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Terms Definitions
well; good
Extensible markup language

is a container or carrier of data
mostly everything uses xml

Trusted/untrusted network
Inside/outside a firewall
a smaller-scale representation or working model of the users' requirements or a proposed design for an information system
Highly sophisticated and powerful computer that can perform very complex computations extremely rapidly.
transmission control program (TCP)
- breaks email messages and attachments into segments
- ensures reliability that all segments are received
feasibility study
investigation that gauges the probability of success of a proposed project and provides a rough assessment of the project's feasibility
Chief Information Officer
Manager of IT department
Data warehouse
A logical collection of information--gathered from many different operational databases--that supports business analysis activities and decision-making tasks
technology that uses computer servers distributed storage devices and networks to tie the storage system together
Typically, systems development and operations occur totally at the domestic home base in companies using:
centralized systems
A communication standard that enables traffic to be routed from one network to another.
Memory that preserves data contents even when not powered (e.g., magnetic and optical disks). With such devices you can turn the computer off and back on, and the contents will be unchanged
decision support system
provide an interactive modeling capability tailored to the specific information needs of managers
If Southwest Airlines and Hertz Rent-A-Car worked together to offer special value packages for their customers, what type of competitive advantage is this?
establish alliances
the hiring of another company to perform design, implementation, or operational tasks for an information systems project.
IT resource that provides self support for managerial decision making. Gathers operational data and uses it to make decisions, asking "what if" questions.
shopping bot
software with varying levels of built-in intelligence to help electronic commerce shoppers locate and about which products or services that might wish to purchase
Check sums
to verify somethingCRC32 8 character hash - save a file to your hd - compares hash before and hash after (XOR)check sum for email - if email to send and email received are different you know something happened
used to read, insert, modify, and delete data
Transborder data flows
Regulation has started concern. Spurred by decrease in telecommunications costs, companies started to use offshore outsourcing for many business functions; for example companies today outsource integral functions such as accounting or human resources to India, where the same quality work can be provided at a fraction of the cost of performing in the US or EU. However lots of data has to be transferred to different countries , which causes problems.
A piece of information describing a particular entity.
Which of the following relationships describe the communication between the use case and the actors?
association relationship
of a network not supplying affiliated stations with programming but allowing each station to program its own shows, usually within a specific format.
Knowledge Management
Processes an organization uses to gain the greatest value from its knowledge assets.
something we want to know about a fact. For example, unit price is a measure. Some measures are just attributes of a fact, pulled straight from the fact table.
data flow diagram
Primary tool for structured analysis that graphically illustrates a system's component processes and the flow of data between them.
messaging-based workflow system
controls the flow of information between workers, teams, partners
personal productivity software
software that enables users to improve their personal effectiveness, increasing the amount of work they can do and its quality
Apple computers typically use a proprietary operating system, the Mac OS. ____is the leading portable operating system, usable on many computer system types and platforms. Linux is an operating system whose source code is available to everyone.
Unix ; Linux
Which of the following forces is commonly reduced through the use of a loyalty program?
Buyer power
Extra net
an intranet that is available to strategic allies
socket used to connect a computer to external devices: printers, hard disks, scanners, etc.
business rule
Defines or constrains one aspect of your business that is intended to assert business structure or influence the behavior of your business.
Media kit
a packet provided to news reporters to tell the story in an advantageous way
Upstream Information Flow
An info flow consisting of info received from another organization, such as from a supplier.
Domain Name Server
A computer on the Internet that maintains directories that link domain names to IP Addresses.
