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Terms Definitions
grace notes
contrapuntual imitation
mezzo forte
moderately loud
the mathematical arts
Schumann's impulsive revolutionary side; the firery side of schumann active 10 year old side inside of all of us; LOVE
Where was Mozart born?
Universal, Columbia, United Artist
Triple Meter
three beats per measure
Sousa "Stars and Stripes Forever". 19th c. March ||: A:||:B:||, Trio ||:C:||:D:|| + 1 flat from march key. DC after trio and replay march. Band instruments are easier to play in flats than sharps. Repeated sections= strains. Additive form = as many sections as need, repeat as needed esp in parades. Sousa's inventions : add intro before A and interlude before C for concert perfs, also trio = dogfight - fight between lower and upper voices.
wall painting using water-soluble pigment on wet surface
generic word for keyboard instruments
Pietro Bembo
-Italian grammarian
-focused on the textual aspect of the Prima Prattica
Word Painting
musical illistartions of verbal concepts
a 19th century movement promoting music built on national folk songs and dances, or an associations with national subjects
12-tone method - freeing musical space. The notes and composer can move in any direction wanted. Serial. Schoenberg.
pastoral song; song for several singers without instruments
A Big Hunk 'O Love
Elvis (RCA)
How many symphonies did Beethoven write
a work traditionally for keyboard which represented fast fingers
Which work did Wagner write?
"Tristan und Isolde"
end of alleluia used to create sequences, riff church say bye bye
REN consonances
tendency toward acceptance thirds and sixths
A single two note chord running continuously
all-black female vocal trio / first successful Girl Group
Which composer had a nickname, "little mushroom?"
in musical notation, a tempo mark indicating "fast and lively
Ray Charles
-Not really R&R music-Drew entire spectrum of music-Church based.. influenced Aretha Franklin and James Brown
collegium musicum
association of amateurs from the educated middle class who gathered to play and sing together for their own pleasure or to hear professionals in private performances
Figured Bass
Found in Monteverdi's The Messenger Scene. Composer writes numbers underneath the chords and expects performer to improvise above (6/4, natural sign, etc.). Very popular in Baroque, especially Bach.
Blues loving Animals bassist Chas Chandler discovered what artist and brought him back to England?
Jimi Hendrix
Solo Cantata
17th c. recitative, arioso, and aria styles. alternate with changes between narrative and lyric poetry.
Men who were castrated at a younger age to retain their young voices; performed in Roman Catholic church choirs, courts and opera houses; Used to get a specific high sound that could blend with other women; contained lager lung capacity. Well known: Farinell and Senesino
William Grant Still (1895-1978)
• American idioms
• Stylistic diversity
• Studied with Edgard Varèse
• Prolific composer
o 150 pieces - diverse genres
quarter-tone scale
all pitches of chromatic scale plus pitches in between
Symphony 12 tone
1927-28 Webern, Symphony, op. 21 Symphony NAWM 163
12 tone. Ultra concentrated musical works. Economy of means - uses hocket. Intense, expressive (but restrained). Interiority - finding the key, "go deep inside" the work. Klangfarbenmelodie.
Edwin Franko Goldman
- bandmaster that came after Sousa.
meeting of roman catholic leaders called by pope paul III to rule on doctrines criticized by protestant reformers (ended up changing music. banned polyphony)
text that conveys the story of opera- written in poetic verse
Sonata da chiesa
- church sonata- Baroque instrumental work intended for performance in church.- Usually in four movements- Slow-fast-slow-fast- scored for one or more treble instruments and continuo
What was the name of James Brown's top-notch 1960's funk musicians who made a series of their own recordings under that same name?
What former head of Columbia records began Artista in the early 1970's?
Clive Davis
dupal meter is not found BECAUSE
TRIPLE was the trinity
Relative durations signified by note shapes were first introduced by Franco of Cologne in his treatise:
a. Magnus liber organi
b. Ars cantus mensurabilis
c. Ad organum faciendum
d. Anonymous IV treatise
b. Ars cantus mensurabilis
The Passion of the Souls, a seventeenth-century treatise that analyzed and catalogued the affections, was published by
a) Giovanni Gabrieli
b) Charles Le Brun
c) Rene Descartes
d) Giulio Strozzi
c) Rene Descartes
Musical Legacies of Antiquity (summary of lecture)
Music essentially monophonic
Melody was intimately linked with text
Though notation existed, musicians relied on memory and use of formulas (indicates a separation of theory from practice)
Belief that music reflects the order of the universe due to the numeric purity of its most important intervals (Pythagoras)
Belief that music had the power to affect human emotions and alter human behavior (Plato - Doctrine of Ethos)
Science of acoustics was well developed, as was music theory
Gerry Goffin and Carole King
-Most prolific hitmakers of Aldon-Variety and ability to change with time, kept them in business
The Schola Cantorum
training centers for the choir that sang for observances officiated by the pope
The Big Band era marked the 15 year period when popular hits were in the jazz/big band idiom. When did it become a big hit with the Count Bassie Orchestra?
What is the Church of England known as in the USA?
Episcopal Church
Issues of the Enlightenment
1. Human over the Divine
2. Reason over Religion
3. Clarity over Complexity
106. What two important niche markets were developed by the record companies during the 1920s (or the early twentieth century)? [see Class 21 notes]
African americans, rural whites
Who was the Kansas City R&B shouter dating back to the 1930s who helped break boogie-woogie and later sang the early rock and roll anthem, "Shake, Rattle, and Roll?"
Big Joe Turner
"Messe de Nostre Dame" was one of the earliest polyphonic settings of the Mass Ordinary and likely the first mass to be composed by a single composer. His name was
Guillume de Machaut
This important part of the mass was still not set polyphonically in the ars antiqua
What is the ordinary
How much time could fit on a side of the 33 1/3 rpm 12-inch LP?
20 minutes
This composer or compiler was also the king of Spain in the mid-thirteenth century
Who is Alfonso el Sabio
. What general musical types have been used in Roman Catholic worship services?
~ recitation formulas for Bible readings and prayers
~ plainchant
~ polyphony (developed beginning ca. the 10th century)
what were the voice parts in intermezzos?
mostly have only two singing roles and incorporate bass voice
What are the two divisions of the Middle Ages?
Dark Ages & High Middle Ages, or Romanesque & Gothic
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