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Terms Definitions
frederic chopin
manon lescaut
The 4 Seasons
*Hinduism *Buddhism *Judaism
il travatore "miserere"
cannon in d
Dynamics (Sound)
loudness or softness
Symphony 3, Movement 3
Scott Joplin
Maple leaf rag
Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring
sculpture of technology, usually TVs
Erich Heckel
psychological expressionist painter; painted two men at a table; figures have triangular faces
"Bacarolle" from tales of Hoffman
all the art forms combined
Largo Al Factotum
The Barber of Seville
Chromatic scale
series of 12 equal tones
The way musical sounds combine (Monophonic, Homophonic, Polyphonic)
an artistic movement in France beginning in 1907 that featured surfaces of geometrical planes; painted or collage/appearance of collage
Alban Berg
Austrian composer, contemporary of Schoenberg, in SVS; melodrama; passionate music; Wozzeck
Louise Nevelson
conglomerated objects painted one color
John Williams
"Main Theme: form Star Wars
Roy Harris
Founded the International string congress to promote string education, co founded the American Composers' alliance
Orchestration, used harmony in a largely "nonfunctional" manner, used pentatonic or whole tone scales, antithesis of German romantics
2nd most important, opposing the protagonist
Time Related, 1) Beat (pulse), 2) Tempo (Slow or Fast), 3) Meter (Repetition of the Pattern)
Popularized by Guido of Arezzo; In ancient text/hymn, each line of the text begins with a note higher than the beginning note of the previous line (start with do, move up to re, mi, fa, etc)
Giuseppe Verdi
Italian opera composer, went from bottom to top from small opera houses to La Scala; Italian operatic tradition; worked with famous librettists-Otello, Aida, Rigoletto
Claude Monet
French impressionist painter, start of movement; gardens, water lilies, little detail; light and water and color
Pablo Picasso
Spanish artist, founder of Cubism; focused on geometric shapes and overlapping planes;
Leni Riefenstahl
filmmaker; documentary of the 1936 olympics; hitler's primary flimmaker; produced movies that effectively promoted germany and was labeled as a promoter of hitler's propaganda
chicago jazz
originally from New Orleans; high energy, clarinet, trumpet, and trombone solos; piano, bass/tuba, and drums for a rhythm section.
Piano Concerto 2: Movements 1 & 2
Lyre Asia minor
5-7 strings; Cult of Apollo
Also known as plainsong and Gregorian Chant
Baroque Era Characteristics
o Major and Minor scaleso Symphony orchestra developso Most familiar instruments invented (no piano yet)o Expression in music is primary endeavor (faith and religious)o Emotions expressed through varying dynamics (volume of the piece) and tempo (rate of speed)o Age of the Virtuoso: great composers are also great performers (masters of their instruments)
Motets and Madrigals
short vocal composition, motet = sacred words, madrigal = secular words
series of notes, or "how the song goes"
Ambrosian hymn:
composed by Ambrose, Bishop of Milan; characteristics include 8 stanzas with 4 lines each, iambic tetrameter, unrhymed, and syllabic text setting.
Christo and Jeanne-Claude
wrapping giant objects in bright fabric
Medeival Theory
*Church modes *Neuma (/) allows singet to know which way voice should go
Aaron Copland
Known as the "Dean of American Composers" co founded American Composer's Alliance with Roy Harris
What is the formal name for musicals?
Music theatre
Pitch (Sound)
highness or lowness of a sound, based on frequency of waves
modern jazz
any of various styles of jazz that appeared after 1940
Duke Ellington
Jazz & Bandleader & played at Harlem's Cotton Club a nightspot that catered to whites but blacks played at
Eadward Muybridge
man who stopped time (took the first picture of motion: his horse in mid air)o June 15, 1878 Abe Edington (horse name)
Ellen Taafe Zwilich
First woman to earn degree of Doctor of Music form Julliard
Characteristics of all Greek Theatre
o All people wore maskso Only men (women were played by young boys [higher voices])o If they hated it they threw tomatoes at the stageo All plays took place in 24 hours
Form cut or match cut
transition between 2 scenes using the shape of an object (circular usually)
symphony #3
moderately slow
gradually faster
The Chantelles
the romantic period
Medium male voice
Public Image Ltd.
