into the base of the palatoglossal arch/anterior tonsillar pillar
incidence of post op hoarsenss is increased with
obesity, long duration of anes, and difficult intubation
What is a computed tomography (CT) of the chest to test for?
to diagnose lesions difficult to assess by Xray.
How do you measure for the correct size for a nasopharyngeal airway?
Measure from the patients nostril to the earlobe.
What iis the average ETT depth for men and women?
Men - 23 cmWomen - 21 cm
inability to maintain a sat of....with ...o2 and ...attemps over...min identify a difficult intabation
inability to deliver a sat of above 90 with 100 % o3 and 3 attempts/10 min
What is MRI of the chest to test for?
for diagnosis of lesions difficult to assess by CT

*contrast media is not iodine-based
length of a nasal airway is measured from
the nares to the meatus of ear, 2-4 cm longer than oral
Multinational organization
Multinational organization
type of preventative control
Frederick Herzberg
invented the two-factor theory
what is expert power
knowing skills
updating/upgrading skills of technical and operational employees in how to better do their current jobs
transformational characteristics

intellectual stimulation
promotes intelligence, rationality, and problem solving
Least effective types of influence
CoalitionPressure Exchange
ability to recognize and understand your moods, emotions, and drives, as well as their impact on others (component of EI)
uses external comparisons to gain insight for planning
Legal Political
-government regulations: local, state, federal-considers political activities designed to influence company behavior- pressure groups-government spending
Informal Group
*unofficial and emerges from relationships and shared interests among members
lower-ordered needs
Physiological, safety, and social needs.Desires for physical and social well being
creative thinking
risk-taking, tolerance for ambiguity, perseverance, lack of concern for social approval
the transference and understanding of meaning
Ability x Motivation x Resources =?
Handling Conflict Stategies
Forcing, accomodating, avoiding, compromising, collaborating (assertive v. cooperative)
decisions judges have made in earlier cases that guide the handling of new cases
variations in speech, such as pitch, loudness, tempo, tone, duratoin, laughing, and crying
What are trademarks? 

Trademarks are words, pictures, designs, or symbols that businesses place on goods to identify those goods as their product
using the Internet to gain competitive advantage
Three types of managerial roles:
Interperosnal, Informational, Decisional
scenario building
looking at trends and discontinuities and imagining possible alternative futures to build a framework within which unexpected future events can be managed
Instrumental Cohesiveness
members are mutually dependent on e/o
Rational Decision making
Decision-making behavior where choices are consistent and value-maximizing within specified constraints
focus on developing new products and in seeking out new markets, rather than waiting for things to happenex: Google
Cognitive component
includes the beliefs, opinions, and information the person has about the object of the attitude"my job isn't challenging""it is important to care for others"
semantic problems- didn't say what you meant to clearly or other person didn't decode properly. if you have empathy you should be able to encode properly.Absence of Feedback- spent a lot of time encoding and receive no response. can cause anger or continued talking. not effective. ask for specific feedback.improper channels- emails, txt, etc. not good for some situations. need face to face.
Action designed to anticipate and prevent possible problems. Planning and organizing are the keys to preliminary control?
Preliminary Control
Type of advertising which usually includes the price
Product advertising
How to stimulate constructive conflict
encourage competitionbring in outsiderschange culture and proceduresuse programmed conflict (planned)- brings out peoples feelings with w/o emotion
Transitions in Conflict Thought

o   Occurs when one party to a contract is not given full or accurate information by the other party about the contract subject matter
Human Resource Planning
analyzes staffing needs and identifies actions to fill needs
narrow view in which people see things solely through their own view
corporate-level strategy
the level of strategy concerned with the question "what business are we in?" pertains to the organization as a whole and the combination of business units and product lines that make it up
Can lend you their social capital and help you to "Break in" with other ties.
Role Negotiation
Allows people to modify their work roles, begining with the definition of a specific role (the focal role) within its organizational context
group problem solving techniques
1) brainstorming 2) computer-aided decision making
What factors substitute for leadership, making it irrelevant to subordinate satisfaction & performance?
-Experienced and knowledgeable employees -Technology -Cohesive work group -Satisfied employees
Human Resource Planning
Process an organization uses to ensure that it has the right amount and right kinds of people to deliver a particular level of output of services in the future
the process of determining the org's desired future position and deciding how best to get there..which function?
planning function
Theory X
assumes ppl dislike work lack ambition are irresponsible and prefer to be led
the buying and selling of goods or services over computer networks
Measures of central tendency
determination of average or typical scores (mean, median)
When does a nuisance exist

