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Terms Definitions
classical/art music
Praise God
Lighter Italian song
*Madrigal is heartier
*this is simpler and more rustic
"the romantic" symphony
pachelbel; canon in d
More than one sound
Grand Ole Opry
Nashville, TN
concordant or harmonious combination of tones that relax people
example of rock and roll
simultaneous sounding of pitches; arranged vertically
true / falseInstrumentation(the choice of instruments used) is a deciding factor in determining whether music is "true" folk music
define ballad
a traditional, usually strophic, English song that tells a story
accomplishments in art and literature: Michelangelo, da Vinci, Shakespeare
Ars Nova
New art or new technique
John Williams, Star Wars
uses Wagnerian leitmotives
The names of modes came from?
sheenaki’s music so many elements that you cannot control them individually
How many symphonies did Schumann write
personal success and honor achieved through the cultivation of one's own talents and personal fulfillment in this life
The biggest cause of romantic song popularity is
Big name of "Concerto"
Johann Christian Bach (1735-1782)
pieces lasting only a few minutes. intense but intimate "glance"
A polyphonic composition for a fixed number of instrumental lines or voices built on a single principle theme
Urban-Electric Blues
Mississippi Delta Blues on electric guitar with distortion & feedback
The evocation or suggestion of a foreign land/culture through music. Part of Romanticism.
program music
a piece of instrumental music associated with a story or other extramusical idea
Sam Phillips
-Owner of Sun Studios-Discovered Elvis -Wanted a white man to sing black music-Recorded Johnny cash, BB King, Willy Mae Thornton-Memphis Rockability
orchestral concerto
work in several movements that emphasized first violin and bass
What instrument began to replace the tuba when jazz moved indoors?
Double Bass
What influential Jazz Musician's vocal style was the inspiration of the singing style of Bing Crosby?
Louis Armstrong
Spanish relative of the lute with a flat back and guitar shaped body
the mighty handful
musicians from the russian school trying to free themselves from the german symphony, french ballet, and italian opera. modest mussorgsky, cesar cui, nikolai korsakov, alexander burodin, mily bulakirev
Philomel (1964)
• For a soprano soloist with recorded sounds: including the soprano's voice and electronic music
• Live/acoustic music AND electronic music
• Story based on a fable by Ovid (a Roman poet) Metamorphoses
• From Metamorphoses, Philomela regains her voice and this is where Babbitt's work begins
strophe plus refrain
form alternating verse (solo) and refrain (chorus)
Prepared piano piece
1951 Cage, Sonatas and Interludes Prepared piano piece NAWM 187
Cage uses "iconic blast" - destroys icons or things that are considered to be normal
see table of preparations p 540. Predetermines the sounds that he wants. Binary form. Internal organization - mathematical proportions. "square root forms."
433 - four minutes and 33 seconds
- one type of alternative rock that combined nihilism and the electric guitar sound of heavy metal with intimate lyrics and dressed-down fashions
Bowed, fretted, string instrument popular from the mid-fifteenth to the early eighteenth century held between the legs
Dies irae
day of wrath- written during 13th century- is the sequence for the Reqieum Mass (mass of the dead). Talks about hellfire on judgment day. Macabre and spooky
three verdi operas
Aida, Nabucco, Othello, Fallstaff, La Traviata
What former head of Columbia records began Arista in the early 1970's?
Clive Davis
hich folk artist cofounded the World Hunger fund?
Harry Chapin
hildegard introduced text painting
the musical line imitates the text
Organum in which all the voices sing in measured rhythm is called
a. copula
b. organum duplum
c. organum triplum
d. discant
e. versus
d. discant
types of modes
Dorian - "D" mode
Phrygian - "E" mode
Lydian - "F" mode
Mixolydian - "G" mode
mixed media
- trend of the late twentieth century that combines two or more of the arts, including music, to create a new kind of performance art or musical
Player Piano
Piano that self-plays and you can program it to play paper scrolls. Pneumatic or later electric. The device is a simple mechanics.
The style of country music most often associated with Bob Willis and the Texas Playboys is:
Western Swing
Who was responsible for packaging the album Robert Johnson, King of the Delta Blues Singers?
John Hammond Sr.
Where was the term Ars Nova first used?
Roman de Fauvel.
Christian observances that derive from Jewish traditions.
Chanting of Scripture
Singing of psalms
Lute History and Construction
Al Ud/ oud (middle eastern name)
- round bow shaped ribs
- Neck/Neck Extension
- Bridge
- Nut
- Soundboard (almost always spruce
- Rose (decorative sound hole)
- Pegbox
- Gut
- Course (each pair of strings) historically they were all double strung but during the 20 and 21st century the top string lost its partner.
Who was known as the "King of the Mambo" in the 1950s and has one of the top selling instrumentals of all time, "Cherry Pink" and "Apple Blossom White?"
Perez Prado
Fauxbourdon is best defined as
two composed voices with an improvised 3rd voice, creating 6-3 chords
Ars nova motets share this topic with troubadour and trouvère songs
What is courtly love
What is the British Invasion?
The beggining of the acceptance of British Rock n Roll in the US, started by the Beatles
This composer was a canon at Reims Cathedral and the most important poet of fourteenth- century France
Who is Guillaume de Machaut
What invention is Philippe de Vitry credited with?
the red notes which denote deviations, imperfections
"Enfin il est en ma puissance" (Lully's Armide)
- shows all styles of tragedie lyrique- ouverture- recitatif simple- recitatif mesure- air 
What is "toasting" as it relates to Jamaican sound systems?
Using a mic to add stylized lyrics over records
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