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Database management system
Terms Definitions
angle; corner

has 2 choices
something if x is true
something if x is false
if 1st true, skip 2nd
Open-source Apache Software Foundation's dynamic page generation technology
electronic billboards, which typically contain a short text or graphical message to promote a product or a vendor
Special system software that translates a high-level language for execution by the computer.
- things we store information about (persons, places, things)
- have relationships to other entities
a web development technique that allows portions of web pages to reload with fresh data instead of requiring the entire web page to reload
Data Items
description of things, events, activities, and transactions that are recorded, classified , and stored but are not organized to convey any special meaning
An intelligent connecting device that examines each packet of data it receives and then decides which way to sent it on and its direction
__________ execute one type of instruction while the CPU works on others
knowledge assets
organizational knowledge regarding how to efficiently and effectively perform business processes and create new products and services that enable the business to create value
A network that connects computer systems and devices within a small area like an office home orserveral floors in a building.
Porter's Forces primarily focuses on which aspect of business
Change management
Managing the introduction of new technologies and IT-based strategies in organizations.
B2C e-commerece descrices a relationship between what trading partners?
business to consumer
Static Page
a webpage that displaus unchanging information restrieved from a disk
Database can have multiple uses and users
knowledge map
for identifying and locating the organization's knowledge resources
Here's a browser image what's the html? *
content management
-who made what changes,when, why?
- rights to create, edit, delete, and read-only content privleges may vary
Expert System
Hardware and software that stores knowledge and makes inferences, similar to a human expert.
A database management system that combines the capabilities of a relational DBMS for storing traditional information and the capabilities of an object-oriented DBMS for storing graphics and multimedia.
Object-Relational DBMS
Cost reduction and avoidance, error reduction, and increased flexibility are examples of:
tangible benefits
cub reporter
a young and rather inexperienced newspaper reporter.
Explicit Knowledge Assets
Knowledge assets that can be documented, archived, and codified.
Entity-relationship Data model
the most popular technique for creating a data model. Developers describe the content of a database by defining the entities that will be stored and the relationships among those entities
List the ePolicies
1. Ethical computer use policy
2. Information privacy policy
3. Acceptable use policy
4. E-mail privacy policy
5. Internet use policy
6. Anti-spam policy
Human resource ERP component
tracks employee information including payroll, benefits, compensation, performance, assessment, and assumes compliance with the legal requirements of multiple jurisdictions and tax authorities
sphere of influence
the scope of problems and opportunities addressed by a particular organization
computer system platform
the combination of a particular hardware configuration and system software package
What are raw facts that describe the characteristics of an event?
Query-by-example (QBE) tool  
helps you graphically design the answer to a question.
study of the comfort and safety of human beings in their working environment
an occurrence of an entity class that can be uniquely described.
A line that shows where one place ends and another begins.
Extensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL)
An XML-Based specification for publishing financial info.
Client-Side electronic wallet
an electronic wallet that stores a consumer's information on the consumer's own computer
Data Mining
A method used by companies to discover "hidden" predictive relationships in data to better understand their customers, products, markets or any other phase of their business for which the data has been captured
part of the expert system that provides convenient and efficient means of capturing and storing all the components of the knowledge base
knowledge acquisition facility
business driver
a force in the environment to which businesses must respond and that influence the direction of business
software that enables a manager to monitor the use of individual computers and shared hardware (printers), scan for viruses, and ensure compliance with software licenses
network management software
Software Engineering
A newer term given to acknowledge the movement of systems building from art to discipline by professionals using common methods, techniques, and tools for constructing information systems
hatred or dislike of what is new or represents change.
Radio frequency identification
The use of electomagnetic waves in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum in order to transmit signals; an RFID system uses a transceiver and antenna to transfer information to processing device or RFID tag
In a GDSS, what approach or technique uses voting to make the final decision in a group setting
nominal group technique
For what is OAM&P an abbreviation for?
operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning
How are IT projects evaluated?
Choose the cheapest alternative that will do the job. Be sure to consider total cost of ownership. Small or cheap systems can use back-of-the envelope assessment.
• Characteristics of a complex adaptive system:
o Contain large number of elementso No one element understands entire systemo Have rich interactiono Operate in an open system, one of manyo Affected by positive and negative feedback loops o Operate far from equilibriumo Any agent can influence and be influenced by other agentso Demonstrate emergent behavioro Are unknowable and unpredictableo Self-organize into patternso Can experience big change from small causeso Co-evolve with environment in nonlinear wayso Operate best at the Edge of Chaoso All systems are a function of their history
Extreme planning (XP) methodology
Breaks a project into tiny phases, and developers cannot continue onto the next phase until the first one is complete
Which of the following is not one of the three primary information security areas?
detection and resistance
To assign a level of risk and priority to each componet of a companies info system
Business impact analyisis
Radio frequency identification (RFID)
Use active or passive tags in the form of chips or smart labels that can store unique identifiers and relay this information to unique identifiers
How are telephony and WAN related?
wide area network technology is built on top of the already existing PSTN technology
Add historical details to a data model
Adding these may be necessary for legal requirements as well as strategic reporting requirements; can be applied to attributes and relationships; when applied to a relationship, it typically involves changing a 1-M relationship into an associative entity type and a pair of identifying 1-M relationships
A data warehouse DIMENSION
a category of data by which a user may need to sort, group, or aggregate data facts
What should companies do if they have access points that are not upgradeable to WPA?
all equipment that cannot be upgraded to WPA should be discarded
What are the elements of a security policy?
The first is a general statement of the organization's security program. The second is issue-specific policy. The third is system-specific policy.
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