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 E-Commerce Transactions
 E-Commerce Transactions
Electronic payment of taxes as well as purchase of various types of licenses 
investigate, analyze, decide, do
Organizational Networks in size
integrates data collection, transformation, storage, and analysis of customer transaction data, including purchases, service requests, and other forms of customer contact
electronic and mechanical components that you can see and touch, such as your computer monitor
small digital units of data
a combination of 8 bits
Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac
operating systems
• Transformation is a knowledge work activity to involves organizing the results of discovery activities
present your findings to your management
In a perfect world, information privacy guidelines should come from what level in a company?
method of publishing audio programs via the internet that allows users of just about any digital audio device to download broadcast or to subscribe to a feed of new files (usually MP3's)
Tactic Knowledge
Knowledge gained through experience, insight, and discovery
provides general rules for formulating the queriers on relational databases
business environment
important factors influencing a business
involves using IT specialists within your organization to develop that system
storage is long termmemory is temporary
the end result of a process
digital dashboard
displays key information gathered from several sources in a format tailored to the needs and wants of an individual
Time Management
Part of the Project Management Pyramid
Estimating the duration of the project, developing an acceptable schedule, and managing the project to ensure timely completion 
Specifying the decision rights and accountability framework to encourage desirable behavior in using IT refers to the notion of...
IT governance
project team works with customers to progressively build the system from an initial outline specification
IS security
aka information assurance. protects people, information, software, hardware, networks, organizations from the harmful actions of others.
computers on a network running server software that provides resources to other computers on the networks
knowledge work
the intellectual activity that people perform upon data, information, and knowledge in order to discover business options
data hierarchy
organizes stored data in increasing levels of complexitybit characterfieldrecord filedatabase
explicit knowledge
knowledge that is readily codified, such as the knowledge in the textbook
value chain
connected series of activities, each of which adds value or supports the addition of value to the firm's goods and services.
1. Pre-inception2. Inception3. Elaboration4. Construction5. Transition6. Production7. Retirement
software or hardware that protects a computer or network from intruders
directly related to production and distribution think direct costs kinda of
Support activities
functional structure
a business organized according to functional areas instead of product lines. Functionally organized businesses can be economically efficient, but can lack flexibility and it may be difficult to communicate between functional areas
Unstructured Decision
a decision is characterized by uncertain data or information and for which there may be no known method for arriving at a solution
3 evolutionary principles of genetic algorithms
selection, crossover, mutation
standard set of rules that allow the communication of data between nodes on a network.
Information Technology
This acts as the "plumbing" for information system: it acts to deliver "clean" data to those who need it
Hot Site
a separate and fully equipped facility where the company can move immediately to after the disaster and resume business
mass customization
the ability to create custom products or services ondemand
information system (IS)
an organized collection of people, information, business processes, and information technology, designed to transform inputs into outputs to achieve a goal
DSS (decision support system)
provides analytical and visualization tools to support and enhance decision making and planning. make data-based decisions and discover new business opportunities for managers
used to capture and store the knowledge of a human expert so that the organization can permanetly store and share it
collaborative software
extracts and reorganizes specific data according to their users information needs
slicing and dicing
The use of laptops, mobile telephones, and personal digital assistants to connect to the Internet and Web to conduct many of the activities associated with e-commerce
E-Commerce Strategy
(NIC) expansion card for a desktop computer or a PC card for a notebook computer that connects your computer to a network and provides the doorway information to flow in and out
ethernet card
Local Area Network
LAN confined to relatively small geographic area. Computer labs, private wireless
utility software
provides additional tools that you can use to maintain and service your system
data warehouse
collection of data (from many places) that supports business analysis activities and decision making
Communication tools
Conferencing tools
Collaborative Management tools 
What are the 3 levels of groupware?
2nd Generation of E-Commerce
Generation of E-Commerce that allows for the delivery of dynamic content
language processing
attempts to make sense of what you're saying by comparing the word phonemes generated in step 2 with a language model database
short message service (SMS)
a wireless protocol that enables mobile phones to send and receive text messages up to 160 characters long
database management systems
is a collection of software that allows users to create and work with a database.
data storage for business
all business information systems rely on stored data for making decisions. (instead of files)
What are types of knowledge?