Good dragonlike character
Pitch Names
A to G
Symphony #94 2nd mvt.
replacement for nurse
bernardo's lover
catalyst for tony's death
\"distance\" between two pitches
le premier succès
the first hit
Opera's subject
Classical mythology, ancient history
Arrangements of sound in time
Musical style in northern india
Musical term meaning get louder.
Solo e pensoso
Luca Marenzio, 1590
Program music
has literary or pictoral associations
String quartet
2 violins, viola, celloon person/partno conductorgenre of chamber musiccreated by haydnfast-slow-minuet-fast
concerto grosso
A multimovement composition for orchestra plus a small group of solo instruments.
conjunt and disjunct movement of melody. staccato, and legato
plucking the string with a finger
Symphonie Fantastique
5 movement program symphonyromantic manifesto
a musical entity characterized by distinctive elements (scale, ornaments and so on) that provides the raw material for melodic composition and improvisation (india)
How many members played with the Beatles?
William Grant Still composed the first symphony by an African American to be performed by a major American orchestra
instrumental music that uses the sho. (very slow pace)
for six vocalists and six microphones, is a piece by Karlheinz Stockhausen, written in 1968 and commissioned by the City of Cologne for the Collegium Vocale Köln
MOVEMENT of "Dream of a Witchs' Sabbath"
seven notes that make up a scale
Maelzel metronome, num of beats per minute
This Finnish composer created works such as Finlandia and Tapiola and his only opera Maiden in the Tower, died in 1957
Jean Sibelius
According to lecture, which rock artist died on February 3, 1959 at the age of 17?
Ritchie Valens
a short and light musical composition, typically for the piano.
Impressionist music is often characterized as a reaction to
all of the above:
the distance from one note on a keyboard to an adjacent one, whether black or white
Gregorian chant
music to which portions of the Catholic service are sung. The texture is monophonic, the timbre that of unaccompanied voices.
All my exes live in Texas
George Straight (1987)
Fela Kuti
Traveled to Los Angeles in youth; inspired byliterature of Black Panthers, Malcom XLife was constantly marked by conflicts withauthority, police, riotsBuilt fence around home in Nigeria, declaredit to be independent state: Kalakuta RepublicMarried 27 women (at the same time)
Folk music
created by amateurs for their own community's enjoyment
Cyclic form
The motive cycles through all 4 movements
mezzo forte
somewhat softer than forte but louder than piano; moderately loud.
Concert gasso
faster outer movement of a 3 movement work which the thematic material is passed back and fourth between a small group(concertino) and the full orchestra(tutti)
Chance Music (aleatoric)
allows preformers to make choices in performance.
A song structure that is composed from beginning to end without repitition of whole sections is called?
A song form in which the same melody is repeated with every stanza is called?
a. through-composed
b. strophic
c. rubato
d. cyclic
A. through-composed
the chorale prelude
or organ chorale, an important genre of keyboard music at the time, an organ composition incorporating a hymn (chorale) tune
As discussed in lecture, "Surfin' USA" by the Beach Boys sounded similar to which of Chuck Berry's songs?
Sweet Little Sixteen
what Louie Armstrong did for music
solo then background, scat singing
Difference between Miniature and Monumental compositions?
Miniature: Small works for intimate surroundingsMonumental: large works for large places
Which gender is associated with the two major genres of Rock and Pop?
Pop: female; Rock: Male
New artistic trends and compositional trends
Romantic painters used bolder, more brilliant colors and preferred dynamic motion to gracefully balanced processes.