-        A nuisance exists when the activities of one landowner interfere with the use and enjoyment of their properties by other landowners or by members of the community in which the nuisance occurs
Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications
criteria justified by capacity to perform job
failure to raise prices based on increased wholesale costs creates what specific problem relating to cash shrinkage?
gross profit squeeze
2) Depth
~Lots of close ties = "Deep" network
+ close ties offer strong social support
- less likely to be source of new info/opinions
active listening
The process of taking action to help someone say exactly what he or she really means
self-serving bias
-we tend to attribute our successes to internal factors-we attribute our failures to external factors-cultures vary in their tendency to have this
Stakeholder Analysis three step process
1. Identify Primary Stakeholders2. Identify Secondary Stakeholders3. Estimate the effect on each stakeholder group from any particular strategic decision.
2.Value personal relations and goodwill.
3. Negotiations slow and ritualistic*Chinese*Korean*Japanese*Vietnamese
to perform or do, as duty; obey or follow, as commands.
Power Theory
the law is whatever those who are in charge say the law should be, law comes from power
encounter stage
stage of arriving at a new company and try to fit into the culture
what is the michigan studies
job centered leader vs. employee centered leader
five forces model (definition)
holistic way of looking at any industry for understanding the structural underlining drivers of profitability and competition
Differentiate concurrent and predictive empirical validitiy
concurrent- extent to which scores on a selction measure are related to job performance levels (current) predicitvie- the extent to which scores on a selection measure correlate with future job performance
*Rich Communication is gauged by; how much understanding it can carry.
*Face-to-Face is the BEST!
What created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, what is its purpose, how many members does it have, and how are they appointed? 

-        Title VII is an enabling act that created the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) for the purpose of administration and enforcement. The EEOC is a 5-member commission whose members are appointed by the president with the approval of the senate
EEOC (equal employment opportunity commision)
made sure discrimination did not take place
Business level strategy3 types
plan of action an organization uses to gain an advantage in a specific industry

3 types: cost leadership, differentiation, focus
4 most valued traits in managers
The ability to motivate and engage others. The ability to communicate. Work experience outside the United States. High energy levels to meet the demands of global travel and a 24/7 world
Fair Monopolies must watch out for...
1. Local Phone companies-- must not require customers to purchase phones from them2. w/out sound justification-- attempts to raise barriers to entry or costs of rival competitors or deprive them of customers
Does Title VII apply to all employers? Identify any types of employers it does apply to

-        Title VII does not apply to all employers but is limited to
o   1. Employers with at least 15 workers during each working day in each of 20 or more calendar weeks in the current or preceding year (state antidiscrimination statutes may apply to employers with fewer than 15 employees
o   2. Labor Unions that have 15 members or more or operate a hiring hall that refers workers to covered employees
o   3. Employment agencies that procure workers for an employer who is covered by the law
o   4. Any labor union or employment agency, provided it has 15 or more employees
o   5. State and local agencies
Developed by Frederick Taylor, creates a cooperative relationship between workers, managers, and customers.
- Efficiency is the #1 goal- Eliminate unneccesary motions (Gilbreths)- Identify the one best way to complete a task and then standardize process into simple procedures according to that way (Taylor)
How do you make people do what you want?
Identify their interests and provide incentives
What car companies made up most of the world market and what percent?
GM, Ford, Chrysler made up 95% of the world market.
technology used
gregarious, assertive, sociable
convenience products
intensive distribution(sold everywhere)(think country store)
administering an aversive consequence
comprehensive plan guiding resource allocation to achieve long-term organizational goals
Two-Factor Theory
*Frederick Herzberg*satisfier factor: found in job contect, such as a sense of achievement, recognition, responsibility, advancement, or personal growth*hygiene factor: found in the job context, such as working conditions, interpersonal relations, organizational policies, and salary
highly independent, often secretive group within the organization focused on developing breakthrough products or ideas
Types of Managers
-Top Managers
-Middle Managers
-First-line managers
corporate philanthropy
dimension of social responsibility that includes charitable donations
Seeking and receiving information to develop an understanding of the organization
Long-range plans
plans 3 or more years
Scientific Management
-focused on increasing the productivity of the individual worker
path for people to followmarketing, production, sales
work condition related to dissatisfaction caused by discomfort or pain
hygiene factor
what is pre-selection?
recruiting, screening, presenting salary and benefits
what are logos
logical arguments, charts evidence
undue hardship
____ is an action requiring significant difficulty or expense when considered in light of factors such as an employer's size, financial resources, and the nature and structure of its operation.
speculative risk
chance of either profit or loss
the value (weight) that an employee attaches to a consequence
the process of setting objectives and determining what should be done to accomplish them
formal mentorship
this mentorship has no other relationship; strictly professional atmosphere
group expertise
if subordinates have knowledge and expertise, should have more responsibility for decision
Routine social practices such as appropriate dress or social manners.
L. Folkways
Potentially strong relationship since a positive, strong culture is desirable, attracts better people, controls behavior and serves to bond people together by connecting to and sharing common cultureIf strong culture is misaligned with current market challenges, then it can have adverse effect, since difficult to change
Goal Setting
The process of establishing desired goals that guide and direct behavior
lab work
product life cycle
1) introduction2) growth3) maturity4) decline
Hostile Work environment
When actions interfere w/employee's performance or create intimidating work environmentcovers and aids whitstleblowers
makes people more open and self-expressive--saying what you mean without being rude or thoughtless
Assertive training
what is the most common controlling mechanism?
Vertical integration
producing one's own inputs or distributing one's own outputs, via acquisition or internal development
the income of a government from taxation, excise duties, customs, or other sources, appropriated to the payment of the public expenses.
systematic write-off of the cost of a tangible asset over its estimated useful life
two or more people who have common interests and mutual goals
functional chimneys problem
a lack of communication and coordination across functions
common enemy
people tend to bond over complaining, although it's not as effective as having a common LIKE
escalating commitment
when there are indicators that the project is failing, even more resources are committed in an effort to salvage the situation
knowledge workers
people who use information and produce educated information
Narrow span of control, high formalization + centralization

