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Terms Definitions
To chatter
getting louder
happy, joyful
forte (f)
Monk played the
Constanze Weber
Mozart's wife
Born to Lose
double iron bell
Mezzo Piano (mp)
medium soft
Rubato –
a flexible pulse/rhythm
moving forward, walking tempo
Lightnin' Hopkins
prominent blues artist
quickly, rapidly, or immediately.
who wrote "white christmas"
irvin berlin
solo voice and basso continuo
poco a poco
little by little
highness or lowness of sound.
"Blue Moon of Kentucky"
Bill Monroe
Publishing firms in NY?
Tin Pan Alley
(1510-1580)Three Books in Tableture for Vihuela
sound synthesis, music for many loudspeakers, music for combined live and electronic forces
Muta, mutando
change, mutate-indicates change in tuning of instrument or instruments, change of key of a brass instrument, or change from one instrument to another
Early Italian Baroque composure whose operas helped shaped the genre, he could prima prattica with the best of them-
a Latin american dance music form
speeding up and slowing down
"robbing time"
business alliance to promote country music
shading, change in tone color, tempo, or degree of force
-known as great organist in his lifetime-brought cantata to highest point of development-greatest composer of contrapuntal music in history of western music
Combination of same rhythmic line with variations (by two or more performers)Found in Irish Music (different ornaments)Egyptian Sufi ChantChinese music
Carter Family
First family of country musicians, worked for XERA radio, the Carter Family had a warm presence on the radio and sang about things people could relate tho, this it the beginning of nationalizing country musicTheir seriousness, religiousness, and “down-home” manner endeared them to American rural families in the 1930s;rose to fame on the airwaves of border radio
Public Image Ltd.
John Lydon-vox (from sex pistols)
choice of instruments that play at certain piece
Hero Corrido
ballads about heroes like gregorio Cortez, were replaced by what have been termed “victims corrido” as they felt like they were being deprived by the Anglos
Wachet auf ruft uns die Stimme
Bach 1731
relative rapidity or rate of movement, usually indicated by such terms as adagio, allegro, etc., or by reference to the metronome.
the big band known for adding words with tunes
ghost dance
Developed in the 19th century during the “Indian Wars” against the US. Like a ceremony/ religion that takes Christianity as its basis. (Sometime in the future, a messiah will come and make things the way it was before, before the Europeans changed it) There was supposed to be a celebration of this dance at Wounded Knee SD, but US army open fired and injured hundreds of Native Americans/people. US thought the dance was a threat and tried to stop it. The dance was less popular after the incident.
concerto/concerto grosso
most important genre in the Baroque period, a large composition for an orchestra and a solost or multiple soloists (concerto grosso)
how musical lines relate to one and other
what type of music is a worldwide phenomenon?
Symphonic Poem/Tone Poem
A one movement orchestral composition based to some extent on literary or pictorial ideascreated by Franz Liszt
Define Sensous listening
Memorable listening usually refered to as "goosebump" listening
accelerando accel.
get gradually faster
Stop Time
Beat is suspended in order to focus attention on singers voice, muddy waters
New objectivity
New Objectivity in music, as in the visual arts, rejected the sentimentality of late Romanticism and the emotional agitation of expressionism. Composer Paul Hindemith may be considered both a New Objectivist and an expressionist, depending on the composition, throughout the 1920s. 
in my car (i'll be the driver)
shania twain (2002)
It is a showy passage for the soloist appearing near the end of the movement in an instrumental or a vocal work. It usually incorporates rapid runs, arpeggios, and snippets of previously heard themes into a fantasylike improvisation.
"Choo Choo Ch'Boogie"
-----Louis Jordan and the Tympany Five
-most successful black recording artist of the post-War period
-Jordan sang and played alto sax
-classic jump band
- his first million-seller, a cross-over hit with both black and white audiences
-12 bar blues
-boogie woogie rhythm
Da Capo (D.C.)
indication that the music is to be repeated from the beginning
He's a heartache (Lookin' for a place to happen)
Janie Frickie (1983)Countrypolitan
When the fifth is the bass of the triad, what inversion is it?
Second Inversion.
Can I sleep in your arms
Willie Nelson (1975 Red Headed Stranger Album)
The size of a Rocksteady band was typically the size of a Ska band. True/False
False, Rocksteady bands were smaller
The essence of the test of "La Guistizia involves"?
