Missouri Constitution Flashcards

Supreme Court of the United States
Terms Definitions
Jake Nixon
Lt. Age
state nut
black walnut
general assembly session
AG term limit
US Capitol
Washington, DC
General assembly
house + senate
missouri supreme court
judicial branch
Missouri's junior senator
Roy Blunt
Governor Appointed or Elected
Age requirement: MO Senator
Who appoints many state officials?
Age to vote in MO
The show me state
Missouri nickname?
missouri became a state in?
mayor and council both elected
St. Louis's Mayor
Francis Slay (D)
Who presides over the Senate?
lieutenant governor
Who appoints government officials in the state?
What year was the Missouri Constitution written in?
next presidential election will be held in what year
The capital of missouri is st.louis/
# of members in the senate
county courts
same thing as circuit courts
SS Term Limit, ST, SA
none,2 none
US Supreme Court Justice term length
How long is a senator's term?
4 years
What does the executive branch do?
enforces laws
Terms of Governors
4 years each, two max
What are some State Services?
Driving Privileges
a legislative act is referred for final approval to a popular vote by the electorate
What is the purpose of article 7?
How many members are in the senate?
Majority leader: House of Representatives
Steny Hoyer (MD
US Speaker of the House
Nancy Pelosi (D)
How many members of the Senate are there?
succession of power
governor, lt. governor, president pro tempore of senate, speaker of house, then speaker of the senate.
What are the 3 levels of Missouri Courts?
popular sovereignty
where the people decide for themselves whether or not to have something, the right of the people to govern themselves
missouri and federal
what two governments have three branches?
dept. of corrections
in charge of prisons and patrol
home rule
lets people have their own city government (ex: if you live in an unincorporated county, you can get a home rule), if you get a home rule, you get to have a city government
Who is our current attorney general?
Chris Koster (D)
What is Nepotism?
Favortism shown to realtives (cannot be done)
Who is the Presiding officer in the Senate?
All courts of Missouri are under the supervision of whom?
Supreme Court
What is the highest court in Missouri?
Missouri Supreme Court
state flower
the hawthorn is the state flower becuz you can find the flower all over the state and it can be more than just a flower
statutory law
Law passed by the U.S. Congress or state legislatures
county recorder
keeps track of every sale and purchase of prop. (also does marriage licenses)
const. convetion
every 20 years (15 at large delegates plus 2 from each senate district help write the const.) 83 people total writing the const. (At-large delegates: could be from any place in the state); const. must go into effect 30 days after ratifcation
How long must they live in the district for?
1 year
Who is our current state auditor?
Thomas A. Schweich (R)
What is the power given to cities and towns to pass local ordinances?
home rule
What does the Missouri Plan?
Governor apppoints someone for judge and approval vote from Senate.
Printz v. United states
State must check the background of handgun buyers
purpose of the MO const
to establish this constitituion for the better government of the state
local board of education
elected by the people; amke more specific descisions (ex: when you have breaks, when you start school, hire superintendents...)
how many resident associate circuit judges must there be in each county?
there must be atleast 1
What is the length of term for the house of representatives and senators?
4 years
Who is the Presiding officer in Senate?
Speaker of the House
What Administrative powers does the governor possess?
Supervise, appoint, remove, liason with US govt, and direct spending.
Nevada v. Hibbs
A state worker can sue the state for money damages for its failure to obey the Medical Leave act of 1993
MO courts of appeals
3 courts: (in St. Louis, Kansas City, and Springfield)
how does missouri define equality of the sexes?
no discrimination in government because of sex
What powers does the state auditor have?
establishes appropriate systems of accounting for all public officials of state, audit accounts and the treasury
How often is a popular vot eon the Constitution given?
Every 20 yrs.
What Judicial powers does the governor possess?
Pardon reprieve, commutation, and extracition
What Military powers does the govenor possess?
Directs National Guard, appoints commander.