System Effectiveness
The extent to which a system enables people and/or the firm to accomplish goals or tasks well
The use of digital technologies, such as credit cards, smart cards, and Internet based payment systems, to pay for products and services electronically
electronic paymeny systems
foreign key
when you include the primary key from one table as a field in a second table to form a relationship between the two tables it is called a foreign key
Downstream information flow
Information flows that relate to the information that is produced by a company and sent along to another organization, such as a distributor.
an assigned address on the internet for each computer
uniform resource locator
The ERD Diagram
A tool used to identify the relationships between entities to assist in developing applications and databases
Level 1 RAID
mirroring - everything stored on drive 1 is stored on drive 2; occurs in real time - change word document and save it, is saved on both drives
Campus Area Network
up to 1000 meters; college campus or corporate facility
A __ is a smll, wearable special-purpose device developed by Accenture Technology used to continuously record interactions and store them for future recall
PWA personal awareness assistant
What do companies call the "triple play"?
offering telephone service, data access, and television in an integrated package
SSD: solid state disk
an alternative to magnetic disks, it actually doesn't involve a disk and works 250x faster than magnetic disk
CPU- hardware that interprets and executes the program (software). also coordinates how all other hardware devices work togethere.g. control unit- tells other hardware devices what to do based on software instructions
Primary storage- computer's main memory (directly accessible to the CPU)e.g. random access memory (RAM)
Commerce Service Providers (CSP)
A Web hot service that also provides commerce hosting services on its computer.
Which is a virus that opens a way into the network for future attacks?
Backdoor programs
Is a methodology that combines JAD , prototyping, and integrated CASE tools to decrease the time required for systems development
Rapid Application Developmen (RAD)
Automated Clearing House (ACH)
One of several systems set up by banks or government agencies, such as the US. Federal Reserve Board, that process high volumes of low dollar amount electronic fund transfers.
What does a telephone modem do?
they receive digital signals from a computer, convert the digital signals into analog signals, and transmit the analog signals over the subscribers access line
What are the four basic components of SCM?
1. Supply chin strategy
2. Supply china partners
3. Supply chain operation
4. Supply chain logistics
What are the costs in a typical IT budget?
hardware, software license fees, operations, maintenance, personnel, training, deployment and systems development, procurement, backup/recovery/disaster preparedness
How are prices and costs related in carrier WAN services?
because of carriers there is little relationship between the price and the cost
When does a project manager need to know about NPV
Projects with a positive NPV should be considered if financial value is a key criterion.
The higher the NPV, the better.
manioc/maniocs (aka cassava)
hatred of humanity
Sequential access storage device
Business-to-Consumer (B2C)
Retailer -> Consumer Relationship
Data Mining tools
statistical: regression, clusteringpattern recognition: neural networksdatabase segmentation: putting like things togetherdeviation analysis: difference b/w actual sales and expected
transaction processing system: any system that records transactions
Are collections of related data organized in a way that facilitates data searches, are vital to an organization's success.
genetic algorithms
Problem-solving methods that promote the evolution of solutions to specified problems using the model of living organisms adapting to their environment.
Shows the rows of the tables
distributed (many computers) denial of service
cons of outsourcing
employees threatened
loss of control
lower quality work
software and/or hardware that protects a computer or network form intruders
customer-facing CRM applications
areas where customers directly interact with the organization, including customer service and support, sales force automation, marketing, and campaign management
Grid Computing
Grid computing technologies avoid the need for expensive, dedicated hardware by distributing hte processing load among commodity-priced equipment
What are the 5 common characteristics of quality information?
The interaction of people and machines in the work environment, including the design of jobs, health issues, and the end-user interface of information systems.
Infrastructure Architecture
includes the hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment that, when combined, provide the underlying foundation to support the organization's goals. Discipline of addressing business needs with people, process, and technology as the organization changes. 1. Flexibility-meet all business changes2. Scalability-meet increased demand3. Reliability-accurately functioning4. Availability-uptime of system5. Performance-efficiency
The form of e-commerce with the greatest annual sales revenue is
a property of certain metals that allows current to flow with minimal electrical resistance
External Auditing
Auditing performed by an outside group.