1. System of musical organization developed by Arnold Schoenberg to guarantee absolute atonality.
a.  Klangfarbenmelodie
b.  Sprechstimme
c.  Serialism
d.  Neo-Classicism
2.  Composed Wozzeck, Lulu, and the Lyric Suite.
a.  Arnold
1. c. serialism
2. c. Alban Burg
3. b. Bela bartok
The Ring of the Nibelung: a set of four operas
• Das Rheingold (2 ½ hours)
• Die Walkure (4 ½ hours)
• Siegfried (4 ½ hours)
• Gotterdammerung (5 ½ hours
dim--gradually quieter
Moderately slow
musical ensemble
play moderately
Carpiccio espagnol
Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov
jayhawks(2003) alternative country
Japanese mode (1,2,3,5,6)
common time
4/4 (C)
whites were good at
traveling musicians in Germany
In Between Days
The Cure
A Middle Eastern membranophone with an hour-glass shape
words of a religious service
Extemporaneous decisions in musical performance
Natural Resource of Southeast Asia
consumer advertising
advertising through mass media
the study of musical instruments
brisk or rapid in tempo.
The total and universal art form.
2 or more at one time
parallel organum
earliest notated form of polyphony
del segno (D.S.)
repeat from the sign
The perceived characteristic of a sound's intensity.   volume
style combining the Colombian cumbia, Cuban percussion, North American rock with the local huyano
Heroic sounding
Berlioz: Symphonie Fantastique 4th movement
The _______ is slightly larger than the violin and produces lower notes with a mellow tone.
Big Joe Turner, "Shake, Rattle, and Roll"
A virtuosic passage played during a solo concerto
linear polyphony
Polyphonic music conceived without an intention that the combined melody lnes should form chordal or harmonic combinations
one of the ancient rhythmic patterns still employed in Indian music
Tatra Mountains?
Natural border between Slovakia and Poland. Inhabited by the Gorale people.
Adzo Songs.
Rhythmically free songs with longer tesxts than slow- and fast-paced performances.
how high or low the melody is
According to lecture, the movie, "Gidget," was influenced by what genre of music?
Surf Rock
solo sonata
performed by basso continuo and one virtuoso performer
two or more notes that create a resonance
Broadway show that: used enough power to supply approximately 18 houses, used 4-5 miles of cable, had a full-time seamstress, and used wigs that costed around $1200-$1500.
a. Phantom of the Opera
b. The Lion King
c. Wicked
d. Hairspray
c. Wicked
opera by Verdi, one of the most frequently performed, commissioned for a new opera house in Cairo after completion of the Suez canal
Glissando (glissez, glisser)
Sliding up and down the scale
A large piece for orchestra with four sections
an old instrument dating back to at least the Middle Ages that probably originated in the Middle East
Who wrote the song "God Bless America"?
Irving Berlin
the subject of a metaphor, such as ?she? in ?She is a rose?
Beethoven, Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, First Movement
Classical Period
Two notes that are more than a skip apart melodically.
the softness or loudness of a sound or note
melodic contour
the general direction and shape of a melody
As mentioned in lecture, what area of NYC is associated with Bob Dylan specifically and the folk revival at large?
Greenwich Village
ring cylce
sequence of 4 operas that make up a music drama, composed by wagner
the valkyrie: the second of the four
diffusion of innovations theory
innovation is spread within a market group
fortepiano fp
loud than suddenly soft
the Wheat Song
song: Arabic song used in a film and later adapted for a pizmon
Which places served as social centers to listen to bachata?
Neighborhood bars, and then eventually at "colmados" (little grocery stores).
Who were Gamble & Huff's two biggest TSOP groups?
Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. O'Jays

Raises a pitch

sharp sign (#):

"He's Gone"
a b
merry; playful.
very quick tempo
Japanese puppet theater
Jesus Christ
Woodie Guthrie
Jimi Hendrix, "Purple Haze"
T'amo, mia vita
Monteverdi, 1605
great liberties in tempo
many notes per syllable
muscal thoughts resulting from combinations of sound
Modern Texture
Serialism=renewal of contrapuntal fabric (alterations of the row)
more pleasant,stable, provides feeling ofresolution
recurring melody easy to identify
U.S. artist, author, and educator.
changing the key within a piece
Long classical North Indian vocal form
short for complimenting listen what going on around composer Baise and improvise accordingly sparse harmonic and/or melodic interjections over a steady rhythm.
