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Terms Definitions
matte dull finish
gloss shiny, reflects light
patrons royal families, church
confusion spiral lines express
space around, above, or within
horizontal example of static line
Judy Pfaff's nonobjective painting Voodoo leads viewers to try to find subject matter in the work based on its ________. Title
___________ are formed when intersecting or connected lines enclose space. Shapes
primary colors red, blue, and yellow
shape two dimensional and encloses space
stomp/stump a rolled paper blending tool
artists creative individuals who use imagination and skill to communicate in visual form
gloss glaze liquid decoration applied to bisque-fired clay which melts to form a glossy surface. 3 coats are standard
Jaune Quick-to-See Smith's the Environment: Be a Shepherd is reminiscent of a ____ due to its simple forms and sketchy manner. Mental sketchbook
Mark Tansey's Landscape depicts three-dimensional massive shapes on a two-dimensional surface, creating what is know as ________. Implied mass
bone dry clay with no moisture left
formalism independent of context, function, and content
geometric shapes that include the circle, square, and triangle
still life an arrangement of inanimate objects
variety priciple of design concerned with difference or contrast
medium the material used to make art
leather hard partially dried clay with the consistency of a block of cheese. Still moist enough to be carved or joined
The process of organizing the visual elements to achieve a desired aesthetic in a work of art is known as ___________. Design
A triangular glass solid that breaks down sunlight or white light into different colors is called a ___________. Prism
Colors that lie across from one another on the color wheel are _______. (Jarring and discordant) Complementary
mass outside size and bulk of a form
mirrors the inside of a kaleidoscope that reflects the image for you to see it
line the process of moving an instrument over a smooth surface to leave a mark
relief this kind of sculpture projects out from a flat plain into negative space
contour the edge formed where two areas meet
value the tonal range form light to dark
percieve to become deeply aware through the senses of the special nature of a visual object
kiln chamber used to fire the clay. Average firing temp for our white earthenware clay is around 1900 F degrees
______ is thick buildup of paint on the surface of the canvas. Impasto
From the Latin for "blood," _______ is the name associated with an earthy red chalk color. Sanguine
A mental or perceptual connection can create a ________. Psychological line
Compositional Tips 1. Avoid Centering
2. Off the Page
3. Overlapping
4. Vary Size of the objects
5. Utilize space
soft these types of leads were labled "b" for black
corpus collosum a thick nerve cable composed of millions of fibers that cross-connect the two cerebal hemisphere
manufactured shapes and forms that are made by people
highlight the white "shine" on an object. the spot on the object recieving the most light
outermost edge the heaviest line weight should be used for what
bisque fire first firing of clay to harden the structure. It is now ready for gloss glaze
_______ is part of the spectrum of electromagnetic energy that also includes radio waves and cosmic rays. Visible light
When artists focus on the unity of ideas and meaning in their work rather than the visual and compositional elements, they are pursuing ________. Conceptual unity
texture refers to how tings feel or how they look like they might feel on a surface
contour line shows the outer edges and the surface ridges of a subject
foreground the part of the picture closest to the picture plane and to the viewer
nonobjective art/ abstract art that has no recognizable subject matter
______ is defined as the hue of an object as created by the colors its surface reflects under normal lighting conditions. Local color.
five how many days do i have to make up missed work
1817 by sir david brewster the kaleidoscope was patented in? by who?
Pictorial balance can be found in which of the following? Leonardo da Vinci's Proportion of the Human Figure.
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