Main Memory
Basic component of computer, code transferred from hard drive to memory to run
Service level agreement (SLA)
formal contractually obligated agreement between two parties; within different environment, an SLA takes on different meanings
Means by which the CPU reads instructions and data from main memory and writes data to main memory
executive information system
information systems for the strategic information needs of top and middle managers
This is considered to be intangible property of any kind created by individuals or corporations
Intellectual property
Database Server
The server computer on which database management software runs.
the extent to which ones authority is accepted on grounds of contents, vision, or other qualities
without RAID
HD 1 --> C:
HD 2 --> D:
resource allocation
the determination of how cost, time, and personnel are assigned to different phases of the systems development project
PPT Theme
defines a set of background elements, colors and fonts, as well as a set of slide layouts
Virtual Private Network
A secure connection between ttwo points on the internet
Electronic check
a mechanism for sending money from your checking or savings account to antoher person or organization
Switching costs-
this is where organizations lock in customers by making it difficult or expensive for customers to switch to another product.
expert system shell
a software package consisting of an inference engine and user interface programs used as an expert system development tool
Return on Investment (ROI)
Techniques measuring amount of income (return) provided by specific current expenditure (investment)
Access Reports
can complete a basic report from a Table or Query by selecting an object first
Password etiquette
Never write down password or give it out if requested, never ask for someones password if required as them get up let them enter it and then return This is not considered disrespectful buy Professional
How long are ATM headers and payloads?
5 octets header
Data administration subsystem  
helps you manage the overall database environment by providing facilities for backup and recovery, security management, query optimization, concurrency control, and change management.
Mass Customization
ability of an organization to give its customers the opportunity to tailor its product or service to the customer's specifications
Tell me about MANs
Metropolitan Area Network: A Network that transmits data and information over citywide distances and at greater speeds than a LAN.

In a project plan, the set of tasks that define the minimum amount of time required to complete the project is known as the:
critical path
Central Processing Unit (CPU)
Area of the computer system that manipulates symbols, numbers, and letters, and controls the other parts of the computer system.
o What are the stages of the project management lifecycle?
• Initiate
• Potential projects are identified and evaluated in terms of importance to the organization.
• Plan
• Scope, time, cost, and risk management takes place.
• Execute
• Project plan is followed
• Control
• The project performance is measure against the project plan.
• Close
• Final paperwork completed and sign off by all stakeholders.
24. Transmission Media
: refers to the various types of media used to carry the signal between computers
• Wire (guided) – twisted-pair writing; coaxial cable; fiber-optic cable
• Wireless (unguided)
User and reference guides

System Implementation – System Documentation
step-by-step instructions for using the system features and functions
support of strategies for competitive advantage
gaining a strategic advantage over competitors requires the innovative application of information technologies.  Thus, strategic information systems can help provide products and services that give a business a comparative advantage over its competitors.
how to hide a G in a jpeg
** picture in notes!!
What is the difference between information systems and information technology?
• An information system can be defined as an information-technology based system designed to gather, manage, and distribute information throughout an organization; it supports the daily operations and decision-making functions of an organization.
• The strategic role of information systems involves using information technology to develop products, services, and capabilities that give a company major advantages over the competitive forces it faces in the global marketplace.
What are the tasks for systems maintenance?
• Record requests for change: failures, enhancements.• Prioritize requests• Fix failures: patches, service packs, and new releases.
Be able to discuss Carr’s analogy between IT and the Electricity industry of the late 19th and early 20th century. Do you agree with his analogy?
o Electricity used to be harvested form mills and such now it is a utility from power plants that submit electricity through wires to distant customers.
o IT is kind of like this now, as it is switching from being an asset that company own in the form of computers, software, etc. to being a service one can purchase from utility providers.
How does IS differ from IT?
IS= IT+procedures + people, IS makes IT useful.
For what WLAN standard is FHSS used?
no WLAN standards use FHSS but Bluetooth an alternative wireless technology uses FHSS
Major benefits of a Data Warehouse are
1. Ability to reach data quickly - located in one place2. Ability to reach data easily and frequently by multiple users from multiple locations (can include web browsers)3. Data formatted in a common relational form
why is it good to be worried about decision making?
it means that you take it seriously
If a company already has a multisite PBX network installed for site-to-site voice service, what must it add for site-to-site VoIP?
it has to add a VoIP module to each PBX
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