The wrong Bill to law process
bill introduced > hearing > committee > debate > vote > governor
Translate section 8 of article 4
all resolutions that the senate and house agree on must be presented to the governor and then take the same process as a bill
Duties of the Secratary of the State
Prepares ballots for state elections, certify the results of state elections, administer laws which require candidates to show where money from their campaigns came from, register all Missouri Corporations, Supervise the registration of all Securitites in the states, place the state seal on official documents, and keep the official record of the governor's actions.
The governor has the power to...
... veto, sign bills, rule the police and mo national guard.
What is the general purpose of the following documents: Ordinance of Acceptance, Admission of Missouri into the Union, A Solemn Public Act, and A Proclamations?
Outlines the process for Missouri entering the Union.
What are the duties of the Secretary of State?
Prepares ballots for state elections, certify the results of state elections, administer laws which require candidates to show where money from their campaigns came from, register all Missouri Corporations, Supervise the registration of all Securitites in the states, place the state seal on official documents, and keep the official record of the governor's actions.
Qualifications to run for Governor
30+ age ; 15+ us citizen ; mo citizen 10+
qualifications for being a senator
1) 30 years old 2)reg. voter in MO for 3 years 3) resident of district for at least one year
What powers does the secretary of state hold?
custodian of the seal of the state, authenticate all official acts of governor, custodian of records
What are the requirements for voting in Missouri?
Must be US citizen, must register to vote, must reregister if he or she changes his/her name or address, or fails to vote at least once in 4 years, & a person is disqualified from voting if convicted of a feloney or a misdemeanor connected with election laws.
What is the purpose of the State Constitution?
A system of Government that is written in a document.
What shall the judicial power of the state be vested in?
a supreme court, a court of appeals, and circut courts
What is the main duty of the state treasurer?
custodian of all state funds and funds recieved from the federal government
state fossil
Lt Resident
County seat
state dance
square dance
Number of Senators
Age requirement: Representative
minimum age to vote
term for governor
4 years
Lt. Governor term length
Governor term limit
2 years
MO Governor
Jay Nixon (D)
Legal commutations
Shortening of a sentence
Who is Attorney General?
Chris Coster
term limit for governor
2 terms
SS Term Length, ST, SA
US Senator term length
6 years
# of senate districts in MO
Who is Lieutenant Governor?
Peter Kender (R)
saying harmful lies to harm person
fundamental law
law determining the fundamental political principles of a government
when did missouri join the confederancy?
dept. of conservation
over the state parks
When Missouri initially applied for statehood what was its stance on slavery in the territory?
US Secretary of State
Hillary Rodham Clinton
What is the capital of Missouri?
Jefferson City
How many counties are there in Missouri?
How old must you be to vote?
reserved powers
Powers reserved for the state (marriage, divorce, traffic..)
how the MO voters can void laws
3 types of city government
Mayor-council, council-manager, commission
Term for Missouri Supreme Court Judge
12 years
St. Louis County Executive term length
4 years
How many senators are in the Senate?
What is changing a district's size and shape based on a census called?
Who is the Secretary of State?
Robin Carnahan (D)
Gibbons v. Ogden
Affirms the federal governments right to regulate interstate trade
what territory did the U.S bring from france?
MO sup. court has ____ jurisdiction
original and appellate
state board of trustees
regulates state universities, gov. appts and senate approves, 8 members (one diff. every year)
What is the purpose of Article 8?
election process
How long must the representative in question been voting in the district in which they are trying to represent?
2 years
What is the purpose of article 3?
legislative branch
US Representative requirements
7 year citizen
Age 25
Inhabitant of state at time of election
How many judges make up the Missouri Supreme Court?
Hancock Amendment
Limits the state's power to tax and spend; mandates a balanced budget
What are sources of State income?
Property tax
Income tax
Revenue Department
Sales Tax
What are the functions of State Government?