1)Explicit Knowledge: knowledge that is readily codified, such as knowledge in a textbook
help desk
group of people who respond to users' questions
a field that has unique values for each record in a relational table
foreign key
Transaction processing system (TPS)
captures and processes transactions to make them available to the organization. A transaction is the exchange of something of value the business produces for something in return that the business values, e.g. revenue from product sales
Functional Information Systems
IS that focuses on the activities of the functional department to improve its efficiency and effectiveness.
Common Types Include: Accounting IS, Marketing IS, Human Resource IS, Financial IS, and Manufacturing IS 
database management system (DBMS)
a collection of software that allows users to create and work with a database
Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
Specifies a unique address for each page that indicates the location of a document.
commercially developed software
ready to install and use with little modifications on the part of the user.
the intellectual activity that people perform upon in order to discover business options
What is a knowledge worker?
open - source software
programs the authors allow anyone to view the source code
Operating system (os) software
coordinates and handles the details of working with the computer hardware, provides a stable and consistent interface between application programs and the hardware
Client/Server Infrastructure (client server network)
network in which one or more computers are servers and provide services to the other computers called clients
on the internet and world wide web, businesses and individuals can carry out remote business transactions anytime and anywhere
Internet Service Provider (ISP)
e comm activities performed between a govt and businesses for such purposes as purchasing direct and MRO materials, soliciting bids for work licensing apps meeting equal employment opportunity and so on
government to consumer (G2C)
Which one of the following is NOT a driver for outsourcing?
Working effectively w/ suppliers
installs the new system in phases (accounts receivable and then accounts payable) until you're sure it works correctly and then the remaining phases of the new systems are implemented
phase 7 of SDLC - maintenance
phase 6 of SDLC - implementation
you distribute the system to all the users and they begin using the system to perform their everyday jobs
What is the difference between ROM and RAM?
ROM stands for Read Only Memory which contains instructions and data that only special devices can alter. In computers, ROM holds the instructions used to control the startup processes
Agile Development
raw, unorganized facts
Enterprise Resource PlanningIntegrates and standardizes processes and standardizes the storage and management of data.
RAM is ____ term
Communication-Driven DSS
Data-Driven DSS
Document-Driven DSS
Knowledge-Driven DSS
Model-Driven DSS 
5 Types of DSS
raw unorganized facts, numbers, pictures, and so on
represents the steps organizational resources, input and output data and tools needed to complete a business process
team builds initial running system
modern businesses are using information technology to expand their market to customers around the globe, to find the lowest-cost suppliers regardless of location, and even to create a 24-hour business day by shuttling work across time zones and nations
Genetic Algorithm
artificial intelligence system that mimics the evolutionary, survival of the fittest process to generate increasingly better solutions
E-Commerce Business Models
E-Commerce Business Models
Enables competitors to cooperate on a website
Examples: AutoTrader.com, VRBO.com 
software that links applications that use dissimilar software or hardware platforms
a type of high-powered small computer
Hardware Components
Processing, memory, input, output, storage, and communications
a transaction must be unquicoally completed. if an error causes the ransaction to fail, then the entire transaction tot htat point should be undone and the data reset
Building (make)
Advantages - Provides competitive advantage, retain control over the system, customization on systems
capacity of the communications medium - amount of ingo that a communications medium can transfer in a given amount of time (gigabits per second = Gbps -- billions of bits per second)
decentralized structure
decision-making authority is pushed down the organization structure and shared with many lower-level employees. decentralized organizations have fewer levels of management with wide spans of control giving employees more freedom of action. Decentralized structures can be more efficient than centralized structures because they require fewer managers.
application software
a complete, self-contained program performing a specific job
CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
integrates data collection, transformation, storage, and analysis of customer transaction data, including purchases, service requests, and other forms of customer contact.
Electronic Data Interchange
Type of IOS 
Uses value-added networks (VANs) or private networks instead of the regular telephone system
e-commerce business model in which a consumer communicates through a business of the internet that directly provides product specifications to a factory that makes the customized and personalized product to the consumer's specifications and then ships it directly to the consumer
provides a framework for both the management and technical processes of an IS project
a recognizable whole that consists of a collection of interrelated parts that interact with each other to transform inputs into outputs in order to achieve a goal
Productivity Software
makes data, information, and knowledge use more efficient and effective
hwo the company recognizes, generates, manages, and shares knowledge
artificial inelligence
the abilit to share your analyses ideas and solutions with others
provides the interface used for data entry into a device.
