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Monophonic describes

Gregorian Chant.

Grand staff is the

treble clef only.

eighth note/rest
gradually slower
Gamelan Gambuh
merry; playful.
very fast tempo
tammy wynette (1968)
Chinese changing tones
To get louder
Neoclassical composers preferred absolute music and forms to program music
a group of dances
Sluggin Fer Jesus
Cabaret Voltaire
randy blythe
lamb of god
secular, a cappella, vernacular, polyphonic
Indian technique of interpolating drone pitches between melody notes
andante con moto
slowly with motion
J.S. Bach
composer, performer, organ expert
Phonic Structure
the organizational relationship between or among musical sounds
(a musical direction) vivacious; lively.
Franz Liszt
1811-1886. Literally invented the piano recital. Played all over Europe. Early works were transcriptions (making an orchestral piece playable by one instrument) of symphonies. His music is controversial. Composed Transcendental Etudes, 1824. Lived a religious, Catholic life in his last years.
Long, unchanging tone essential to Indian music
practice rituals performed by other tribes(ghost dance)
fortissimo (ff)
most loudly, superlative of forte
David Hykes
Creator and conductor of Harmonic Choir in New York
four-stringed fretted lute with a large circular resonator
Dame, a vous sans retollir
Machaut, 1340
The piccolo sounds an _________ higher than the flute.
"Concept" Album
-Pet Sounds (1966)
-Mix of experimental sonic texture and vocal harmony
-"Rubber Soul"
-"Wall of Sound"
-Baroque music
-One of the earliest concept albums
-Most critically acclaimed album by Beach Boys
-Least successful effort at the time
-Motivated Beatles making "Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Bad" (1967)
Major musicals included all of the following except:
a. Carmen
b. Hair
c. Grease
d. Jesus Christ Superstar
a system of composition developed by Schoenberg that consists of arranging the twelve pitches of the chromatic scale in a particular order
What country did the Uilleann Pipes come from?
Ewe (eh-way).
Tribe of southeast Ghana. Musicians are said to be "destined."
time signature
metre of music in two numbers
Which "professor" served as Alan Toussaint's mentor?
Professor Longhair
756 BCE
traditional date for the founding of Rome
term for the principal theme for a fugue
The return to harmonic and rhythmic sophistication was a part of the
a. Fusion
b. Neobop
c. Smooth Jazz
d. Straight Ahead Jazz
b. Neobop
through composed
when each stanza has its own music
Indicates that when two or more notes are written on one staff, they are to be played by separate performers.
Goldber Variations
a virtuosic set of thirty variations preceded and concluded by a simple air, the air and each variation based on the same 32 bar harmonic pattern
has a single-reed, a small thin piece of cane fastend against its chisel-shaped mouthpiece. the instrument possesses a smooth, liquid tone as well as a remarkably wide range in pitch and volume and has an easy command of rapid scales
From lecture, what band plays the song, "Cissy Strut" recorded in 1969?
The Meters
a sequence of notes or chords that indicates the momentary or complete end of a composition, section, phrase, etc.
Homenaje a Federico Garcia Lorca
Early 20th century; chamber orchestra
Repeat Sign
a symbol that tells a perform to repeat a section of music
Minuet and trio
ABA (Triple Meter)Minuet is a stately, graceful dance, always in triple meter.Trio is usually lighter in sound and character.Minuet is always played again after trioHaydn and Mozart used this form a lot as the 3rd movement of 4 movement works.Beethoven preferred scherzo
- a single voice takes over as melody, while the other parts take on a subordinate role.
According to the lecture, what is "Moby"'s real name?
Richard Melville Hall
Opera buffa
A comic play sung in Italian, it has recitative adn ensembles, made possible by low male voices.
treble clef
a sign that locates the G above middle C, placed on the second line of the staff, counting up; G clef.
Umm Kulthum (her style of singing)
Singer w/Takht, qasida for performance (25 min refined poetry)
Instruments in Gorale music?
3 violins with a string bass or cello. They are played different Western performers.
"Give up the Funk" of the P-Funk style has what characteristics?
heavy, snycopated electric bass lines, interlocking rhythms underlain by a strong pulse, call & response, R&B vocal harmonies
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