Controls the state
163 members
2 year term
as to be 24 yrs old
secretary of state
Robin Carnahan-she is in charge of elections and voter registration
grounds for impeachment
really broad, people can be impeached for a variety of things
What is similar to section 18 of article 5 on the national scale?
judicial review
Who is our current secretary of state?
Robin Carnahan (D)
Where do you find section 15 of article 1 in the U.S. constitution?
Amendment 4
MO Senator requirements
3 year MO qualified voter
Age 30
2 year resident of district
Petit Jury
a jury of 6 to 12 persons who determine guilt or innocence in a civil or criminal action
state bird
the blue bird is the state bird becux they are symbols of happiness
3 jobs of the general assembly
1. budget 2.laws 3. oversight
en banc
when all of the judges of the sup. court hear a case (have to do this for impeachment cases)
How long must a Senator be a qualified voter for?
3 years
qualifications for circuit judges
citizens of U.S. for 10 years, qualified voters for 3 years
Who has the right to establish free public school?
The General Assembly
powers of the governor
1. veto 2.commander in chief (of MO national guard) 3.power of appointment 4. Power to Pardon 5. Has to give a state-of-the-state message 6. has line-item veto (but not pocket veto)
absentee voting
you can be in another state and have a ballot mailed to you (You can still bote if you live somewhere else)
Main duty of attorney general
legal aid to the state and governor
Duties of the Attorny General
Prosecutes or defends all cases in which the state of Missouri is involved.
Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific railway co. v. Illinois
Sates cannot regulate railroad rates on their borders
What powers does the supreme court have?
establish rules relating to practice, procedure, and pleading for all courts and administrative tribunals and they can move judges form one court to another
What is meant by Home Rule?
self-government in local matters by a city, province, state, colony, or the like
What are the duties of a citizen that are not required by law?
voting, being informed, expressing opinions, and knowng the democratic process
In the Missouri Plan, if a judge wishes to go for a 2nd term, what must they get?
Get vote in by the People.
Describe the similarities between the United States Constitution's amendments that deal with law and order with section seventeen through twenty-two
The same rights of the accused and describes the rights of trials and courts, but MO is more specific
What are the quialifications for a voter in Missouri?
18 years old, U.S. citizen, and live in election district for 30 days
local tax rate increases for personal prop. taxes may only last for ____ years.
4 years, and then cits. vote whether or not to keep it
What do all judges have in common?
they shall all be licensed to practice law in this state
What is the referendum process?
Is a way for the voters to review a law after legislature has approved it.
What is the main job of the Attorney General?
Goe after bad bussinesses such as Skams.
Missouri's Attorney
qualifications for governor and lt. governor
1. 30 years old 2. US cit. for 15 years 3. resident of Mo for 10 years
What are the duties of the State Treasurer?
Takes care of all state funds, also determines the amount of money needed for current expenses of the state.
When can the governor not call upon the state militia?
when it is called into the service of the US
Lt citizen
writing harmful lies
senate terms
4 years
Lt. Term limit
MO Capitol
Jefferson City
Our president
Harry S. Truman
year missouri became state
Missouri's senior senator
Claire McCaskill
Lt Appointed or elected
US President
Barack Obama (D)
small claims courts
<$500 civil case
missouri chief legal officer
attorney general
missouri has how many capitals?
House Term in MO
2 years
Branches of government:
Executive, Judicial, Legislative
MO State Treasurer
Clint Zweifel (D)
When did Missouri become a state?
Legal Pardons
Complete forgiveness for a crime
Who is the Auditor?
Susan Montee (D)
missouri has had how many constitutions
# of members in House
163 members
in division
3 judges hear your case
When was the current Constitution written?
St. Louis Alderman term length
4 years
Which Missouri court has final authority?
Supreme Court
Initiative Voting
Signatures by Individuals > Popular Vote
recipient and dealer of all state money
Who is Missouri's State Senator?
Matt Bartle (R)
Wesberry v. Sanders
state must draw congressional districts of nearly equal populations
leader of the house
speaker of the house
Where is the political power vested?
the people
Number of Articles in the Mo. Constitution
Minority leader: House of Representatives
John Boehner (OH)
What does Article I contain?
