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Terms Definitions
An object-oriented programming language designed for programming real-time, interactive, Web-based applications in the form of applets for use on clients and servers on the Internet, intranets, and extranets.
T/FEthical, political, ans social issues are closely linked.
Interactive marketing
Collaborating interactively with customers in creating, purchasing, servicing, and improving products and services.
What is a requirement of SCMS?
Sometimes referred to as business intelligence systems
The voyage-estimating system is an example of what system?
Provide individual and business users with a seamlessly interoperable and Web-enabled interface for applications and computing devices and to make computing activities increasingly Web-browser-oriented.
Object-Oriented Language
An object-oriented programming (OOP) language used to develop programs that create and use objects to perform information processing tasks.
Batch processing
Collecting and periodically processing transaction data
Application Components
Includes order management, production planning, accounting, finance, and human resource systems.
Resistance from sales and customer service professionals who are not adequately involved in the development of the system
using an e-commerce portal for auctison by business customers and their supliers is an example
Beta Testing
Testing performed by actual system users with actual data in their work environment.
These systems are not very flexible, nor do they have a great deal of analytical capability- they just provide summaries
Uses a Web interface to present integrated personalized business content
Mechanisms are in place to determine who tool responsible action, who is responsible?
The concurrent use of the same computer to accomplish several different information processing tasks. Each task may require the use of a different program or the concurrent use of the same program by several users.
Web Services
A collection of Web and object-oriented technologies for linking Web-based applications running on different hardware, software, database, or network platforms. For example, Web services could link key business functions within the applications a business shares with its customers, suppliers, and business partners.
A computer program that translates an assemble language into machine language.
Transaction processing cycle
Data entry, transaction processing, database maintenance, document and report generation, and inquiry processing
Using the Internet and other networks for e-commerce, enterprise collaboration, and Web-enabled business processes.
Enterprise resource planning
A cross-functional enterprise system that helps a business integrate and automate many of its internal business processes and information systems
marketplace for bid (buy) and ask (sell) transactions
Data Flows
Data moving through an organization or w/in an IS.
Buying and selling of goods over the internet
Use of computers to combine data from multiple sources and create electronic dossiers of detailed info on individuals
Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Software
Software applications developed with the intention of selling the software in multiple copies (and usually for a profit).
Application Service Providers(ASP)
Companies that own, operate, and maintain application software and the computer system resources (servers, system software, networks, and IT personnel) required to offer the use of the application software for a fee as a service over the Internet.
Process control
Using computers to operate a petroleum refinery
buyers bidding for the business of a seller
Processing Logic
The steps by which data is transformed or moved, as well as a description of the events that trigger these steps.
Collect data from different firm functions and store it in a single central data repository
ERP or Enterprise Systems
Online HRM systems
Using the internet for recruitment and job hunting is an example
profiling and personalizing
tracks your Web site behavior to provide you with an individualized Web store experience
This is the most popular type of DBMS today for PC's- and this also stores data in tables and it is extracted and combined to whatever form or format the users needs
Relational DBMS
Online Accounting Systems
An examle is using the Internet and extranets to do accounts receivable and accounts payable activities
Joint Application Design (JAD)
A special type of a group meeting in which all (or most) users meet with the analyst to jointly define and agree on system req. or designs.
This is also a key field which is a unique identifier for each record
Primary key
What are rows commonly referred to as?
Records- or in very technical terms: Tuples
accumulated knowledge
file transfer process
uninterruptible power supplybattery for your desktoppower goes out and this can power your computer monitor etc for awhile
Aka: standard operating procedures- are precise rules, procedures, and practices that have been developed
An organizational department responsible for handling customer service issues by telephone and other channels
call center
a self-describing collection of integrated records
a computer worm targeting the Microsoft Windows operating system that was first detected in November 2008.[1] It uses flaws in Windows software and Dictionary attacks on administrator passwords to co-opt machines and link them into a virtual computer that can be commanded remotely by its authors.
a masquerading attack that combines spam with spoofing. The perpectrator sends millions of spam emails that appear to be an respectable company. The email contrain a link to a web page that is designed to look exactly like the company's site. The victim is encouraged to enter his or her username or password, and sometime credit card information.
Conceptual Schema
Defines the entities and relationships; represents the logical meaning of the database; only one of these can exist
fiber optic