Markiert und kraftig
marked wiht forceful vigor
Ras Tafari
a.k.a. Haile Selasie, Ethiopian regent
folk band originated in Acapulco, Mexico.guitar, small guitar called requinto, and sometimes wind instruments and a string bass
Robert Johnson's "Crossroads Blues" is considered to belong to what genre?
Roseland Ballroom
Dance club that allowed black musicians to entertain but not allowed to be customers
Smokey Robinson
-Musical mastermind of Motown records
-Leader of the Miracles
-One of the most successful R&B songwriters of all time
-Rock & Roll hall of famer (inducted in 1986)
-"The Tracks if My Tears"
-Smokey Robinsons and the Miracles (1965)
Baroque Important Terms
Basso Continuo (B.C.)Ostinato Bass (ground bass)Concerto GrossoRitornelloDa CapoAria
Multimovement dramatic vocal work on a religious or secular subject, performed in concert style.
how is contrast created?
melodies, rhythm, textures, moods
Japanese "music of the left", old melodies, includes Indian influences
specalized work that a composer is paid to write.
My Girl
The temptations, Verse Chours, Number 1 1965,
Which Brass instrument(s) has a funnel shaped mouthpiece?
French Horn
ludwig van beethoven (1770-1827)
took defiant stand against emperor
"you are who you are by accident of birth"
hellistad testament(1802)-letter to brother about deafness and potential suicide
9 symphonies, 32 piano sonatas, 16 string quartets,5 piano concertos
master of thematic development- ability to transform a brief motive
5th symphony into a four piece masterpiece
A setting of Gregorian chant with one note per syllable
a self contained section of music that is part of a larger work
Suddenly; usually used to indicate a dramatically sudden change in dynamic level
Double bar line
indicates the end of the music
duple meter
the most basic pattern of downbeats, alternates a strong downbeat with a weak beat: ONE-two, ONE-two, ONE-two, ONE-two, etc.
According to lecture, what foreign style of music influenced Dick Dale's staccato picking in surf music?
Middle Eastern Music
la musique hip hop (le hip hop)
hip hop music
They are major and minor keys with the same key signature
Live coding
is the process of writing software in realtime, as a form of improvised time-based art.
One Hand One Heart
wedding ceremony - articulates love story
elbow stick
made of two sticks attached at an angle or carved from a single piece of wood
Cheap Thrills
• Big Brother’s 1968– No. 1 on the pop charts – Included a No. 12 hit single, “Piece of My Heart,” a cover version of a 1960s R&B hit by Erma Franklin
1983, Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers, countrypolitan
Islands in the Stream
Notre Dame - Leonin and Perotin
middle ages
organum = early polyphony-best music had been so far; built off of chant;
ars antigua = old art
In Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 5, the harpsichord player?
plays both solos and continuo
Erich von Hornbostel and Curt Sachs
2 early researchers of classifiers of musical instruments from around the world
Who sang "Great Speckled Bird" and in what year?
Roy Acuff and His Crazy Tennesseans, 1936
Pastoral Symphony
Gracefully, elegantly
very slow
something that returns
L'histoire du Soldat
con brio
with brilliancy
(pp) very softly
becoming gradually slower.
Colla parte
with another part
As Vesta Was Decsending
Thomas Weelkes
Tu sei morta from Orfeo
Musical theater. singer dominate, accompanied by orchestra
multiple melodic lines usually imitating one another
(IPA: /'keʒən/; French: les Cadiens) are an ethnic group mainly living in Louisiana, consisting of the descendants of Acadian exiles and peoples of other ethnicities with whom the Acadians eventually intermarried on the semitropical frontier. Today, the Cajuns make up a significant portion of south Louisiana's population, and have exerted an enormous impact on the state's culture.[1]
jouer de la musique
to play music
classical style
restrained, objective style of art
Stephane Mallarme
French symbolist poet, and his work anticipated and inspired several revolutionary artistic schools of the early 20th century, such as Dadaism, Surrealism, and Futurism.
organization of beats into regular groups.