The encouragement of vengeance and justice
ff--very loud
gradually faster
The Germs
the end
Les Huguenots
Giacomo Meyerbeer
one line predominates
organ, piano, harpsichord
the tuba provides the
director of Alexander Nevsky
The Punch Line
The Minutemen
Literally “separation”, the official laws of racial segregation enforced in South Africa until 1990.
Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Non-pulsatile melodic introduction in Indian music
Northeast cultural region of Thailand
scrapes and gong type instruments
Coleman Hawkins
Jazz.. has a saxophone
brisk or rapid in tempo.
I. Fast, usually in sonata-allegro form and tonic key. II. Slow and lyrical usually in theme and variations form and different key. III. Dance related, minuet and trio in ABA form. Generally tonic key and 3/4 meter. IV. Fast, sonata-allegro form and in tonic key.
Song Cycle
a set of Art Songs
Edison and von Berliner
who pioneered recording?
harmony, chord, or interval that sounds unstable, temporary, or transitional
plucking the string with the fingers
curved board zither with approximately 21 metal or nylon strings
Night piece, slow, lyrical, intimate composition for piano
The trombone which is generally used in orchestras today is the _______ trombone.
Jimi Hendrix
Played the natinal anthem at Woodstock
Microtone or step in Indian tuning system
Seven-note scales within the range of an octave
an artistic school of the early twentieth century that attempted to represent the psychological and emotional experience of modern humanity
de capo aria
ternary form in Baroque period
He was court composer to Emperor Joseph II and his two successors in Vienna. He taught Beethoven, Schubert, Liszt, and one of Mozart's sons.
- literally means "complaint" its a song about love lost, life gone bad, sad but beautiful songs
According to lecture, which artist used his dancing style to signal changes in the music to his band?
James Brown
A Passion
musical setting of the Gospel stories of the death and resurrection of Christ
many melodies layered on top of each other, weaving together
This composer explore the visual possibilities of classical music.
a. Walt Disney
b. Aaron Copeland
c. John Williams
d. Hans Zimmer
a. Walt Disney
large and diverse part of a symphony where the music is presented
Schubert's song Erlking was a setting of ballad written by?
A. Muller
B. Schiller
C. Heine
D. Goethe
D. Goethe
Phrase Group
A series of Anteceedent phrases that have no definate resolution of consequent phrase (can have extened phrase groups and then 1 consequent phrase like in the introductions in many symphonies
Who is Madonna? (pop)
1980s - "Material Girl"- women want men with money "material", "gold digger" mentality *same as "Diamonds", experienced women gets the man
"Borderline"- love never fulfilled, man plays with her emotions, she's given her all
According to lecture, what foreign style of music influenced Dick Dale's staccato picking in surf music?
Middle Eastern Music
a light, simple song of sentimental or romantic character, having two or more stanzas all sung to the same melody
John Cage- Sonatas and Interludes for Prepared Piano
20th Century Music
Time Signature
Two numbers found at the beginning of a musical work, that represent how many beats are in a measure and what note or rest receives the beat.
vocal form in which the same music is repeated for each stanza of a poem.
Ch 14 opera
-Romantic period was known for its opera
-France and italy dominated its development
-3 types of Romanitic opera
 Grand Opera-Crowded stage scenes and fantastic scenary
 Opera Comique-lighter then grand opera
 Lyric Opear-high lyrical passages with elegance
Who was the drummer for the Beatles that was kicked out before Ringo?
Pete Best
adagio andante moderato allegretto allegro presto
slow, medium slow, moderate, medium fast, fast, very fast
Clara Wiek Schumann
birn into a musical family given a musical education married Robert who encouraged her gifts as a conert pianist composer and teacher. Influential figure in 19th C music as performer, daughter, wifem friend and confidante of Johannes Brahms. She wrote: songs, choral music chamber music and piano pieces including a piano conerto
bass clef
a symbol placed on the fourth line of a staff to indicate that the fourth line of the staff corresponds to the F next below middle C; F clef.
Aao Nachiye "Come Let's Dance"
song: Sangeet Group and Anoop Cheema, two main sections contrasting in performance style and melody, instrumental intro and conclusion, four beat units, call and response, unison, and heterophony, song and shouts, off beat accents and syncopation, traditional instruments like dhol, dholaki and chimta
This Day Day Daws
Thomas Phillips, Late 15th Cent Carol #16
Rhythm and Blues Vocal Harmony Groups (doo-wop)
-Takes the sound of gospel harmony and mixes it with the themes of love and loss found in popular music.
-African-American teenagers would gather on street corners to make up songs and practice their harmonies.
-By the early 1950s, the sound was a popular part of the new rock n' roll market.
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