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Terms Definitions
Dido's Lament
rhythmic cycle
Waiting Room
everyone together
Boris Godunov
Modest Mussorgsky
only chordal underneath
disconnected melodic shape
Severa Nazarkhan
"Moghulchai navo"
foremost Blues artist
Muddy Waters
Phapsodic, virtuosic keyboard form.
Watching the Detective
Elvis Costello
disjunct melody
moves by leaps
we make/do we are making/doing
Scale steps in Indian music
Pan-European Cultures
Romani and Jewish Diaspora
ancient Chinese two stringed fiddle
\"As Vesta was\" composer?
Thomas Weelkes
in a leisurely manner; slowly.
end blown wind instrument, sometimes called a whistle flute developed in the Middle Ages and very popular in the Renaissance
Homophonic, text dominates music, secular songs are all parts of the ---
Second practice
fugal technique where notes are multiplied or divided, usually by 2
one melodic voice without harmonic accompaniment
multiple main beat patterns occurring simultaneously
Two or more \"independent\" melodies in which each melody is equally weighted.
First & Second Symphonies
Classic in nature
The English Horn is a ________-reed instrument.
The typical Romantic symphony has four movements
South Indian vocal form to accompany dance
accenting certain beats in the meter that are orriginally unaccented, used in jazz a lot
structure and relation of chords and melody
most popular string instrument of 16th century
performer highly skilled to an extreme degree
virtuoso (Liszt0
An enormous influence on several generations of American composers, __________ was a gifted composition teacher who encouraged students to find their own, individual styles.
Nadia Boulanger
According to lecture, What month did Richie Valens, Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper all die in?
Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds
Lennon and McCartney
A series of pitches in a serial composition. It can be in an transposition
Two major forms of opera singing
Comic OperaOpera Buffa
rondo form
form used mainly for light closing movements during the classical era
The composer who invented the music dram was:
a. Wagner
b. Liszt
c. Brahms
d. Verdi
a. Wagner
Sonata de chiesa
Baroque instrumental work intended for performance in church in four movements, frequently arranged slow-fast-slow-fast also church sonata
first beats of vibhag that are neither sam nor khali
Sonata for piano and violin, B-flat major, K454
Mozart 1784
a thin, fixed wedge or support raising the strings of a musical instrument above the sounding board.
Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel
sister of Felix mendelssohn, was a talented composer and pianist, mother wsa her paino teacher, produced few large scale works, lieder, piano music, choral works, 2 dozen part songs
Orchestra is made up of
Brass, stringed, percussion, and woodwinds
Changes in performance practices:
Public concerts became common. Because virtuosity became so important, musicians started hold solo concerts in addition to their orchestra appearances.
was Hildegard of Bingen?
Nun who wrote her own music
Who was the singer for The Rolling Stones?
Mick Jagger
Royal Academy ofr music
publicly held stock company for the production of italian opera. king was principal investor.
double exposition form (solo concerto)
first orchestra and then soloist present primary thematic material- classical period
held to the full time value of a note, chord, or rest
The use of this harmonic system became established practice during the Baroque period –
– major/minor tonality system
Which musical devices help to portray the Father in Erlking?
a. lilting melody, major key
b. high range and dissonance
c. low range and constant harmony
d. medium range, minor key
c. low range and constant harmony
According to lecture what is the definition of cutting?
moving between tracks exactly on the beat
gradually louder
Warlike, martial
piano; soft
une tourée
a tour
Guido of Arezzo
short piano work
Bossa Nova-jazz harmony
classical era(1750-1820)
galant style
rococo period(1720-17700
GENRE of "Symphony no.5"
monophonic texture
one melody only
______employs pentatonic scales, switches meter back and forth between an even 2/4 and an odd 5/8, uses a Hungarian nationlist song and borrows from Shostakovich.
1600-1750 A.D., Bach, Corelli, Vivaldi, figured bass etc.
