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eternal self
Barton Stone
a muslim leader
The class system.
james the greater
Sikh place of worship
Is the Buddha God?
Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu
the teaching of non-injury
"one who submits to Allah"
What religion believes in Tanha?
Spiritual leader of Buddhism
Dalai Lama
"Black, female, receptive, negative, nurturing. Night, water, metal, earth."
In Hinduism, the primordial sound
literally "no atman"; a Buddhist teaching that humans have no permanent self or soul
hindu: duty according to one's caste
which fourth century Christian monk modeled his order as Christian soldiers
What is the cause of suffering?
The most accurate descriptor of Jainism is____
Pre Axial
concerned about maintaining and preserving cosmic social order - if it was not, it would become run down and die, the only way it was sustainable was through the cooperation of people and the gods
someone who dies for their faith
Source Criticism
Wonders who wrote it and when?
Dalai Lama
spiritual and political leader and revered as the incarnation of a Bodhisattiva
The capacity for seeing things from another perspective.
Saint Anselm stated that theology is faith seeking understanding
most Christians deny the existence of evil
a form of buddhism, focuses on concentration, ethics and theology
the doctrine that all realities are ultimately one.
Right Thought
Consists in fostering one's thoughts of nonviolence and love
Maritime Commercial Empire
The Crete Civilization invented this
was the most prestigious seminary in the country
Fasting from food and water and dancing for four days, participants endured suffering. The suffering can be symbolic, spiritual, or very real. Vicarious SufferingCelebration of the Great Spirit…the sunJune or JulyCentered around a tree and volunteers offered their bodies as a sacrifice
Amos Themes: Judgement
Expectation of divine judgement and divine disasters: End or Jeroboam rule, oppression from adversary, exile of population
Bhagavad Gita
a sacred Hindu story about Prince Arjuna and Krishna
the son of Shiva and Parvati; the "remover of obstacles" and one of the most popular as he is sought for help in times of difficulty
Spiritual regret
joy at discovering a new spiritual view that attracts you and sadness that you cannot fully adopt such a view.
ruler of demons. 10 heads 20 arms. King of Lanka
"Sanskrit term for a school of Vedanta in Hindu philosophy. About releasing the self, the Atman."
belief in many gods, but one is highest
With _ came the crumbling of feudalism throughout much of Europe
According to the Prophetic Principle, what is the prerequisite of political stability?
promote social justice
the act of pouring a liquid on the ground as an offering to a god
What are the laws concerning sati today?
it is outlawed
A syynonym for a belief system, a ___ implies several beliefs fitting together into a fairly complete and systematic interpretation of the universe and humanity's place in it.
List two related meanings for Simeon?
ProvidenceHearingObedienceTruth in the Will
Henry of Guise
the catholic league was formed by _
What is clinging in Taoism?
Clinging is holding yourself or attaching yourself with something from this world or things around us that hold us back from being one with another and one with the Dao. 
How the Buddha became enlightened
sitting under the Bodhi tree, remembered himself when he was a young prince, payed attention to his breath = worked
Law of Burgos
the _ was established to protect the Native Americans
What are rites of passage?
Rituals or ceremonial acts or series of acts that a person is moving from one stage of life to another
In his lifetime, Mahavira taught and
organized an order of naked monks.
St. Thomas Christians
_ are a group of Christians in India who claim descent from St Thomas the Apostle
What is the malady, medicine and method allegory or symbolic of?
Malady = SinMedicine = Remember ChristMethod = Preach the Word (Missionaries)
According to Islam, what is the fundamental purpose of human life?
To submit to the will of God.
which of the following are pious muslims permitted to eat
all of these foods are prohibited: pork, birds, beasts of prey, donkeys
What is the step by step process formula for gaining courage?
Pour out soul in PRAYERASSURANCES by the Holy SpiritFeelings of PEACE and great FAITHFeelings of HOPEGain COURAGE!
The Atonement:What had to happen?
Needs to be a sacrifice of a God or it wouldn't work (Alma 34:10)
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