Mesopotamian Civilization 2 Flashcards

Terms Definitions
stepped pyramids
believers of many gods.
Halafian Pottery
figuriens and stamps
Southwest Asia
where was Mesopotamia located
Where was Sumer located?
in southern Mesopotamia
Besides inventing irrigation what else did the Sumarians invent?
Because the Tigris and the Euphrates often flooded what did the Sumarians invent?
What area did the Sumerians settle in?
3500 BCE
Around this year, the Sumerians arrived in Mesopotamia.
360 degrees
an idea introduced by the Sumerians
system of writing invented by the Sumerians.
River flood plain. Second river of Mesopotamia.
Mesopotamian civilization
emerged in the region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
Irrigation is
the building of dams, walls, channels to bring water to crops.
What do civilizations have?
cities, governments, art, religion, class divisions, and a writing system.
In modern day locations, where was Mesopotamia located?
Southern Iraq
2350 BCE
King Sargon the Great united the city-states of Mesopotamia and built the first empire in the world around this time.
trade and law
The Sumerians used cuneiform in recording data on ___.
Ubaid Period (7300-5100)
Transition to city states, Trade flourished on waterways (from Gulf to Euphrates). Wheel thrown pottery is massed produced. houses different sizes(reflects class) City of Urk 5800-10000 people (5000 BP) 50,000 ppl. rural areas abandoned, defensive walls appear and ppl move to city for protection.
Indus civilization
developed in the valley of the Indus River.
What is a city-state?
a city with its own government
What is the earliest known civilization?
Sumer, where Sumerians lived
Cylinder seal
A cylinder engraved with ' a picture story' used to roll an impression onto a clay surface found at Uruk
After King Sargon conquered all of Mesopotamia what did he set up?
the world's first empire
Sumerian 5100-4300 BP
Early dynasty, 13 city states, city of Ur, wealth bronze, temples, agriculture, wheeled carts, sailboats, plows, bronze weapons. temples had name in land of God; religion and ideaology supported God-king. classes of nobles, buissenessman, artasians, farmers, slaves, war captives.
What is an empire?
a group of many different lands under one ruler
What did the Sumarians write on?
tablets, writing on damp clay using sharp-ended reeds.
What does the word ziggurat mean?
"mountain of god" or "hill of heaven"
What is an epic?
a long poem that tells the story of a hero
What did the Sumerians believe in?
many gods thought to have power over natural forces.
"an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth"
principle of the Hammurabi code.
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