Author of Ode to Joy
hard luck story
whiskeytown (1996)alternative country
Japanese cylindrical bore double reed
songs originating in popular films
relating to a pentatonic scale
Cothen Period
Wrote Brandenburg Concertos and instrumentals for the prince
Modern Rhythm
Additive and irregular metersCross rhythmsPolyrhythmsOstinatoEastern influence
small aria or song
example: tradimento by Strozzi 
counterpoint to the Jet song
defines and embodies the sharks
dance critical element of identity
song considers racism in America
rhythm utilizes 2 against three pattern of hemiola previously seen in Jet Song
the rhythms between the two are thus the same - there is no difference between the two groups. Both are immigrants, the jets are just one generation removed
the 1961 release of the movie had a great deal of relevance to contemporary issues of the time
start same,
every one then improvises simultaneously
Who sang "A Broken Wing'?
Martina McBride
a melody or counterpoint accompanying a simple musical theme and usually written above it.
music sub cultures
worlds within worlds of music
highness or lowness of a tone, depending on frequency
type of instrument; stretched skin on the membrane
folk songs that came into being outside of an established church

CD track 1
songs for orichas that develop through the performance
of course as always start general opener to all then with ellegua, go through the 3 warrior gods, then end with inle
are shared by the tenor and bass
combination of three or more tones sounded at once
The Schumanns became ____’ mentors. After Robert was confined to an institution, ______became Clara’s confidant and even helped out with the kids
Johannes Brahms
a woodwind instrument having a slender conical, tubular body and a double-reed mouthpiece.
Goliard Songs
-naughty church songs that were in church Latin and preserved by the church
Willie Nelson
Born in Texas, influential figure in progressive country movement. Rise to national fame in hte mid 1970s, through association with musician group "the Outlaws"
Which Stravinsky work is about an evil, green-taloned Kasckai who turns any man who enters his garden into stone?
The Firebird
George Gershwin
American composer who is credited with being the first artist to sucessfully blend jazz elements with classical music. He created piano score rhaphsody in blue New york city broad way 1924.
lower case mp
reps Meduim soft, or medium piano
maqam ajam
a maqam that resembles the Western major mode
In 1971 this French composer was selected to replace Leonard Bernstein as director of the N.Y. Philharmonic
Pierre Boulez
Who wrote the song "God Bless America"?
Irving Berlin
The strands of the bow are rubbed with _______, which makes them sticky so that they grip the string and cause it to vibrate.
melodic idea used in the creation of a composition
functional harmony
one chord following another in a newly predictable and purposeful way, used to organize large scale pieces
Wrote music for Rama and is the core repetoire for Karnatak music
Who is Loretta Lynn? (Country)
born in Kentucky, positive, self-assertive style, spunk and sensitivity, 75 hit records between 1960-1988, began career in 1959--> almost 1/4 of US below poverty line at time; "Rated X" - divorce, if you're divorced you're rated x, "damaged goods"; "Somebody Led Me Away" - compared to "Joe's", she's moved on, more assertive than Joe's
time signature
a numerical or other indication at the beginning of a piece showing the meter.
Beat note
tells us what note value lasts for one beat (usually quarter note)
What is an intertribal?
Gathering of many tribes
Call on any drum, sing your own song, all can dance
Describe the theory of imitation.
Music imitates passions of the soul. Habitual listening to wrong kinds of music would make the person bad/wrong.
Who is Martina McBride? (Country)
1990's. started out singing in bars, but speaks about child abuse, met and married John McBride (music company owner), values family->balancing career with family. "Broken Wing"-domestic abuse, "Blessed", "Independence Day"-abusive father, mother killed herself to make it easier for daughter, video showed abuse happens and no one does anything about it
Call to Prayer
use of words to call muslims to one of their five daily prayers
3 periods of Liszt's life and how they influenced him.
Early life - diabolical; imitating PaganiniMiddle Life - married and composed a lotLater life - became religious
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