Midterm for Music Flashcards

Terms Definitions
String Instrument
Sudden emphasis
by semi-tones
new orleans
dixie land
Emperor String Quartet
con fuoco
with fire
dopplo movimento
double tempo
l'istesso tempo
l'istesso tempo.
antecedent phrase
opening, incomplete-sounding phrase
slang for musical job
Means for producing sound
St Matthew Passion
Bach 1736
Which nineteenth-century American composer is best remembered for his popular ballads and minstrel show tunes
Stephen Foster
Chorale Predlude
-Single Movement Instrumental-Organ Music before Chorale
proud and stately Polish dance
sul ponticello
bowing on the bridge
Short, highly subjective piano compositions are called __________ pieces.
an organized series of pitches
Tadd Dameron sextet/ Fats Navarro
Lady Bird
Ludwig von Beethoven
Classical Era
Primarily classical composer
written famous pieces (symphonies 5 & 9)
in baroque music, an instrumental composition in several movements for one to eight players. In music after the baroque period, an instrumental composition usually in several movements for one or two players.
practice piece designed to develop technique
A large-scale composition for chorus, vocal soloists and orchestra NOT usually heard in a regular church service is
chord tones sounded in a series
a musical instrument in which felt-covered hammers, operated from a keyboard, strike the metal strings.
20. The "scandal" and subsequent congressional hearings of 1959 effectively ruined the career of
Alan Freed
non-imitative polyphony
the melodies are essentially different from one another
Wunderhorn Symphonies
Symphonies 1-5 by Gustav Mahler. Mahler took inspiration from Wunderhorn, a collection of poems, to write the symphonies. 
Musical traditions led to Jazz music, syncopation.
slow, but not as slow as adagio
homophonic texture
created by a primary melody accompanied by secondary harmony (chords)
text setting
rhythmic relationship of words to melody
In between statements of this theme the ___inserts fragments of the theme and extends them in virtuosic fashion.
a person who transcribes copies, esp. of documents.
an arrangement of notes which is used as the basis for a composition
buffo patter
style of singing in opera buffo, short, quick notes with one syllable per note
Taking the pitch content of a motive and flipping it around
Beggar's Opera
written by John Gay, dialogue is spoken not sung and heroes of the show are common criminals not mythical figures or historical heroes
Act II Conclusion
Oklahoma chorus to celebrate marriage and the statehood of Oklahoma
last minute addition to cite the context of the land (suggestion made by Theresa Helburn)
Which is not true of the minuet?
Presto Tempo
_______ is moving from one key to another
jazz developed in thee 40s as a reaction to swing music. performed by small groups with fast tempos and conflicting rhythms. "be-bop"
3. The parent company of the OKeh race label:
Composer in musical theatre that wrote: Phantom of the Opera, Cats, and Jesus Christ Superstar
a. Andrew Lloyd Weber
b. Alexander Nevsky
c. Johnathon Larson
d. Aaron Copeland
a. Andrew Lloyd Weber
Three Nocturnes
piece written by Debussy in ABA' form (Clouds is from this)
Chorale Prelude
Short Baroque organ piece in which a traditional choral melody is embellished
Aaron Copland
New York; discovered music at 15; very famous; jazz & American folklore; “Appalachian Spring”
time signature
a numerical or other indication at the beginning of a piece showing the meter.
What does “mezzo-soprano” mean? What is the most famous role for mezzo?
Mezzo-soprano in Italians means half or middle. The most famous role for a mezzo is Carmen.
two types of samba
1. smooth samba songs dominated by guitars2. percussive samba bands made famous by carnavallatter type known as batucada
Baro opera v. classical opera
heroic characters, only 1 emotion per aria v. comic opera, social change voice, natural characters, mood changes w/in aria
According to lecture, what are some examples of criteria needed to prove a musician's authenticity?
Singer, songwriter, author's voice, autobiographical, self-produced, play own instruments
According to lecture, what was the first album that was meant to be listened to from start to finish, as a whole, and not just as a collection of singles?
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Today, fusion refers to a mixture of jazz and any other musical style. T/F
true Today, fusion refers to a mixture of jazz and any other musical style.
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