Antonin Dvorak
Slavonic Dances, 9 symphonies, Concertos, Chamber Music. Choral Music: masses Requiem
wide, not rounding, but not tense
Unstable chords. Tension. Not at rest.
elaborate melody sung solo with accompaniment, as in an opera or oratorio
20th Century
Debussy - impressionist, Joplin - Jazz, Schoenberg, Webern, Berg, Hindemith
major and minorterm for the differentw ays of centering or organizing the diatonic scale
Meaning a nations spirit. Deals with Nationalism. All music was included even folk music since it was considered repersentative. This will be through a taming of folk music.  They will use harmony and instrumentation that has nothing to do with folk music
Anton Weber

Studied with Schoenbrg. He embraced concepts of atonality, serialism, and klangfarbenmelodie-assigned tone color to certain notes.  He was meticulus in his writing Pointillistic. Accidently shot by a soldier due to son in law involved in black market.
solo group of instruments in the Baroque concerto grosso
the underlying temporal structure of a musical performance
and the solo group is called the
of the first or highest quality, class, or rank:
an oratorio based on the suffering of Jesus on Good Friday, according to one of the four gospels
a melodic idea that acts a complete thought
Neighbor Tones
Nonchord tones that occur when the melodic line moves stepwise from a chord tone but immediately returns to it
Comedie ballet
mixture of spoken text and dance, created by Lully and was the precursor to opera in france
Agnes di Mille
Act II - to enhance the drama and portray Louise as lonely, miserable, and ostacized
dance, pantomime, spoken dialogue
appearance of carousel ties to past & future music in the first half is mostly from soliloquoy and then reprise from If I Loved You
repulsed by the kiss. 
as in "wet" or "elegent"The mouth is tall-- same as the "aw" vowel, but with the tongue forming the "eh" sound.
What is Sprechstimme?
speech voice; half way between speaking and talking
grand piano
a piano having the frame supported horizontally on three legs.
13. Chubby Checker's name was a play off of the name of what other early rock artist?
Fats Domino
Miles Davis and Chet Baker were artists from which era:
a. swing
b. bebop
c. cool jazz
d. fusion
c. cool jazz
AIM-American Inian Movement
organization that became the reps of red-power movement
Royal academy of music
Georg Fridrich handel's london opera company started in 1979; a publicly held stock company, its principal investor being the king
_____fell in love with the daughter of his teacher, Clara. The father did not like this idea at all and they had to fight a legal battle to marry. _____turned to the art song for two reasons: They were a wonderful outlet for his love for Clara and also th
Robert Schumann
public enemy
a person or thing considered a danger or menace to the public, esp. a wanted criminal widely sought by the F.B.I. and local police forces.
Style features of Late Baroque music
Complex, complicated; few dynamic contrasts; orchestra = primarily strings
Position of Women in 1990's:
started businesses, cry for freedom continued
Sa, Re, Ga, Ma, Pa, Dha, Ni
Solfege syllables in Indian music
According to lecture and the Sterne reading, what do programmed music companies consider Foreground music?
Recordings by original artists; Quantum modulation; Flow and consistent value; Radio-like; Corporate image; Statistical distribution of taste; Normative: Desired visitors; Negotiate music; Listening can be bought or sold
According to the lecture on Girls or Grrrls, what are the three images portrayed of women in music?
Virgin, whore and Earth Mother
What are the parts of a sonata allegro form?
a - expositionb - developmenta - recapitulation
Witches' Sabbath
time; speed
related to religion
The Camp Meeting
con moto
with motion
con spirito
with spirit
Jewish Yiddish Music
principal voice, organal voice
sotto voce
under the voice
bowed lute, North India
The speed of a composition
The underlying, unchanging repeating pulse found in most music.
intensely; passionately; with deep feeling
Location of Tantric Buddhist University
resting places where phrases end
Amahl and the Night Visitors
Menotti (Opera)
a single melodic line without accompaniment
 Hungarian Reed Instrument Bartok was inspired by this instrument and is incorporated into several of his works. 