used when the follower is able and willing 
low task, low relationship
follower readiness is high
low levels of leader involvement needed
moral reasoning
the reasoning process by which human behaviors, institutions or policies are judged in accordance with or in violation of moral standards
Moral Relativism
claims that morality is relative to some personal, social, or cultural standard and that there is no method for deciding whether one decision is better than another.
Based on the user's skill and knowledge?
Expert Power
Frank and Lillian Gilbreth
Contributed to scientific method. Researched using motion study. Inefficient or unnecessary motions are pinpointed and eliminated. work environment, motion itself, and behavior variables. Frank was a bricklayer- reduced number of motions by 70% tripling p
Reason for Team norms and example
Help Group/teamSimplify Role expectationsTo avoidsituation where one embarasses another team memTo enhance group valuesNucor Steel
How to improve listening
-stop talking-put the listener at ease-give sender undivided attention-look sender in the eye-do not interrupt-focus on understanding what you are hearing -ask questions-rephase key points avoid argument and anger
shamrock organization
operates with a core group of full time long term workers supported by others who work on contracts and part time full time core workers Independent Contractors part time temporaries The Shamrock Organization
Time Pressures
Make bad decisions, you feel rushed so decisions aren't rational
Typically, when new competitors enter an industry, competition ________ while prices ________
A. increases; decrease
Deal with Resistance through: communication, education, employee involvement; if that doesn’t work, may need to use coercion and disciplineResistance to change is not inevitable
types of training
1) on the job2) off the job
Potential loss of economies of scale due to producing in several locations other than just one to better serve customers’ special needs in a target market can be minimized through the use of ___Focus gro
Flexible manufacturing methods
Problem solving styles
the ways people gather and evaluate info for decision making.
Taylor's scientific management principles:
-"one best way"
-personnel should be carefully selected & trained
-employees are motivated to perform using financial incentives
-division of work btwn manager and worker
The General Leadership Model
I want you to learn- leadership traits/styles/behaviors move into performance, changed by the situation

What types of damages are associated with infringement actions? 

-        Damages for copyright infringement include the profits made by the infringer, actual costs, attorney fees, and any other expenses associated with the infringement action. 

Who is the best reference?
supervisor of a long time period
UBUNTU: a collection of values woven into African culture representing harmony, compassion, respect, dignity and collective unityUbuntu symbolizes a highly participative leadership process where decisions made through consensusModel is leader as coach, facilitator and mediator to move group toward consensusLeader’s role is to support followers, rather than other way around; antithesis of the ego-driven leaderMore western businesses embracing Ubuntu values
Reward Power
the ability of a manager to give or withhold rewards
System Used to Determine Payment in: SKILLED NURSING FACILITY
(RUGS)Resource Utilization Groups
Culture is important to organizational success:
It increases employee commitment (because of the expectations of others, It supports the firm's business strategy (by finding and placing people with the "right" attitudes and behavior

What did the Clean Air Acant, amended in 1970, constitute

-        Clean Air Act (1970)- constituted the first federal legislation with any real authority for enforcement… the EPA was authorized to establish air quality standards; once those standards were developed, states were required to adopt implementation plans to achieve the federally developed standards

3 Major Responsibilities of Human Resource Management
1) Attracting a quality workforce2) Developing a quality workforce3) Maintaining a quality workforce
Arguments in favor of staggered boards
provides continuity by reducing the chance of an abrupt turnover in its membership and that it reduces the likelihood of electing people unfriendly to management through cumulative voting
Dow Jones industrial Average (the Dow)
average cost of 30 selected industrial stocks, used to give an indication of the direction (up or down) of the stock market over time
The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 (ADEA) requires how many employees? Public or Private?
public or private business with 20+ employees (federal law), state might be stricter
what is a 360 degree evaluation and how is it beneficial?
it integrates assessments from multiple sourcesmay eliminate biases of processes that are management-based or peer-based. may provide a more balanced evaluationmay add undesired subjectivity
what is a problem with job specialization
boredom and lack of mobility with positions
During a job interview, the job applicant should be allowed to ask their questions when?
after they are informed about the job and company
When is a high LPC leader the best?
- High LPC - in the moderately favorable situation when they have some control (relationship-oriented) (middle)
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