Include: - Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) - Decision Support Systems (DSS) - Enterprise Resource Management Systems (ERM) - Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)
What is knowledge work?
no "feel" or intuition is necessary
unstructured decision
a large number of cooperating computer networks that use the same rules for sending messages
Knowledge Management System
A system that facilitates knowledge management by ensuring knowledge flow from the person(s) who know to the person(s) who need to know throughout the organization; knowledge evolves and grows during the process
MIS (Management Information Systems)
through process and reporting features, a MIS provides timely information to information to decision makers
Collaborative Management Tools
Name the Type of Groupware
(Groupware AKA Collabrative Software)
Can help manage and facilitate the activites of a team. They include electronic calendars for scheduling events and automatically notifying participants.
Shared workspaces can be provided in which to store and share work products that group members may modify.
May overlap with project management systems to keep the group aware of a project's status. 
Business continuity plan
a step-by-step guideline defining how the organization will recover from a disaster or extended disruption of its business process
mobile commerce
the use of laptops, mobile telephones, and personal digital assistants (PDAs) to connect to the Internet and Web to conduct many of the activities normally associated with e-commerce
Wide Area Networks (WAN)
Connects computers over regions, countries, and continents
Storage Hardware
devices that contain large amounts of data and instructions for the long term
a set of services for distributing private information throughout the organization
platform independence
Disadvantages - longest time and highest cost, requires IS staff with time and development knowledge
In House (building)
scrambles the contents of a file so that you cant read it without having the right decryption key
Data definition subsystem
to create and maintain the data dictionary and structure of the database files
Wide Area Network (WAN)
connects computers that cover entire regions, even overseas
Web Sites Classified by Purpose
Sales Support 
Web Sites Classified by Purpose
Provides information on a product before or after the sale
Examples: Microsoft, BMW, McAfee, Cingular 
Service-oriented architecture (SoA or SOA)
a software architecture perspective that focuses on the development, use, and reuse of small self contained blocks of code, services, to meet all the application software needs of an organization
1. What is software localization?
Infusion of specific cultural context into an internationalized product More than the translation of the user interface text
ERP (enterprise resource planning) system
integrates and standardizes processes, and centralizes and standardizes storage and management of data. reduce costs from duplication(processes and effort), minimizes decision making mistakes
one that can be programmed; it is routine or repetitive
semistructured decision
Disadvantages - lost control of project, less opportunity for internal staff to learn, Requires good contracts and oversight
Stages of System Development
business process outsourcing (BPO)
using a contractual service to completely manage, deliver, and operate one or more business processes or functions
video ram - two devices can access VAM at the same time
a state that exists when a person or organization faces an opportunity or fails to meet the desired goals, needs, or expectations
practice approach to knowledge management
Focuses on building the social environments or communities of practice necessary to facilitate the sharing of tacit understanding
social networking site
a site on which you post information about yourself, create a network of friends, share content such as photos and videos, and communicate with people
a special kind of output created by a business process that is then returned to the system in order to control the systems furture inputs, processes and outputs
value chain
the electronic and mechanical components that can be seen and touched, such as the computer monitor
What are the different hardware categories?
component performs the function of storing and maintaining the information that you want your DSS to use
data comes from organizational information, external info, and/or personal info
a series of one or more steps used by a business to transform inputs into outputs
Metropolitan Area Network
Size: Ranges in size from a few blocks to an entire urban area
Purpose: Provides data and voice transmission typically at high speeds (~100 Mbps)
Examples: Many city libraries use this to support centralized cataloging and searching of resources 
simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)
a protocol for the application layer of the internet for email
MAN = municipal/metropolitan area network
set of connected networks all within the same city but not in immediate proximity
what is on the computer hierarchy from largest to smallest?
supercomputer, mainframe, server farms, personal computer, personal digital assistant (PDA), embedded processors
1)Structured Decision: one that can be programmed; is routine or repetitive
2)Semistructured Decision: one that is not fully structured but still can be attained with the use of information, reasoning, and partly objective thinking
phase 3 of SDLC - design
build a technical blueprint of how the proposed system will work
Business is an organization with one or more people who...
1. Decide on one or more goals to pursue2. Work together to locate and organize resources3. Create processes in order to achieve the desired goal or goals
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