MH-60R EAWS Flashcards

Gas turbine
Terms Definitions
Survival radio/transponder which recives an interrogation on predetermined UHF frequency. Provideds voice transmission over line of sight path.
personal non-combat emergency comm radio and emergency locator becon.
Hydromechanical unit. Contains high pressure pump and schedules fuel for combustion.
1. Electronic sequence unit
2. Low-cycle fatigue
3. Gas generator turbine speed.
4.Power turbine speed.
sensor operator (level I)
journeyman sensor operator (level II)
master sensor operator (level III)
instructor sensor operator (level IV)
sonobuoys: directions command activated sonobuoy system (DICASS)
avtive SSQ-62
Used durning SAR missions. contains SDU-5E distress light and AN/PRC-125 radio. provided 30lbs of bouyancy.
Three categories of HERO?
safe, susceptible, unsafe.
Overspeed drain valve. three functions provide main fuel flow to 12 injectors, purges the main fuel manifold when engine is stop cocked, diverts fuel from the engine when the DECU actates the overspeed solenoid.
an exposure protective assembly designed for coninuous wear. it consists of a one-piece trouser, one-piece shorty, jacket, hood and boots
Wet Suit
define the acronym NVG
night vision goggles
define the acronym SAR
search and rescue
what does HMU stand for?
hydromechanical unit
this provides gas generator control for acceleration limiting, stall and flameout protection, gas generator speed limiting, rapid response to power demand, and variable geometry action.
-the collection, processing, and evaluation of information to determine location, identification and capability of hostile forces through the employment of reconnaissance, surveillance, and other means.
-photo and over horizon
INT- intelligence
accessory module?
Provide a mechanical drive to hydraulic pumps and electrical generators.
Downed aviator locator sytem. Used to located downed personnel that are using the AN/PRC-112.
use for position fixing and maintaing course track.
MH60S danger areas?
Engine exahust/inlet, APU/ESC exahust, main rotor blades, tail rotor, SATCOM during operation.
what does LCF stand for?
low cycle fatigue
what does LDS stand for?
load demand spindle
what does ADB stand for?
aircraft discrepancy report
between transition section and tail rotor pylon. this section supports tail rotor drive shafts. this section also houses the tail rotor flight control cables, pylon lockpin, and tail rotor servo hydraulic lines
tail cone
-the re-supply of combatant consumable to combatant forces in the theater of operations
-cargo and Vertrep
logistics- LOG
-the detection, tracking and destruction or neutralization of enemy submarines
-MK 46/50 torpedoes
-use of sonobuoys to track and attack submarines
-use of dipping sonar to track and attack submarines
anti-submarine warfare (ASW)
this is a waterproof sensor holding active projectors and passive receivers as well as electronic equipment and batteries. actively and passively detects underwater contacts.
what does CDU stand for?
center display unit
this measures differential air pressure for air speed indicators:
pitot static system
consists of housing containing two bevel gears, supporting bearings, and internal oil passages
(hint: between TGB and MGB)
intermediate gearbox
consists of three subassemblies: combustion liner, stage 1 nozzle assembly, and stage 1 and 2 gas turbine generator turbine rotors and gas generator stator. it is located just aft of the compression section.
hot section module
contains gearing to reduce engine shaft speed from 20900 rpm to 5750 rpm. the output quill shaft in each module then drives the main transmission module main bevel pinion. it is lubricated by oil from the main transmission module.
input module
the system supplies air that starts the engines and provides air to the environmental control system for cabin heating and cooling. it provides limited electrical power for ground operations.
what does VAP stand for?
vibration analysis program
this system provides the hydraulic pressure required by the APU hydraulic starter.
APU accumulator
what does LSO stand for?
landing safety officer
______ is a temperature sensor formed by joining two dissimilar metals and applying a temperature differential between the measuring junction and the reference junction.
what does MDL stand for?
mission data loader
Ohm's law?
current in an electrical circuit is directly proportional to the electromotive force in the circuit and inversely proportional to the resistance.
Output of a/c denerrators?
Voltage-115/2000 VAC, three phase, 400hz.
this is a preventative measure put in place to prevent a hazard from occurring:
this is an expression of possible loss in terms of severity and probability:
provides visual warning in the cockpit when a fire in engine or APU compartments is detected. 5 total, 2 for each engine, and 1 for the APU
fire detectors
contains the engine oil tank, A-sump, bearings for support of the engine compressor rotor and output shafts, compressor rotor, compressor stator assembly, B-sump, and ports for fuel injectors, igniter plugs, and engine bleed air.
cold module
what does "range" mean when talking about sonar?
distance to target
what does "active" mean when talking about sonar?
creates active ping
an electrical current whose magnitude and direction vary cyclically
AC (alternating current)
this uses barometric pressure in altitude information sent to the display.
BARALT (barometric altimeter)
located on #2 accessory module. provides hydraulic pressure to the second stage of the primary servos (lateral, fwd, and aft) and to the pilot assist module.
#2 hydraulic pump
-ability of naval forces to maneuver and maintain themselves in a situation over, under and on the surface
-size enables MH-60R to go just about anywhere
MOB- mobility
this is a computer that receives, processes all acoustic information and formats them for display.
acoustic processor
this is designed for in water, shipboard, mountain, and other restricted area rescues. it is an alternative to the Stokes Litter.
MEDEVAC litter
this is designed to connect personnel and/or equipment to the aircraft hoist assembly during sea and land rescue operations.
rescue hook
what does DECU stand for?
digital electrical control unit
located in the cockpit section. they are used to control helicopter heading (yaw)
rudder pedals
Main transmition module?
Drives the Main and tail rotor blades.
