Medical Assistant Flashcards

Terms Definitions
abnormal; difficult
after, following
unfriendliness, enmity
above normal; overly
Clear, concise manner
What is epistaxis?
Illegal actions are:
usually unethical
a subdivision or consequence
Unethical acts are:
not always illegal
To be polite and well-mannered
Provides noninvasive treatment for heart and vascular disease
The process of medically altering reproductive organs to prevent the possibility of producing children is:
Motions or gestures used for expressive communication
Transfer of emotions that are transferred from one to another
Before sending out all written communications it must be ______________.
of unknown cause, as a disease.
The best definition for ethics is:
moral principles
The applied science of being concerned with the nature & characteristics of people as they relate to design & activities with the intention of producing more effective results and greater safety.
a period which a computer is malfunctioning or not operating correctly
A sheet of microfilm capable of accommodating and preserving a considerable # of book pages in reduced form.
What can not be tolerated when handling Medical Records?
The process of transfering a recorded amount from one document such as a daysheet to another such as a ledger?
What are the 4 types of receptors?
a slow heartbeat rate, usually less than 60 beats per minute.
Giving organs to patients who will benefit the most is called:
social utility
Civil law includes:
all of these (torts, contracts, medical malpractice)
An iron or caustic used to burn tissue
The most primary and vital function in managed care?
Third-Party participation invloves the relationships of what people? (3)
Physician, Patient, Insurance Company
What is Strabismus?
Gaze is pointed inward (cross-eyed) or outward (wall-eyed)
What is thrombophlebitis?
Inflammation of the vein accompanied by a clot
The provision of information to a patient that a reasonable person would want before making a decision about treatment is:
prudent person rule
At the front door of the office begins a _________ environment.
What is conjunctiva?
The red lining of the inner eyelids
What do cones do?
Allows the eye to see color
What is glossitis?
Inflammation of the tongue caused by irritation, injury, organisms, jagged teeth
What is Strabismus?
Gaze is pointed inward (cross-eyed) or outward (wall-eyed)
Civil law is commonly handled and settled:
  outside the courtroom
What is an alphabetical cross-reference?
Its a process of sub-filing alphabetically to assist medical records that are primarly filed numerically
What do the 3 semicircular canals in the inner do?
Help maintain balance
Persons who cannot exercise the fundamental right to self-determination include:
persons who suffer irreversible brain damage, such as those with Alzheimer’s disease
Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell
1st women in the U.S. to be qualified as a doctor
What is the pinna?
The outside part of the ear which picks up sound vibrations
What does aqueous humor do?
This salty clear fluid maintains the curvature of the cornea and assists in refraction
Patients have the legal right to:
all of these (refuse treatment, refuse food, and refuse fluids)
Where should the CONFIDENTIAL tag be placed on the face of outgoing mail?
Three lines under the return address
What is the retina?
The layer at the back of the eye where images from the lens are focused
What is an auditory canal onstruction?
Anything that is obstructing the ear canal
The purpose of law is to:
provide a way of measuring our actions and punish us when our actions break the law
What are the 3 veins of the antecubital fossa?
The median cubital (middle), the cephalic(outer) and the basilic (inner)
What is the most efficient way of scheduling patients?
GROUPING: this is the process of putting together patients in the same time frame with the same type of procedure or exam
5 things that need to be reported to the state?
1. Deaths and births2. Violence 3. S.T.D.'s4. Child Abuse5. Infectious communicable or contagious diseases
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