sends alot more traffic 
doesnt send electricity but infared light
1 strand = 900 copper wires
expensive - hardware and software at both ends to convert to digital
Outsourcing Options
Some organizations outsource the acquisition and operation of computer hardware. Acquiring licensed software is a form of outsourcing. Rather than develop software in-house, and organization licenses it from another vendor. Another possible outsourcing app alternative is outsource an entire app. Ex. Oracle attained prominence by outsourcing the entire payroll app. A web storefront is another form of app outsourcing. Ex. Amazon.com provides a Web storefront for product vendors and distributors who choose not to develop their own Web presence. SOme organizations choose to outsource an entire business function. Ex. Marriott International chose Hewitt Associates to handle its HR needs for the next 7 years.
backward compatibility
newer hardware's compatibility with older hardware
Social Darwinism
application to society of Darwin's survival of the fittest theory
IT staff planning
recruiting, training, and retaining qualified IS personnel
Knowledge Management
Systems that help manage knowledge itself rather than documentary representations
Core ERP component
traditional components included in most ERP systems and they primarily focus on internal operations
Moore's Law
a hypothesis that states that transistor densities on a single chip will double every 18 months
Midrange computers are filing cabinet-size computers that have greater ___ ______ and support ___ ____
secondary storage;transaction processing.
Do WLANs today use licensed or unlicensed bands?
Shared information  
an environment in which an organization's information is organized in one central location, allowing anyone to access and use it as he or she needs to.
Horizontal government integration
electronic intergation or agencies, activities, and processes across a specific level of government
Database application-
A collection of forms, reports, queries, and application programs that process a database
IS specialists
a person whose occupation is related to the providing of information system services. For example, a systems analyst, programmer, or computer operator.

 In the MS Excel expression “A$1+2”, which part is an absolute reference (or address)?
the row "1"
money laundering
a technique used by criminals to convert money that they have obtained illegally into cash that they can spend without having it identified as the proceeds of an illegal activity.
fourth-generation language
A programming language that can be employed directly by end users or less-skilled programmers to develop computer applications more rapidly than conventional programming languages.
Data Mart
contains a subset of data warehouse information
an individual who has training or experience in the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of an expert system
knowledge engineer
data flow diagram
primary tool for structured analysis that graphically illustrates a systems component processes in the flow of data between them
Cache Memory
Small amount of very fast computer memory that holds the most frequently used data.
Requirements definition document
defines all the business requirements and prioritizes them in order of business importance
Accurate information-
Information that is based on correct and complete data and that has been processed correctly as expected.
Transaction processing systems (tps)
An information system that processes data arising from the occurrence of business transactions.
Purpose of Reporting Systems
Improve decision making by providing the right information to the right user at the right time
systems design
Details how a system will meet the information requirements as determined by the systems analysis.
Disaster recovery best practices include what?
1. Support the enterprise architectures2. Monitory the quality of computer networks that provide data on power suppliers and demand3. Make sure the networks can be restored quickly in the case of downtime4. Set up disaster recovery plans5. Provide adequate staff training

The original school colors.

What is the significance of \"sage and silver\" to the University of Arizona
hich of the following is not a component of an information architecture?
Web services
Internets impact on Information
Easy to compile
Increased richness
Increased reach
Improved content
Fair Use Doctrine
allows you to use copyrighted material in certain situations
Technology Development

Support Activities
the design and development of applications that support the organization
radio frequency identification (RFID)
a system for tagging and identifying mobile objects such as store merchandise, postal packages, and sometimes even living organisms.
Wide area network (WAN)
A computer network that provides data communication across the country or around the world (the Internet is a WAN that spans the world)
Define Scope management (Chapter 5)
includes the processes involved in defining and controlling what work is or is not included in a project. It ensures that the project team and stakeholders have the same understanding of what products the project will produce and what processes the project team will use to produce them.
23. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
A way to use the public telecommunication infrastructure (e.g., the internet) to provide secure access to an organization’s network.
Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR)
Identification numbers of bank and account printed in magnetic ink on bottom of check
application service provider (ASP)
an agent or vendor who assembles the software needed by enterprises and packages them with outsourced development, operations, maintenance, and other services
Common forms of secondary storage include
magnetic tape, magnetic disk, optical disk storage, and PC memory cards
What can IT enable an organization to accomplish?
All of the above
Output devices- equipment used to see, hear, or accept results of input device-e.g. liquid display moniter (LCD)
communication device- equipment used to send and recieve information-e.g. wireless
What is a Strong Passwords
Seven or more charecters, Does not contain user name, real name or company name, Does not contain complete dictionary word in any language, different then previous passwords, contains both uppercase and lower case letters numbers and symbols
A scenario is the same as a(n) _____.
path through a use case
How does IT differ from IS? (IT side)
IT includes (hardware, software, data components)

IT refers to
1. methods
2. inventions
3. standards
4. products
- alone will not help an organization achieve goals
"information tools"
which of the following would be a characteristic of a structured problem?
a solution that can be determined through a sequence of steps
a database schema describes which of the following properties of a database?
It defines the fields in the database, the structure of the database, the sizes of fields, and identifies primary keys
What are the 5 primary activities of a value chain?
The five primary activities of a value chain are 1. Inbound logistics 2. Marketing and sales 3. Operations 4. Outbound logistics 5. Service
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