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triangular love theory
Terms Definitions
experiencing intense intellectual, emotional, and when appropriate, physical communion with another human being
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the social and psychological characteristics associated with being male or female
A polygamous mating system involving one male and many females.
individuals who regard themselves as permanently single; include priests and nuns
partners weigh each other’s basic values, seeking compatibility; philosophy of life, politics, sexual values, religious beliefs, and so on.
Gender Identity
how one views one's self
Sexual orientation toward members of the same sex
romantic love
feelings of sexual attraction accompanied by an idealization of the other
Evolutionary perspectives stress that stratification and the division of labor in society shape gender roles. In this view, it is __________ that produce the gendered behavior we see.
structural strengths
Marriage in which the marital unit consists of three or more people.
a person having kinship with another or others
incest taboo
the prohibition of sexual intimacy between people defined as close relatives
The shaping of individual behavior to conform to social or cultural norms
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Triangular love theory
Three elements of love:
a. intimacy
b. passion
c. commitment
normative stage
children learn gender roles and related values and norms about appropriate and inappropriate sexual behavior (family)
Occurs when an individual reveals to one or more people some personal information or feelings that they could not otherwise learn
the tendency of people with similar characteristics to marry one another
market work
Employment as contrasted with unpaid house-hold work.
The 1994 Gender Equity Act declares girls a(n) “__________ population.”
Marriage between a woman and two or more men.
group marriage
marriage in which several men and women have sexual access to one another; also called co-marriage
bride service
work or service performed for the bride's family by the groom for a specified period of time either before or after the marriage
intimate terrorism
one partner tries to dominate and control the other; violent episodes that escalate and emotional abuse are two common traits
The following couples tend to be the most romantic over the lifespan
Dysfunctional Separate Couple
They are dissatisfied with their marriage and view it as unsuccessful. They remain together for personal, moral, religious, and/or ethical reasons
Ambivalent Couples
have mixed feelings before and after conception and even well into the pregnancy. one partner feels strongly about having a baby and neither believe in abortion
- Tend to be unilateral, indirect, use withdrawal rather than confrontation - One who initiates is likely to feel guilty but also less depressed
opting out
A woman's leaving the labor forace, perm. or temp., in order to devote full time to child-raising.
Realistic flavor and vivid detail are most likely to be found in which type of research method?
Case study
patrilocal residence
a residence pattern in which a married couple lives in the husband's father's place of residence.
arranged marriage
any marriage in which the selection of the spouse is outside the control of the bride and groom
2 career marriages
both husband and wife have careers; benefits include having more say in family decision making and greater legitimacy in asking for help with domestic and child-rearing tasks
parental bonds and teen sexuality
parents, especially mothers, are important sources of information and advice about sexuality; although both sons and daughters speak more to mothers than fathers about sexual issues, most parent-child sexual communication is really between mothers and daughters
Devitalized marriage
the partners are deeply in love when they marry, spend much of their time together, and have a very strong sex life. As time goes on they continue to spend time together but out of obligation, not joy.
Time Strain
Individuals feel they do not have or spend enough time in certain roles and relationships
marriage as alliances
primary way to convert strangers into kin, of creating and maintaining personal alliances-affinityexogamy links people with a larger social network, helps and protects in times of need
labor force
A social invention that arose with the industrialization of the ineteenth centry, when people characteristically became wage earners, hiring out their labor to someone else.
indirect dowry
goods given by the grooms side to the bride or to her father who passes down most of the gifts to her at or before her wedding
working poor
spent at least 27 weeks in the labor force but whose incomes fell below the poverty threshold. represents 10-15% of the population
Long, Inclusive Engagement
delays the marriage for a number of years
Marital history homogamy
People tend to marry others who have the same background as themselves
How can a nuclear family extend horizontally?
divorce and remarriage, "serial monogamy"
Personal fulfillment
We were born into a family and want to create a family of our own
What are two examples of bilateral descent?
United States and ancient Hawaiian culture
Benefits of premarital couple’s counseling include all of the following except
It allows the couple to work out all of their problems
Why do the Nyinba people practice fraternal polyandry?
to limit children born to each family and to keep land from being divided among a lot of sons, causing loss of value
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