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Terms Definitions
entire; whole
random access memory
_____ _____programming languages, such as Small talk, C++, C#, 'and Java, use groups of related data, instructions, and procedures called objects, which serve as reusable modules in various programs.
Data conversion
Correcting, converting, filtering, consolidating, and organizing data when replacing an old system.
Distributed Processing
Allows geographically dispersed computers to cooperate when providing data access
Order Entry
-obtain customer data
-verify credit
-record payment method
-enter order for processing
facts or observations about physical phenomena or business transactions. More specifically, data are objective measurements of the attributes ( characteristics) of entities such as people, places, things, and events.Information
the process of converting poorly structured tables into two or more well-structured tables
Online groups using e-mail broadcast from mailing list servers for discussions or messaging.
rules of thumb arising from experience or even guesses
main memory
- contains program instructions
- contains operating system instructions
an architecture in which the application and database reside on one host computer, and the user interacts with the application and data using a "dumb" terminal
A type of computer is a...
A user manual communicates the design and operating procedures of a system.
Intangible Benefits
Impossible to calculate a dollar value
The process of translating the system specifications prepared during the design stage into program code.
Enterprise DBMSs
DBMSs that support large databases with many simultaneous users
Software that helps groups work together is often referred to as _____. _____ software that benefits the entire organization can also be developed or purchased.
groupware; Enterprise
group of components that interact to achieve some purpose
elimination of middle layers in supply chain, especially wholesale and retail links
data warehouse
a logical collection of information gathered from many different operational databases
direct access storage: disk or array of disks is directly connected to server, i.e hard disk in a PC or a tape drive attached to a single server, commands access this storage directly -good for localized file sharing which is typical for small business
Operation Level(Deff)
day to day, highly structures, recurring, repetitive tasks; interact daily with customers (high need to be automated) TPS
Turing test
a test for artificial intelligence in which a human interviewer, conversing with both an unseen human being and an unseen computer, cannot determine which is which; named for English mathematician Alan Turing
Data integration
Data in independent files made it difficult to provide answers to ad hoc requests and required special computer programs to be written to perform this task.
Personal Digital Assistants
small, hand held computers featuring applications such as schedulers, address books, etc.
Data administration component
Provides tools for managing the overall database environment by providing facilities for backup, recovery, security, and performance
SOA key concepts include what?
Services, Interoperability, Loose Coupling
Inventory control is a subsystem of the
manufacturing MIS
structured analysis
a method for defining system and poets, processes, and outputs and for partitioning systems into subsystems or models that show a logical graphic model of the information flow
Demand Report
A report developed to give certain information at someones request.
Information technology (IT)  
any computer-based tool that people use to work with information and support the information and information-processing needs of an organization.
Offshore outsourcing
contracting with a company that is geographically far away.
Trends in Information Technology
1. business process design=information technology design
2. location does not matter
3. IT is a major driver in business organization
4. IT does not secure long-term business advantage (requires constant adaptation and change to stay competitive)
5. link business objectives to technology initiatives
6. understand the reality of organizational resistance and inertia
consumer-to-consumer electronic commerce
electronic commerce in which both the buyer and the seller are individuals
In a Decision Support System (DSS), turning data into useful information and knowledge is managed by the:
Model Management Module
Late Outsourcing
The hiring of an external company to maintain an electronic commerce site that has been designed and developed b and internal information system team.
Technology Trigger
Place on the Gartner Hype cycle where the technology is still in development and may not have the kinks worked out.
Clustering vs. Nearest Neighbor
clustering assumes that all neighbors have equal weight; all neighbors contribute the same to the prediction Nearest neighbor assumes that the neighbors have different weights; more weight on closest
economic factors in disintermediation
- channel conflict
- price conflict with existing channels
- logistics expenses increase for manufacturer
- customer- service expenses increase for manufacturer
26. Data Communications Hardware
equipment used to send information and receive it from one location to another; physical media require installation of cable.