Used by downed aircrew personnel. using smoke or flare. produce red flare and orange smoke burn time 20 sec.
fire retardant vest worn by the helicopter aircrew, contains flotation and survival items, medical kit, flashlight, knife, prc-149 or 90 radio, HABD bottle, compass, MK-124 flare, MK 79 pencil flare kit, sea dye, signal card, fox 40 whistle, signal mirror
CMU-33 Airsafe vest
what does NAWMP stand for?
naval airborne weapons maintenance program
state the safety precaution that must be observed when dealing with the tail rotor
clear of blades
this check must be performed before loading to ensure that ordnance or cads do not fire inadvertently due to stray voltage
stray voltage check
located on port side of hyraulics bay. it provides emergency pressure to the #1 and #2 hydraulic systems when pressure is lost. it also provides pressure to the rescue hoist and utility module. supplies pressure to second stage tail rotor servo.
backup pump
what kind of CAD is used for cargo hook?
what does EGI stand for?
embedded global positioning/ inertial navigation system
this provides the pilot and copilot with visual indications of pressure altitude above sea level. it takes over for altitude indications above 5000 ft.
barometric altimeter (BARALT)
this processes incoming information from various sensors and stores the information in its memory. the data is used by the computer's central processing unit to compute required corrections signals.
AFCC (advanced flight control computer)
MK80 MOD O signal?
used by downed aircrew personnel. burn a min of 4.5 sec.
digital multimeter?
Measures the ac and dc voltage to max 1000 volts and resisttance to 10megaohms.
what chip detectors have fuzz burn off?
all except for engines.
5 components of powertrain?
main trans modules, drive shaft, oil cooler, IGB, TGB.
power command for each engine are set from power control levers on the control quadrant. these levers permit starting, start aborting, and pwer control. each lever has four positions: off, idle, fly, and lockout. the levers are connected through a push-pu
engine control quadrant
this gives reference of position of A/C in the air by the color of the light. port light is red, stbd light is green. the other lights are located on the tail and belly of A/C
position and anti-collision lights
-providing communications to and from related facilities for coordination and control of external organizations or forces, and control of own unit's capabilities
- communication between ships and shore bases
CCC- command, control, and communication
what does NAVOSH stand for?
navy occupational safety and health program
what is the purpose of the MH92 CAD?
fire extinguishing agent
this system consists of a transmitter, an antenna, and an interconecting coaxial cable. the transmitter is a self-contained, dry cell battery operated unit. it simultaneously transmits a distress signal on the international distress frequencies of 121.5 M
ELT (emergency locator transmitter)
what does "bearing" mean when talking about sonar?
angle of target from the aircraft
aircrew location marker, 8 in a kit.burn time 4.5 sec.
MK 80 mod 0
the constant flow of electrons in the single direction from low to high potential
DC (direct current)
what constitutes the requirements for an engine compressor cleaning?
when engine performance has deteriorated to an unacceptable level or whenever a borescope inspection reveals an accumulations of dirt, salt, oil deposits, etc. that have built up around the engine
Purpose of stray voltage checks?
to ensure the correct firing voltage is available to the appropriate station.
Purpose of FLT control rigging?
to ocoordinat stick and pedal movement with correct blade angles.
- helicopter and rescue hoist used in conjunction with the rescue swimmer is capable of recovering downed aviators in the water and inland also shipmates fallen overboard or during disaster relief
SAR- search and rescue
state the purpose for emergency reclamation procedures
prevent further damage to the aircraft
provides a slightly reclined seated position allowing total use of the rescuer's hands. the flotation vest provides a minimum of 35 pounds of buoyancy.
TRISAR swimmers harness and integrated floatation
shows rate of climb or decent in altitude
VSI- vertical speed indicator
The equipment ring is rated at?
1500lbs and is use for light equipment.
Used day or night for any condition that requires long burning. burns for 40-60 min visible for 3 miles.
The small hook is rated at?
1000lbs and use for light weight items
explain why tiedown deflection of blade tips should be six to twelve inches from static position
to prevent damage to blades from excessive movement
also referred to as "SAR bag or SAR curtain":, is made of heavy-duty lightweight international orange denier nylon with labeled pockets for storage for rescue equipment.
the helicopter rescue equipment bag
stae the five main components of the mh-60r
engines, input modules, rotors, transmissions, and driveshafts
state the safety precautions that apply to CADS:
you must be qualified to handle ordnance. if you see a problem with any of the cads or weapon system then you need to inform the AO's ASAP
Primary and secondary fuction of the Main trans?
take combine power from the two engines, reduce RPM's, and transfer it to the main tail rotors.

secondary-provides electrical and hydraulic power.
what is the purpose of the IPS?
to separate dust, sand, and foreign objects from the engine inlet airflow.
how many CADS are on the fire bottles?
4- 2 main, and 2 reserve
Large hook of rescue hoist is rated at what?
3000lbs and use for personnel rescue.
identify the personnel required for an aircraft move:
2 wing walkers, 1 break rider, 1 safety observer, 1 PC/ director, and 1 tow truck driver
state the purpose of EOD unit
to dispose of bad or H coded explosive devices
conditions that require the use oof anti-exposure suit?
water temp 50F ore below, OAT of 32F, water temp between 50-60 the CO will determine if its needed.
how much fuel does the fuel cell of the mh60r hold?
2040 lbs. (300 gallons) plus expansion space for 184 lbs. (27 gallons)
state the importance of a whistle during an aircraft move:
a whistle blast is used as a safety precaution that requires the whole evolution to completely halt.
what are the three functions of the ODV?
1. sends fuel through the main fuel manifold
2. it purges the main fuel manifold
3. it diverts fuel flow from being delivered to the engine when the DEC actuates the overspeed solenoid.
state the location of the aircraft tiedown fittings on the mh-60r.
6 total: 3 each side, 1 main mount, 1 high point, 1 tail pylon
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