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socialist realism
Mozart's Dates
mezzo piano
moderately soft
a faust symphony
singers of courtly love
A single unaccompanied melody
sightsinging tool-precursor to solfege. by Guido d'Arezzo.
"Priesthood of all believers," connection to state authority
Zen Buddhism
interest/belief of John Cage
antique cymbals
small disks of brass
when was the clarinet invented?
in 1710
simultaneous use of several rhythmic ptterns or meters
"new language" of 1920's by Schoenberg. 12 tone series. Equality of all pitches.
musical style that features syncopated rhtyhm angainst a regular marchilke-bass
which composer composed organum for four voices?
German city Every year around early July the Heinerfest festival is held in the streets surrounding the old ducal palace. It is a traditional German festival with music acts, beer halls, amusement rides and booths selling trinkets and food. The similar 'Schloßgrabenfest', which is more live music-oriented, is held in the same location every year in May. These two festivals attract 700,000[18] and 400,000 Town in Germany, summer festival 1946 right after the war if you are a composer this is where you want to have your music performed. Students went here from all over the world. Serialist.
Which of Beethoven’s periods were the Waldstein and Appassionata Piano Sonatas of Beethoven written in
improvisatory and virtuasic meant to be played by the lute, keyboard, or string instruments
Which of the composers we're studying was known for his serious, melancholic librettos?
Trio Sonatas
sonatas written for two melody instruments and basso continuo
Program music
nonvocal music written in association with a poem, a story, or some other literary source, or even just a highly suggestive word or two
Church Cantata
The second most important among Baroque sacred-music genres.
Performed on streets/ sort of like street gangs
Opera comique
Opera which used spoken dialogue instead of recitative.
thematic transformation
a variation-like procedure applied to short themes in the various sections of Romantic symphonic poems and other works
The marvelettes
-Motown's only true pop girl group-classy supremes outgrew image
unusual tuning of the violin strings to facilitate the playing of particular notes or chordsused in Biber's Mystery Sonata's
Which big band leader/pianist used costumes and stage effects to create experimental jazz, utilizing outer space themes?
Sun Ra
Which Brill Building era songwriter was also a teen idol, and at one point a concert pianist?
Neil Sedaka
Italian cantata
a vocal chamber work with continuo, usually for solo voice, consisting of several sections or movements that include recitative and arias.
Absolute Music
Music that is independent of words, drama, visual images or any kind of representational aspects; Idealized play of sound and form
Works by Copland
"El salon Mexico" "Danzon cubando" (1930s)
Billy the Kid [Ballet]
Rodeo [Ballet]
Our Town [Film Score]
Of Mice and Men [Film Score]
Roman de Fauvel
morality fable of corrupt political power written to describe Marigny
melody gets taken from sound color and melody. Webern op 21. Instrument to instrument giving it a dif sound and color.
hard rock
- another sound of rock music populated by Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith
a genre of Italian polyphonic song in mock-popular style, usually syllabic, homophonic, and diatonic, with the melody in the upper voice and marked rhythmic patterns. Basically Italy's version of the VILLANCICO
long and wide; originally sung from an elevated position; has an antiphon and a psalm verse (not sung by the chorus antiphonally) instead it is a respond
Variations on a Hungarian Theme op. 21 no. 2
What Detroit rock and roll band became involved in the radical politics of the "White Panther Party"?
What rock folk artist devised shocking displays of grandiose violence as a part of the entertainment?
Alice Cooper
petrus de cruce
latin frehc french bottom voice very strict 2nd and first voice are faster layering effect is empahsissed more
The first collection of polyphonic music printed entirely from moveable type was Ottaviano Petrucci's:
a. Harmonice musices odhecaton
b. Liber de arte contrapuncti
c. Dodekachordon
a. Harmonice musices odhecaton
Leonius and Perotinus
Two composers at the cathedral who started the collection of compositions known as: "Magnus Liber Organi"
Perotinus (1170-1236) also composed Viderunt Omnes
metric modulation
- the transitions from one tempo and meter to another through intermediary stages that share aspects of both.
Tone Cluster
Henry Cowell pioneered the use of tone clusters, directing that adjacent keys be struck with forearm, flat of the hand, or some object of an appropriate shape, such as a block of wood.
The 1970s and 80s country group Asleep At the Wheel revived what older style of country music?
Western Swing
Who was the first significant composer of jazz, a famous Storyville artist and Creole pianist?
Jelly Roll Morton
. What is the primary compositional genre used in Reformed worship?
~ the metrical psalm
Symphonic poem
Term coined by Franz Liszt for a one movement work of program music for orchestra that conveys a poetic idea, story, scene, or succession of moods by presenting themes that are repeated, varied, or transformed.
73. What are the general characteristics of African American gospel music? [see Class 18 notes]
~ songs are strophic, verse-and-refrain, or sectional
~ often upbeat in mood
~ styles usually taken from popular music
~ often choral or solo with chorus (formerly quartets were very
~ instruments consist of electric organ, often with electric
guitar, bass guitar, drumset and perhaps other instruments
associated with popular music
~ handclapping often used for percussive effect
Which songwriting team specialized in writing girl group hits for Aldon Music, turning out such hits like "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," "One Fine Day," and "The Loco-Motion?"
Gerry Goffin and Carole King
Music and art of the Renaissance shared which of these characteristics?
an interest in the individual
These cadences inflect two voices with musica ficta simultaneously and are only heard in the fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries
What are double leading-tone cadences
What did Les Paul call his process of adding one live layer to a recorded layer, building an entire arrangement over time?
Sound on Sound
Known as "the last trouvère," this composer produced an early rondeau, "Robin m'aime"
Who is Adam de la Halle
The music of Guillaume Du Fay is best described as
compositions that blended musical characteristics from French, Italian, and English traditions, representing a new international style of composition.
What are three concrete aspects of Josquin's style?
1. Fondness for duet textures, often in imitation
2. musica reservata: pictorial or emotive imagery of the text
3. use of paraphrase when building a mass on a pre-existing monophonic model.
Why did Syd Barret only make one album with Pink Floyd?
He was mentally unstable, which was accelerated by LSD use
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