MilleFinal "The Odyssey" Flashcards

Terms Definitions
Gray-Eyed Goddess
Cloud Gatherer
King Menelaus
Epithets: Wayfinder
Who killed Agamemnon?
Places: Ithaca
Odysseus' home
bard/poet of Ithaca
leader of suitors
What was Poseidon's nickname?
Who is Autolycus?
Odysseus' grandfather.
Who is Icarios?
Penelope's father
Where was Calypso's home?
Who is Orion?
great hunter
Man of many wiles
goatherd (on suitors side)
Straits of Messina (Charybdis)
swineherd (on odys side)
Odys & Telemachs' Nanny
What was Zeus' nickname?
cloud gather
What was Athena's nickname?
gray-eyed goddess
Why did they leave?
Cyclopes came
Odys wife, queen of Ithaca
Who is Hercules?
hero, son of Zeus
How many brothers did Nausikaa have?
What did Athena give Odysseus?
her veil
Who is Amphitrites?
sea goddess, Poseidon's wife
Who is Ino?
Kadmos' daughter, sea nymph.
How is Odysseus disguised?
as a beggar
How many men did Odysseus lose?
What does Atlas do?
hold the heavens.
Who is Themis?
Goddess of just order.
go there to find way home
Staits of Messina (Scylla & Charybdis)
Where is Athena going after the council?
What is Thrinacira?
island of the sun god.
What is Hypereia?
area near the Iberian Penisula
What happened to upset his journey?
giant storm
Who lived in the big cave?
the cyclops
How did the cyclops treat his men?
What happened to Odysseus' ships?
crushed by boulders.
What did Ogygia look like?
all beautiful, lush
To whom does Telemachus tell his plan?
Who is the ruler of the Lestrygonians?
Goddess of the island of Ogygia, Atlas' daughter, Ody stayed 7 yrs
What compliment does Menelaus give Odysseus?
he has courage
How long did Odysseus stay with Aeolus?
1 year
What makes Odysseus cry?
the song the singer sang
Who is Athena going to see on Earth?
Who is Alcinous?
Poseidon's grandson, married to Arete, King of Skheria.
Who is Minos?
one of the judges of Hades
What is Cimmeria?
one of the entrances to Hades.
People: Odysseus
hero of trojan war, king of Ithaca
What materials does Calypso give Odysseus?
2-headed axe and timber
What did Odysseus ask Agamemnon when he say him in Hades?
how he died.
What type of livelihood did he have?
huge, mean, loud
How does Athena help Odysseus now?
makes him look handsome.
What are the first things Nausikaa offers Odysseus?
food, drink, bath
What kind of people lived in the land of the Lestrygonians?
What are 4 other names for Greeks?
Argives, Achaians, Danaans, Phaicians
Who is Erinyes?
one of the furies who fulfill curses and avenge crimes.
Which 2 Gods did Telemachus appeal for help?
Zeus and Themis
What was Telelmachus' first request at the assembly?
the suitors to leave
What did her mother give her to take with her?
olive oil
What was Calypso doing when Hermes arrived on her island?
singing by the fire
Why wouldn't Aeolus help him again?
because the Gods hated him.
Who is Elpenor?
man who died and lived in Hades until Odysseus properly buried him.
What do Athena and Odysseus make plans for?
revenge on the suitors.
How many herds of cattle and sheep did Helios have?
7 of each
How did Athena help Odysseus?
Made him handsome, helped with winds, spokeperson on Mt. Olympus
After leaving the area of the cyclops, what did Odysseus and his men do?
sacrificed a ram to Zeus
What are the first 2 things Odysseus asked Nausikaa?
clothes & directions to town
How does Odysseus respond?
he doesn't want to marry her and prays to Zeus
What gift from Menelaus does Telemachus take?
a mixing bowl of silver and gold
How did Hermes help Odysseus?
Gave him moly to eat to withstand Circes' sorcery
Who was the only one to ever survive the wandering rocks? why?
Jason because Hera liked him.
What questions does Arete ask Odysseus?
who is is, where he got clothes, etc
How did Calypso help Odysseus?
Gave him material to build a raft for his journey home as well as get to Scheria.
What do the suitors want Telemachus to do?
to make Penelope leave and marry someone else
How did Circe help Odysseus?
Told him to see Tireisis on how to get home. Gave him instruction for when he got home.
What advice did Circe give Odysseus about the Sirens?
to seal his men's ears and tie himself to the mast of the ship.
Why did Ajax refuse to speak to Odysseus?
because he was still upset about the armor.
What was the 2nd request Telemachus makes at the assembly?
for a ship and 20 companions to go on a journey with him
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