Bill of Rights.
How can the General Assembly override a governor's veto?
2/3 vote
How long does each General Assembly exist?
2 years
Concurrent powers
Shared powers between the states and fed.
Where do the states get government power from?
10th Amendment
who hears appeals from circuit courts
court of appeals
limited government
the government has only the powers that the Constitution gives it
Non-partisian court plan
(adopted by initiate in 1940): purpose- to stop judges from being tempted to take bribes; applies to sup. court justices, courts of appeals judges, and circuit court judges in the counties of St. Louis, Jackson ,Platte, Clay, and Greene
How long does the representative in question have to live in the county or district they are trying to represent?
1 year
The supreme executive power shall be vested in?
a governor
How many Judges make up the Supreme Court?
Cheif Justice of US Supreme Court
John G. Roberts
What are the main trial courts in Missouri?
circuit courts
How long does the governor have to veto a bill?>
15 days
How long is a term for the Senate?
4 Years
What is the largest source of income in Missouri?
Sales Tax
state mineral
lead (Galena), almost all the lead in the U.S. comes from MO
Executive departments (governor appoints heads)
department of revenue, department of economic developmentm department of corrections, department of conservation, department of transportation
need at least 85,000 people to get one for a new county; if you have one, you can est. your own county government
who can be impeached?
any elected executive branch official (6 people of exec. branch: governor, lt. governor, attney general, auditor, sec. of state, treasuer) 2. judges of: sup. court, courts of appeal, and circuit courts
resident of the circuit for how many years?
1 year
Main duty of the state auditor
dealing with the budget
What makes up the General Assembly?
The House and Senate
How long is the term for a Governor?
4 Years long
Gitlow v. New York
Protections of the 1st amendment apply against actions by the state government
qualifications to vote
18 years old, US cit, registered to vote at least 30 days before the election
term length for a judge on the ciruit courts
6 years
Qualifications for State Senator
Must be 30 yrs
must be registered voter for 3 yrs
must have lived in the district from which he/she is elected for at least one year
How long is a term for the state Supreme Court Judge?
12 year term
terms for a juvenile court judge
because juvenile courts are considered part of a circuit court, the terms are the same (6 years)
Where shall impeachment hearings be tried- except for the governor or a supreme court judge?
in front of the supreme court
How is section 12 similar to the U.S. Constitution interpretation of Habeas Corpus?
cannot be suspended
Describe the order of succession to the governorship.
Lieutenant governor, president pro tempore, speaker of the hosue, secretary of state, state auditor, state treasurer or attorney general
What Legistlative powers does the governor posses?
Reccomend laws, propose budgest, veto or sign bills, call special sessions.
Mo House qualifications, terms
24+ years old, mo voter for 2+ years, district resident one year; four two year terms.
Main duty of lieutanant governor
aid the governor in any duties, first in line of succession
Qualifications of a missouri voter?
18 years old, U.S. citizen, and live in election district for 30 days
What does the governor do during line item veto?
approves some parts of a bill
qualifications for being a represenative in the house in MO
1. 24 years old 2. registered voter in MO for 2 years 3. resident of the district for a year
What is Referundum Processes?
A way for the voters to review a law after legislature has approved it
What is the order of succession of Missouri courts (from most authority to least authority?
Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and Circuit Courts
powers of the lt. governor
1. break a tie in the senate 2. take over if something happens to the governor
what power does the department of revenue have?
collect taxes and fees payable to the state
What are the duties of the State Auditor?
Checks the collection and spending of money by all State officers &amp; agencies, sets up the accounting system for the state &amp; local gov, approves the places chosen by treasurer to put State money.
What is the main job of the Secretary of State?
Run all elections and promote the state.
What is the purpose of separation of powers?
equal say in govenment, no abuse of powers
The House and Senate will be known as what?
The general assembly of the state of Missouri
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