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Terms Definitions
Word displays _________________________ tabs when you perform certain tasks or work with objects suchas pictures or tables.
Enlarging or reducing graphics
Larger bar is displayed
Paragraph formatting requires the paragraph to be selected prior to formatting
While ____________________, you review a document to look for grammatical errors and spelling errors.
Not diplayed in the screen
Top portion of the document
Not diplayed in the screen
The difference between an AutoCorrect entry and a building block is that the building block feature makes corrections automatically as soon as the SPACEBAR or a punctuation key i
Where Microsoft Graph places the contents of a table
When used properly, the Word Knowledgebase system can increase productivity and reduce frustrations byminimizing the time spent learning how to use Word
Although many different styles of documentation exist for report preparation, each style requires the same basic information.
Where Microsoft Graph places the contents of a table.
You cannot change text formatting through the Reveal Formatting task pane; you only can view the formatting.
Text appears with underscore under every character
Permanently hidden until you enable it
On the horizontal ruler, an upside down T indicates a ____ tab stop.
A light gray duplicate image that displays on the lower-right edge of a character or object is called a(n) ____.
To display the Tables and Borders toolbar, click the Border button on the Home tab.
An AutoShape is a ready-made design that you can use to create decorative and colorful text.    True/False
The _____, or typeface, defines the appearance and shape of letters, numbers, and special characters
Word displays, by default, the ____ most recently opened document file names in its Recent Documents list
Using the MLA style of documentation, the title of the paper is centered one double-space below the writer’s name and course information.
To increase a paragraph indent, use the _____ shortcut keys.
To use Click and Type, you double-click a blank area of the document window.
As shown in Figure 2-2, a(n) ____________________ is text printed at the top of each page in a document.
SmartArt graphics
which are visual representations of ideas
After you click the Draw Table command, the mouse pointer changes to the shape of a(n) ____.
Instead of clicking the New Entry button in the New Address List dialog box, you can press the F4 key at the end of one row to add a new blank record.
The slide layout choices are available in the Layout gallery.
Indicated a file is a Word Document
Displays texts, tables, graphics, and other items as you type or insert them into a document
Document Window
Short horizontal line that indicates the end of the document
End Mark
To see exactly how a document will look when it is printed, it can be displayed in print preview as shown in the accompanying figure.
In a business letter, the ____, if present, begins two lines below the last line of the inside address.
All section formatting is stored in the ____.
section break
In Word, you can select several segments of text that are not next to each other, called ____________________, by selecting the first segment of text and then holding down the CTRL key while selecting each additional segment.
nonadjacent text
To select a section break, point to its right until the mouse pointer changes direction and then click.
The values in a chart that are represented pictorially as bars, lines, pie slices, or other pictorial representations are called series.    True/False
You use a(n) _____ to display different portions of a document in the document window
scroll bar
Word provides an Undo button that can be used to cancel the most recent command or action
Although text cannot be seen once it scrolls off the screen, it remains in the document
The Word Count button on the Review tab displays the number of words as well as the number of _____ in the current document.
Headers print in the top margin ____ inch from the top of every page.
Sources should be evaluated for ____.
currency authority accuracy
According to the MLA style, the first line of each entry on the works cited page begins at the left margin.
characters often are used in a table of contents to precede page numbers
A(n) ____ proposal is a proposal that sells an idea, a product, or a service
A saved document is referred to as a(n)
Use the ALT key to select different placeholders or different paragraph text that are nonadjacent.
The run-around should be at least ____ and should be the same for all graphics in a document.
Word replaces characters to the right of the insertion point
Overtype Mode
The process of changing the appearance of a paragraph
Paragraph Formatting
To move a custom tab stop, drag the tab marker to the desired location on the ruler.
When you first create a table it is left-aligned; that is, flush with the left margin.
A graphic or text that displays on top of or behind the text in a document is a(n) ____________________.
Text that does not print but is part of the document
Fonts that are not defined in a font set cannot be used.
insertion point
shows where text will apprer when you begin keying.
How do you inesrt a registerd trademark symbol into a document?
Insert,Symbol,Special Characters, select registered,then insert
A printed version of a document is called a(n) _________________________.
hard copy
To move left one word with the keyboard, press ____.
Used to format text as you type it
shortcut keys
Hard copy
A printed version of a document is called a(n)
To paste all the items on the Office Clipboard in a row without any characters in between them, click the Clear All button in the Clipboard task pane
You can use the Zoom button to display the entire page quickly in the document window.
As more lines of text are typed than Word can display in the document window, Word _________________________ the top or bottom portion of the document off the screen.
Full featured word processing program that allows you to create written documents (examples: letters, resumes, etc...)
Microsoft Office Word 2003
Placed on the edge of the Word Window
Docked Toolbar
Button in window above the Task Bar and programs certain tasks
Status Bar
In a business letter, type the ____ at least four blank lines below the complimentary close, allowing room for the author to sign his or her name.
signature block
To delete a row from a table, select the row(s) to delete and then click ____________________ on the shortcut menu.
delete rows
As shown in Figure 1-1, a(n) ____ is a set of choices, often graphical, arranged in a grid or in a list
Although you can use a dialog box to indent paragraphs, Word provides a quicker way through the ____.
horizontal ruler
 Text Direction
Use the ____ button on the Layout tab to display text vertically in a cell.
As documents that exceed one page are typed, Word automatically inserts page breaks like those in Figure 2-4, called ____________________, when it determines the text has filled one page according to paper size, margin settings, line spacing, and other se
automatic page breaks
Tool bar located at the top of the screen
Standard Toolbar
When three hyphens, underscores, equal signs, asterisks, tildes, or number signs are typed and then the ENTER key is pressed, the AutoFormat feature ____.
 places a border above a paragraph
Columns are:
Two or more blocks of text on a page in which text flows to the top of the next column when the first column is filled.
The Compare And Merge feature lets you see?
Differences between two documents.
Headers (as shown in Figure 2-2) and footers can include text and graphics, as well as the _____.
current datepage numbercurrent time
Right of the Status bar; indicated Word is checking spelling and grammar
Spelling and Grammar Status Icon
What view must you be in to use click and type?
Print Layout View
If you do not want to keep a change automatically made by Word and you immediately notice the automatic correction, you can undo the change by clicking the Undo button on the ___
Quick Access Toolbar
What is a blank document?
A new blank document that opens each time you start Word.
Need help with the office assistant? what do you do?
Click F1 or Click help, Microsoft Office Word Help.
The scroll box on the vertical scroll bar indicates the _____.
current relative location of the document portion displayed in the window
Can you describe a numbered list?
Is a list of words, phrases, or sentences preceded by a number in sequence, such as 1, 2, and 3
How do you create columns NOT using the Standard tool bar?
On the menu bar click Format,click columns and the columns dialog box appears.
____ is required information for a citation for a Web site in MLA style.
Date viewed Title of Web site Web address  
How do you insert a vertical line betwen columns?
On the menu bar click Format, columns, check the line between box.
The _____ on the right side of the menu bar lets users type free-form questions, such as how do I save, orterms, such as copy, and Word responds by displaying a list of topics related to the word or phrase entered
Type words to search for text box
When a custom tab stop is set, Word ____.
clears all default tab stops to the left of the custom tab stop
Name two ways two ways to undo an action
Slick edit, undo typing Or Click undo typing on the standard toolbar
How do you send a word document as an attachment to an epmail message.
open the document that you want to send and then if mecessary connect to the internet on the file menu point to send to and click mail recipient as attachment In the e-mail message wondow in the to box type the e-mail assress of the recipient in the message area type a message click send
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