• Electrical signal
• Wire (copper)
1. Twisted pair
2. Coaxial
• Optic signal
• Fiber optic cable
1. Thin glass fibers surrounded by coating
2. Uses lasers for light source
3. Very fast
What does third normal form do.
Removes the transitive dependencies
Large, complex systems that consist of a series of independent system modules often linked throughout the organization best describes:
Enterprise wide solutions
rapid application development (RAD)
a development method that uses special tools and an iterative approach to rapidly produce a high-quality system
Return on Investment (ROI)
A method for evaluating the potential costs and benefits of a proposed capital investment.
Components of Expert System Shell
Repository: data, links among data items, logic, rulesInference engine: to process all above stuff
What is high when competition is fierce in a market and low when competition is more complacent?
Rivalry among existing competitors
Financial EDI (financial electronic data interchange)
an electronic jprocess used primarily within the Business to Business e-commerece model for the payment of purchases
the P2C (police to citizen) website developed by the Gainesville Police Department increased citizen awareness of what information?
Location of crime incidents
Three most common core ERP components
1. Accounting and finance2. Production and materials management3. Human resource
Why is residential DSL service called ADSL service?
(asymmetrical digital subscriber line) because the speed provided is different in each direction, download speed is higher than its upload speed
Managerial Level(Who, What, Why, IS)
Who - Midlevel managers and functional managers
What - Automate the monitoring and controlling of operational activities
Why - improve organizational efficiency
IS - Management Information Systems (MIS)
All data is stored where?
in tables within a database where it is available to individual applications
What are the symbols included in Gantt charts?
Black diamonds: Milestones
Thick black bars: Summary tasks
Lighter horizontal bars: Durations of tasks
Arrows: Dependencies between tasks
how many IP version 4 IPs are there?
2^32 = 4.3 billion IP addresses
focuses on the extent to which an organisation is using its resources in an optimal way (performance of IT system)
"Doing things right"-getting the most from each resource
What will a critical chain tend to do
A Critical Chain project network will tend to keep the resources levelly loaded, but will require them to be flexible in their start times and to quickly switch between tasks and task chains to keep the whole project on schedule.
What is the primary characteristic of radio buttons?
You can select at MOST one of that group
virtual marektplaces in which businesses buy from and sell products to each other, share information and perform other important activities. one of the fastest growing trends in the B2B ecommerce model
B2B e-marketplaces
the basic client/server relationship. in essence, the client handles the display, the server handles the request and the application tier is contained on one or both of the two tiers.
2-tier infrastructure
percentage of potential customers who visit your site who actually buy something
conversion rate
many C2C sites are ------ meaning that they derive their revenue by selling advertising space, much like the concept of an affiliate program.
impact analyis is often called ------ which is the process of evaluating IT assets, their importance of the organization, and their susceptibility to thereats
risk assesment
a software architecture perspective that focuses on the development, use, and reuse of small self contained blocks of code (called services) to meet all the application software needs of an organization
service oriented architecture (SOA)
installs the new system in phases until you're sure it works correctly and then the remaining phases of the new systems are implemented
phased implementation
a good example of the C2B e-commerce model. posting links on your site for amazon to receive a commission.
affiliate programs
typically a measure of the efficiency, speed, and/or capacity of technology.
infrastructure centric metric
are the detailed steps the system must perform along with the expected results of each step
test conditions
average number of page exposures to an invidividual visitor
page exposures
occurs when an individual sells products and services to a business
consumer to business (C2B) e-commerce
a step by step guideline defing how the organization will recover from a disaster or extended disruption of its business processes
business continuity plan
primary goal of the ---- phase of the sdlc is to build a techinical blueprint of how the proposed system will work
design phase
occurs when a business sell products and services to customers who are primarily individuals.
business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce
the percentage of calls that can be resolved without having to call back
first call resolution (FCR)
a measure of success of your web and e business initiatives
web centric metric
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