GENRE of "Etude no.1, op.10"
Character piece
Bedrish Smetana
"My fatherland" includes "the moldau"
(pronounced tam-bur) tone color; the way the voice, instrument, or ensemble sounds
A category of a given work.
speed of the music realted to rhythm
Dances from Czech Repub. Dvorak  This is the fast movement
The stylised form of the dance was often used by Czech composers such as Antonin Dvořák in his Slavonic Dances and in his sixth symphony 
John Adams
of the three minimalistic composers Glass Reich and him. He broke away from a purely minimalistic approach to composition. He created an opera based on the Jerry Springer talk show. Created Nixon in China
Suddenly slowing rate of speed, held back
musical form in which the first section recurs, usually in the tonic. IN the classical multimovement cycle, it appears as the last movement in various forms including ABABA ABACA ABACABA
Secular vocals pieces for a small group of singers, usually unaccompanied?
a valved wind instrument of the trumpet family.
the repetition of a theme in another part or line or a few beats later.
It is the key note of a piece
Bessie Smith
grew up in TNhelped support families by singing on street concertsdevoted life to singing bluesdied as result of car crash in 1937started recording in 1923
a work whose parts are written by different composers, first opera in England was of this genre
the final added measures of a musical composition
as in "awesome" or "call"The mouth is tall-- open mouth, long cheeks, vertical space between the tongue and the roof of the mouth.
wrote his own libretti for these operas based on German mythology
Richard Wagner
the section of an orchestra or band comprising the percussion instruments.
15. The Allman Brothers band was the "prototypical" band in the ___ style.
southern boogie
Cool Jazz was popular during:
a. 1930's - 1940's
b. 1940's - 1950's
c. 1950's - 1960's
d. 1970's - 1980's
e. 1980's - 1990's
f. 2000's - Present
c. 1950's - 1960's
Anton Bruckner
He displayed early talent as a singer, violinist, organist. He was a great inproviser on the pipe organ church and public performances. Worked many years as a teacher. His composistions reflect wagners influence.
Oldest composition student. He was frequently unsatisfied with his finished product, his symphonies went under major revisions. Sonata cycle/thematic transformation Nine symphonies (plus two early works, 0 the naught and earlier work 00) He also composed many wonderful sacred works a requim mass and various smaller works based on both liturgical, secular text,  two settings of Ave Maria song text (palestrina) becuase he was a deeply religous man.
Opera Seria
serious, not comic, opera; the term is used to designate the heroic, fully sung italian opera that dominated the stage at the courts of wurope during the eighteenth century.
Romantic Opera has three categories:
1. Italian Bel Canto (Verdi)
2. German Music Dramas (Wagner)
3. Realistic Opera (Bizet, Puccini
half note
note equivalent in time value to one half of a whole note
Music in Venice
-alternated 2 or 3 or more whole choirs-Homophony crowded out polyphony-Someimes Instruments-SAN MARCO
Who is Anita Bryant? (Country)
1960s. born in Oklahoma, parents divorced at young age, Miss Oklahoma 1958, Runner up Miss America 1959, married Bob green - dj, SAVE OUR CHILDREN - discrimination against sexual orientation, prohibited gay adoption, pied at press conference
The director of "Rent" that died of an aortic aneurysm before the show ever opened was:
a. Andrew Lloyd Weber
b. Alexander Nevsky
c. Johnathon Larson
d. Aaron Copeland
c. Johnathon Larson
What is so unique about moby's "play"?
Loops from Lomax field recordings
According to lecture and the Rose reading, what were the four components that defined hip hop as a culture?
rap/mcs ; djing/turntablism ; graffiti ; breakdancing
Why was Chopin not able to return to Poland?
Warsaw was taken over by Russian army
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