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Terms Definitions
Unfinished Symphony
Languishing, longing
the same
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Joke String Quartet
staccato (stacc.)
short, detached
becoming broader, slowing
becoming gradually slower.
Oratio musical form
RecDecapo ariaChorus
all, the entire ensemble
played with the bow
C Major
C, E, G
Stravinsky's ballets all achieved immediate popularity with their audiences.
Technique of declaiming words musically in a heightened theatrical mannerCarries from one aria to another
Trombone, french horn, tuba, trumpet
doubling frequency raises pitch
1 octave
_____ led the post-romantic period?
Which band is that?
The Subways
This is the main, original transposition of a serial composition row. Similar to a theme in tonal music.
Indonesian music for percussion gongs, inspired Debussy.  Layers of instruments with gongs.  Rhythmic melodic patterns.  Each layer increases speed or embellishment.  
musical style which stresses tone color, atmosphere, and fluidity, typical of Debussy
Favorite genres
symphony, sonata, concerto, chamber music, overtures, symphonic poem
In Beethoven's 5th Symphony, a _______ is used instead of the minuet.
distance between highest and lowest sound
a musical stringed instrument of India, made of rosewood or ebony, consisting of a long, hollow, fretted stick to which one, two, or three gourds are attached to increase the resonance.
Who was known for compositions composed for one instrument?
Frederic Chopin
Diatonic scaleChromatic scale
white keyswhite + black keys
Vocal texture which includes a blend of singing and speaking. For the most part it is sung, but because of the pace it sounds spoken. Made famous in Burlesque, Cabaret, and whore houses. Doesn’t have to be repeated notes, you do not sustain the value of each note.  You approximately reach the intended pitch and immediately leave it.  Shoenbergs inspiration was from Cabaret music.
Bela Bartok
Hungarian Pianists and composer Bela Bartok raised concept of nationalism in music to a new level.  Opening from his motive works for hungarian land.  He was a pioneer in the use of the arch form five or seven part rondo a-b-c-b-a/a-b-c-d-c-b-a.  His concerto for orchestrah is one of the finest composistions ever created which demands virtuoso performance of every player in the orchestrah.
Poet, wrote ode to joy. Beethoven's Symphony # 9.
polyphonic texture
created by the layering of melodies
What are the six ideologies of ethnomusicology
4th movement would often use
Rondo Form
a gradual, steady increase in loudness or force.
the name of the type of music,refers to the name of piece or style
piece in opera where there are more than one singer
 help move along the drama
setiments are presented more quickly and vividly
dont have to wait for entire aria for feeling to be shown
made opera much more dramatic 
Simple Meter
Basic pulse regularly divided into two parts
sonata da camera
type of sonata of dance suites
Love motive
tony completes the hate motive in Maria and produces the love motive
also previews the music for tonight
A study piece, designed to help a performer master specific technical difficulties, is a (an)
Charles Ives
Born in Connecticut, son of a bandmaster, studied composition at Yale but started an insurance business as a source of income, had a heart attack and stopped writing; “Putnam’s Camp, Redding, Connecticut from Three Places in New England”
social roles of music
cultural rituals, promote rebellion amount youth, identity for generations, cultural norms
The TV program that helped launch the careers of many young rock and pop artists.
American Bandstand
This composer brought back the large orchestras
a. Walt Disney
b. Aaron Copeland
c. John Williams
d. Hans Zimmer
a. Walt Disney
music drama
new type of more theater heavy opera developed by Wagner
Restoration Music
Music like that of purcell, when they restored the king of england to his throne in 1660.
Umm Kulthum
"Qal Eh Yal Hliff" (He swrore to me)
Enta Omri
dal segno
go back to the sign marking the beginning of a repeat (used as a musical direction).
Who invented Sprechstimme? What is it?
Arnold Schonberg and invented Sprechstimme and it is a cross between speech and recitative which uses every musical element except exact pitch
Who is Shirley Horn? (Jazz)
1970's, trained as classical pianist, eventually discovered jazz, came from a musical family, all she wanted to do was play piano, mom didn't think it was healthy to be playing lessons at night and school during day, discovered she made more by singing and playing
"songs for the masses"
very catchy songs that teach you how to be a good communist (during Maos reign). It was not necessarily traditional songs, but more westernized. (ie; “we were good workers” which included the pentatonic scale, but had western orchestra and opera like singing.) An effective way of spreading the communist message.
What does DIY stand for and what musical genre is it typically associated with?
Do it Yourself; Punk
According to Reading, name at least two artists who inspired Gwen Stefani's "Girl Power" style?
Siouxsie Sioux, Grace Jones, Poly Styrene, Annie Lennox, Courtney Love, Madonna
  At the age of 26,                  was appointed conductor of the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra.
        a.  Mendelssohn
b.  Brahms
c.  Berlioz
d.  Chopin
  a.  Mendelssohn
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